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Vortex is a small marketplace community. We have many things to offer, you can list multiple things that you want to buy or sell.
We hope to see you!
Helping Hand

You, Yes you! Want to gain members faster than ever? Join Helping Hand! We are an advertising & Template server wanting to Help you out!

What can Helping Hand Offer you?:
**- Partnerships**
**- Server Specific Channels**
**- Friendly Staff & Community**
**- Staff Applications**
**- Daily Qotd's!**
**- A Guide to Success**
**- Social Media Channels for your needs **
We are here to assist you with your needs,

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Acest grup este fondat pentru comunitatea de Roblox The BIGs Gang, grupul nu poate fi vândut/cumpărat nici acesta de discord dar nici cel de roblox.

∞ The BIGs Gang®️
Sprijinim comunitatea Română de Roblox.

©️ 2020 by The BIGs Gang. All rights reserved.

LINK GROUP:!/about
The 5th J4J server in existence. Straight from the very beginning.
No inactive users or bots were ever used to increase the member count.
Over 500 members online daily to help you gain the members you need.
Why is my server different from the other thousands?
Made for the right reason. With the right methods. Promising a right experience.
I've been where you're at right now, no server, probably on your own without enough money for nitro and j4j-ing for rewards finding most of the servers fake. I get your struggle, we weren't born rich either. Come to my DM's for any reason, even if you have a mental battle, I can help you.
●▬▬▬▬ 𝙅𝙊𝙄𝙉 𝙁𝙊𝙍 𝙅𝙊𝙄𝙉 🧊▬▬▬▬●
• ● Daily giveaways
• ● Join For Join

•● Günlük çekilişler
•● Karşılıklı Sunucu Katılımak
This is a mainly Dank-Memer and Pokemon server. Here, you can get a lot of people to subscribe/follow/like or join your servers in the category "J4J". You can make a lot of friends and have giveaways.
🔻 Ghost sunucusuna neden gelmelisin?

🔸 Güzelce hazırlanmış odalar ve rol sistemi.
🔸 Saygı çerçevesinde sohbet.
🔸 Yeni yetkililer arıyoruz.
🔸 Zaman geçirmek için güzel bir mekan.
🔸 Rap dinliyorsanız burası hoşunuza üyelerimizin geneli rap kitlesi.
🔸 Şikayetiniz olduğunda geri çevrilmeyeceğinize emin olabilirsiniz.

🔱 Hemen bize katıl pişman olursan çıkabilirsin, bizim için sorun olmaz! ^^
Sunucumuzda Twilight evreninin roleplayini yapıyoruz. 3 ırktan dilediğinizi seçebilirsiniz. Public kanallarda muhabbetimiz sürekli dönüyor arkadaş edinebilirsiniz yani sunucumuzda sadece roleplay yapmıyorsunuz etkinliklerimiz oluyor katılarak hem roleplay içi para kazanabilirsiniz hemde arkadaş edinebilirsiniz.
Sunucuda çeşitli hediyeler dağıtıyoruz. Gelmenizi şiddetle tavsiye ediyoruz. Kanıtlarla geliyoruz. Her gün onlarca çekiliş yapıyoruz.
• Discord Nitro
• Spotify Premium
• Minecraft Premium
gibi değerli eşyalar veriyoruz!
🎉 Welcome to Explicit Dynasty, for anyone and everyone. 🎉

We are just starting off and need your help to make us in to a great, friendly community. We have plenty of things to offer such as..

🎤 Open Mic and Practice channels. 🗣🎶
🎤 Music bots to listen to your favourite hits. 🤖
🎤 Plenty of events to be held in the future. 🥇
🎤 Self promotion channels to share all your work with. 👍
🎤 An artsy-crafty area to show your amazing visual arts. 🎨
🎤 An area to spill the latest tea. ☕️
🎤 A shit posting area for memes and stuff. 😂👌
🎤 And a singers diary. A place where you can voice your thoughts (singing related.) 📔
🎤 We also have private chats to just chill out in! ✌️

⛓ Permanent Link :
Do you like roaming Discord all day everyday? Are you searching for a good community? Well you're in luck!

Epic staff team which are chill and active people but don't make them mad or they'll annihilate you.

Giveaways for all you people desperate for nitro and other stuff. Very small chance that you'll win though.

Advertising area but you got to invite 5 people to type in the advertising channel.

Partnerships so we can grow our server and your's aswell.

Special roles/ranks for all you special snowflakes that want to be really special.

24/7 Radio for you people that want to be constantly listening to music for some reason.

Spam channel for all of you people that enjoy flooding a text channel and spamming.

We aren't too hard on rules but just don't be a jerk or offend anyone and you'll be alright.

Join now my fellow gamer.
●▬▬▬▬GIF NUX▬▬▬▬●

• ● Gifs You Can't Find
• ● Daily giveaways
• ● Invitation rewards
• ● Join For Join

•● Bulamayacağınız Gifler
•● Günlük çekilişler
•● Davet ödülleri
•● Karşılıklı Sunucu Katılımı
JOIN FOR JOIN (Over 1200+ Daily Joins)


• Fastest Way To Get Invites
• Daily Giveaways
• Invite-Rewards
• Nitro Drops

Welcome to Mystic eSports!

Mystic eSports is a professional mobile esports organization with 4000+ Members. Our titles are: Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, Rumble Stars. PUBG, & CODM.

At the core of mystic we believe in giving back to our community. As such we host weekly giveaways, and cash tournaments, and cash events/minigames.
The Mystic Server is very advanced in technology, thus you should expect a lot of great features as we have a custom coded bot and a lot of other engaging activities. So what are you waiting for, JOIN us Today!

Nitro, Join4join, follow4follow, sub4sub & free 1k followers!

Step 1
Go to the channel #followforfollow, and type “f4f” or “follow4follow”, they will send you a message, or you send them a message with “f4f” in private messages. You follow eachother, and gaining fast together with the members in our server. How awesome!

Step 2
Want likes? :heart: follow these steps! Go to the text channel #likeforlike, and type there related things like “l4l” or “like4like” the same as the part before. Send eachother private, or type in #main_chat.

Step 3
Want fast followers? follow these steps before, and follow me “@followforfollow.90k” on instagram for the newest follow for follow posts.

2020 • follow for follow