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Have you ever wondered what it is like to get “PRO” players that are actually good at the game? Well, Universal Bedwars is the way to go!

We have a good community with all sorts of games, such as weekly events for any Hypixel prizes! With 150+ Bedwar’s star members that don’t care what level your at!

So come join us now, Bedwars Universal!
Idiotics is a Minecraft Guild in Hypixel. Steadily growing, we want to grow our Discord too. So why not join? Feel free to join the Idiotics Guild in hypixel, minecraft and our discord!
HEY YOU, WANT TO KNOW HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST 100 FOLLOWERS ON TWITCH!, want a fun server with lots of cool fun bots, AWESOME PEOPLE TO TALK to, tips on how to grow to your first 100 followers. Then come join THE POG BOG!
Paradise Network is a discord server that features frequent giveaways, friendly community, competitive services and more.

We have economy rewards where by talking you get a chance to win great rewards each economy season (which lasts a month)

We have competitive services with pricings that can't be found in other discords.

We also have a great active community that you can chat with.

There's no harm in joining, why not give us a shot?
We need players to play bedwars on hypixel with! We look for all skilled players from 1 star to max star we dont care! We only look for fun and to play games with a community, We need MVP++ players that are open to do private games with people.
͙꙳ ✦┃ Welcome To Caped ┃ ͙꙳ ✦

✦ Active and passionate mods to keep chats safe :)

✦ Our own well managed hypixel guild with sweats \_o_/

✦ Frequent events and updates to keep you on your toes!

✦ Many new users awaiting to meet you and chat :o

✦ Custom made and entertaining bots which you'll have a good time with

What are you waiting for?? Join in and say hi :D
🎮The Playroom🎮
👥Strong community
☢️Active Players
🎬Weekly Movie Nights
💦Sweat Hypixel Bedwars Players
🎉Chill Hypixel Bedwars Players
🤖Fun bots
welcome to hypixel loves us!

♡ Friendly community and active staff

♡ Self-roles

♡ Aesthetic theme

♡ A lot of channels for fun & events. (truth or dare, never have I ever and more)

♡ English & russian languages

♡ Join to make new friends!
Welcome to BedWars Discord

Here we have a rapidly growing community of players across the world 🌍
And we want you to be a part of it.

Why you should join?

- Auto Verification
- Active community
- Custom Hypixel Bot
- Tournaments
- And more!

we are a community based around gaming and the competitve minecraft pvp scene

✇giveaways ♡
✇active during the night ☽
✇partnerships (dm 4c0le#0051)
✇self roles 웃
✇invite rewards ✓
Are you looking for a place to chill and hang out? Well you came to the right place, here at gaming lounge,you can easily find friends to play with!
➥Active Hypixel Parties
● Much More!

● Assignable Roles
● Custom Roles
● Custom Economy
● Giveaways
● Voice Channels
● Question Of The Day
● Quote Of The Day
**Chill discord, chill people & staff!**
**Discord ➥**
A Minecraft Discord server! We do have a Minecraft server, but it's WIP.
We are currently a small server constantly growing in size and it would be appreciated if you could join too! Staff Applications are currently closed, but you can apply in the next season! We have a lot of different channels and bots, so feel free to explore our server! Upon joining, please read #rules, then you're good to go!
The easiest and fastest way to obtain your Hypixel Skyblock goods.

Automatic purchases! Cheap prices!
Chill Minecraft server to find friends and if you're lucky a girlfriend/boyfriend. All ages allowed. Our main game is bedwars on hypixel. We have variety of bots, consisting of music bots, stat bots, etc. We accept everyone, we hope to see you here! Enjoy!
-Derpy80 6-8-20
Join our server today for an experience of a lifetime. We play all different types of games and have a small friendly community, We need your help to make our community bigger and better. So what are you waiting for join the server and start GAMING.
(we play games like, FiveM, Gta Online, minecraft and all different types of games!!.)
Welcome to **Hypixel Nation**

This is a server for people that play Minecraft, specifically on the Hypixel Server.

We have members that play bedwars, skywars, skyblock, and much more.

Join the server to communicate and play with other people on the Hypixel network.
This is the official server of YouTuber-NamanGamerx
This is a fun server where u can talk about minecraft. With many awesome people.
Come join my discord just to hang out and play games with all of us. Very chill server with chill people. Anyone is welcome!
Hello! We are a growing community of Hypixel Skyblock players that come together and do free "godsplashes". We try to do up to 3 a day and improve the experience of Hypixel Skyblock players. We aim to do these potion splashes every hour, and with each new member the more free splashes we can do!