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A server with giveaways, shops, invite rewards and so much more to come. A very welcoming community in this server.
Are you looking for a place to chill and hang out? Well you came to the right place, here at gaming lounge,you can easily find friends to play with!
➥Active Hypixel Parties
● Much More!

● Assignable Roles
● Custom Roles
● Custom Economy
● Giveaways
● Voice Channels
● Question Of The Day
● Quote Of The Day
**Chill discord, chill people & staff!**
**Discord ➥**
Zerconium is related to the famous game Minecraft. We are more into Hypixel (which is a Minecraft Server) We have people who play hypixel bedwars. We have ranking system like (e.g VIP, MVP+, Bedwars Amateur, Youtube) Its a friendly community. I hope you won't regret joining. Have a nice day!
This is a community in which people from my housing can get the opportunity to interact with each other and have a great time!
We are 100% Family Friendly server I do youtube and currently have over 2500+ Subs Come join our discord server for fun Hypixel Streams!!! events and much more
So are you broke and can't join Technoblade's sponsor discord? Well, this is an Unofficial Technoblade fan Server.
Welcome to the bedwars gods server!
We are a fun and enjoyable community that you may want to participate in ! We love new and highly experienced players from all over the world.
Hey! Welcome to amethyst! We are a small community looking for fellow Minecraft players. We would love to get to know you, so come and join us!
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1. 500+ Hypixel skyblock Member community! #ACTIVE!!!!
2. 1.000.000+ Giveaways (skyblock coins / Item giveaways) every week
3. Prices for invites: 30 invites = 750k skyblock coins.
(You can earn 1.75mil in total!!!)
4. 110+ Active Member Guild!
5. 12 Different Bots to play around with!
This server is a chill minecraft hypixel server mainly focus on bedwars and other party games which can be played on the hypixel server.
It includes music bots, pokebot, its own ranking system, and is a great way to meet new people.
Greetings everyone,


☞ I'm Hyperbole, 웃
I am one of the proud owners of "××| Pokécord ⁺ 𝓒𝓱𝓲𝓵𝓵 |××," the reason why you should consider becoming a part of our group is because each and every single one of our individuals look out for one another, many of us have known each other for 4+ years due to former guilds we've all been a part of, no worries about that mess though, our community is very similar to a family, we all work together. The whole intention of this Discord is to create a hangout spot, with a Pokecord community attached to it.


★ Our Discord provides a sufficient amount of bots to fulfill our obligations to our community, such applications include: Dyno, MEE6, DankMemer, Blitz (Proudly used by many of our former guild members and affiliates), and Rhythm!

★ Our Discord provides daily events, challenges, and giveaways, what else do you need to know? Come check us out today!

★ Everyone's included in everything excluding a lounge that's been created for active and loyal members of the community, after a length of time, you, yourself will have access to this lounge as well.

★ Our server includes a leveling system that's attached to other servers, levels should transfer as long as the servers have implemented that feature.

★ Our Discord provides a platform for YOUTUBERS & STREAMERS alike, having dedicated lounges to display content to our Members.

★ Active Staff (all of our staff are over the age of 21.)

We are a server that has a nice community that is always ready to play games and just talk. We have a leveling system that you can gain roles from. We also have a bunch of bots!
A great community with a friendly community, giveaways, and trading. We even have tier-2 giveaways for those who get 5 invites as well as booster giveaways!
Hey y'all! This is where you can join other players around the world who play on Hypixel, one of Minecraft's most popular servers! We have roles, multiple voice channels, and lots of resources to improve your gaming experience. People play on here every day, so you'll never be bored!
Wir sind dein Discord wenn es um das Thema Hypixel's Skyblock geht! Mit unseren umfangreichen Bots und Möglichkeiten ermöglichen wir ein noch besseres Spielerlebnis!
Im Vordergrund steht der Spaß und sich gegenseitig zu helfen bei Fragen etc.

Vorbei schauen lohnt sich!

Was wir bieten:
- Nette Community und aktives Team
- tägliche Giveaways!
- Register Bot
- Guides zu allen Themen
- Slayer/Dragon Gruppe suchen
- sicheres Tradingsystem
- Levelsystem
- bekannte Youtuber

und noch vieles mehr!
Deutscher Community Discord für Hypixel SkyBlock

Was bei uns besonders ist?
🎉Heftige Verlosungen
⚡Du darfst für deine Auktionen im AH Werben
🌌Besondere Trading Channels
🌈Nette und Hilfsbereite Spieler
💫Vertrauenswürdige Crafter mit allen Rezepten

Bis dahin ;)