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JOIN THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS: A server dedicated school support, mental health and much more! Chat with thousands of students and get help for the exams from all around the world. We'd all appreciate it if you, student or not, popped in and joined the community.
Ling is the server that is trying to be a cozy place where you can Learn and Practice English. From scratch to fluent. Everyone is welcomed!
Le discord AideEducation est un discord à but non lucratif qui regroupe des personnes pouvant apprendre et aider les autres dans le besoin.

Nous proposons :

De l'aide aux devoirs (Mathématiques, Histoire, Géographie, Sciences, etc...) gratuitement
Des cours écrits et oraux pour la matière qu'il vous faut
Un personnel à l'écoute de vos demandes et compétant
Des débats concernant des faits du moments (politique, vie étudiante, faits divers...)
Un large choix dans l'apprentissage de nouvelles langues (Anglais, Arabe, Espagnol, Néerlandais et d'autres à découvrir !)
De l'aide personnalisée pour des sujets qui n'ont pas forcément un rapport avec le scolaire (Aide pour la programmation, l’informatique, les finances)
De l'aide pour votre orientation et des conseils
Venez nous rejoindre si vous vous sentez l'âme d'un prof ou si vous voulez tout simplement de l'aide pour un devoir de mathématique que vous n'auriez pas compris, une leçon de français qui vous pose problème... N'hésitez plus et venez nombreux !

Lien discord ==>

Mail ==> [email protected]

Lien Twitter ==>
Welcome to the Discord Center of Education!
Here in DCoE we share our knowledge about basically everything. It's a community for people who search for general education and help with school stuff.

💠 We help in school-related subjects: Geography, Programming Chemistry, Biology, Math, Physics, History, Art, Fitness, Literature and some languages. Including homework.
🔷 We are also able to help with: Engineering and Astronomy.
And we:
🔹 are open to suggestions about everything.
🔹 have a friendly and smart team of helpers.
🔹 have a dedicated staff team.
🔹 have a good moderation system.
🔹 have music bots + VC.
🔹 have self-assignable roles.
🔹 launch server events.
We are looking for:
🔸 Helpers and Mentors especially in: Music, Chemistry, Geography, Economics and Law (if you're good at another subject tell us and we might open a channel for it). To apply simply say "I want to apply" no matter the channel and be sure to read the rule "Helper/Mentor Requirements".
🔸 Partners.

We'll be happy to see you here, and help you with your troubles. 😁
Better Yourself, Better Your World.

Join thousands of Habit Building Enthusiasts as we take on life, sword in hand!
Come one come all to discuss art and share your work! 🎨
Fully customizable server with myriad roles, rss feeds from the art world, a channel for each creator type including photography, videography, illustration and even cooking!
Come share with the community, get constructive feedback, learn tips from masters of their craft. Challenge prizes, reputation awards, and fun bots. Enjoy your stay!
This server is about science, politics and debates of any sorts. Filled with unique people with different ideologies. Share music, literature, memes, and much more. Come in and have fun with us. No thoughts are ignored except for alt right or fascist. See you on the other side!
🌼 [Social Community]
I aim to make this place open to both genders offering a chill space to just socialize~

Brand New Server (WIP)
🌸 colour roles!
🌸 Simplistic
🌸 Open for anyone willing to become a mod & help out
🌸 Some minimal emojis -- requests welcome
🌸 Flower of the week channel
🌸 Music bot present

🌼 Owner of server is on AEST; UTC+10:00 (time)
An educational community where everyone from any culture/race/beliefs is welcome. Hangout with people from different culture. Learn, Practice & Master new or your desired language. Meet foreign people and make new friends from all over the world. Also offers: 150+ self assignable roles + Much more
Homework Helpers are on their way! Join this server to access a community of people who have their own skills in various subjects. You can help others, or get help from others. You won't be judged for what you do not know, no negativity is allowed. <3
Hello! If you share a common interest in all things languages with us, then we'd love to see you online; see you there!
A group of lifestyle Dominants and subs (all genders) sharing positive and safe BDSM values to those who are willing to learn.
LI is an up and coming political server centered around far Right-Wing and other more controversial opinions. We support furthering your political education and joining in on various discussions and debates. Sport your ideology with one of our many ideological discord roles and have opportunities to advance your standing within the community.
Interslavic (Medžuslovjansky; Меджусловјанскы) is a zonal constructed language based on the Slavic languages. Its purpose is to facilitate communication between representatives of different Slavic nations, as well as to allow people who do not know any Slavic language to communicate with Slavs. For the latter, it can fulfill an educational role as well.
The official site:
The official facebook page:
A fun library of books, wiki articles, research articles, and more. Also a fun and bright community.
Welcome agent, to the English Station! You will improve your English here at the speed of light! We just started and are looking to make a quality server with people giving classes to help you learn English!
An academic server hosting subjects such as math, science, literature and writing, history, and programming. Also includes peer experts in each field, debates, trivia contests, a book club, etc. for everyone to enjoy.
Math Academy is a server design to help students progress through their schools by teaching easy to learn Math. Weather your a student who needs help with homework or those curious learners, we suit your need. Come join us.
Cannabis 101 ~ The global 18+ community for all the frosty flower topics!
We strive to unite growers, breeders, extractors, smokers and enthusiasts in order to provide a legitimate information platform for Cannabis and all of its qualities.
Feel free to share your progress, questions, and pictures in the appropriate channels, and enjoy your stay!
The Astrology Lounge is a family-friendly and ever-growing community of people interested in learning about astrology. Whether you're just hearing about astrology now or you're a professional astrologer, you have a place in our community and we'll make you feel right at home. We have channels for astrology-related discussions as well as community-building channels for different interests such as hobbies, creativity, typology, and more. If you're looking for a new community to join and astrology jogs your interest, you just might find your niche in our lovely corner of the internet, so join the discussion today!
Bonjour à toutes et à tous,
Nous sommes le serveur Helper School, une plateforme d'aide aux devoirs francophone mais surtout gratuite ! Nous proposons notre aide aux élèves de toutes classes et filières. Alors si tu as besoin d'aide ou que tu veux juste parler tranquillement rejoins nous !
We are a Kik room that found a new home, and looking to grow again. We are a BDSM chat focused on education and building friendships. We vet and verify all members, to keep everyone safe. FOR SERIOUS LIFESTYLERS ONLY, we are not a hookup chat. Unlock other channels after verification.
Come and join a growing community of kinksters from all over the world.
The server has a focus on education and learning, and we strive to make it a safe and fun place for each member to grow.
All are welcome (no kink shaming) provided they are 18+ and are willing to verify age/being real.
See you soon.
Struggling with revision? Need homework support? Cant understand a topic? Study Support is here for you!

Anything to do with school work, we can assist you, from homework help, to revision tips! With a whole range of roles and channels, you can meet new friends whilst also getting more knowledgeable!

With 7 Dedicated subject channels, we guarantee you will get answers for any questions you have!

We mainly focus on -
Computer Science
Health + Social

But, we also offer support for all subjects, but they are the main 7.

The server is currently quite small, but as we grow and develop we will offer more and more.