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✨AlcorMC Skyblock✨
🌟This is the official Discord server for AlcorMC, a Minecraft: PE Skyblock server. Not aiming to be the best, but the most enjoyable.
🌟We offer free Islands, Free Fly, Vote Rewards, a Welcome to all new members and much more.
🌟We have friendly and active Staff waiting to help you on the Server and in Discord.
🌟 Now it's up to you! Join the Discord and Minecraft to see for yourself! We're open to suggestions so if you have any, please drop by and tell someone.

⭐Minecraft IP:
⭐Twitter: @RealAlcorMC
A server with giveaways, shops, invite rewards and so much more to come. A very welcoming community in this server.
🌟We are the discord server of a Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server called
EmperialsPE, Based on the Famous SaicoPVP
🌟We offer Head Hunting, Leveling, A Welcoming Community for all New
🌟We have many extremely active staff team waiting to teach you how to
ultimately dominate the server.
🌟Are you ready to Experience a Different Type of Server, We are ready for

⭐Minecraft IP:;19132
⭐Twitter: @EmperialsPE
So are you broke and can't join Technoblade's sponsor discord? Well, this is an Unofficial Technoblade fan Server.
Minecraft Market place for sellers interested in gaining profit from their hard worked earnings for some real life cash! Also a safe trading place for people really interested in the game and can also have fun!
- :: - :: - :: - :: - Warfare Lads - :: - :: - :: - :: -
1. 500+ Hypixel skyblock Member community! #ACTIVE!!!!
2. 1.000.000+ Giveaways (skyblock coins / Item giveaways) every week
3. Prices for invites: 30 invites = 750k skyblock coins.
(You can earn 1.75mil in total!!!)
4. 110+ Active Member Guild!
5. 12 Different Bots to play around with!
We've been developing the server to make sure it will be different than most Minecraft servers. We are preparing to launch soon! We could use a couple more developers and any suggestions for the server are welcome...

Embark on a difficult Minecraft journey of survival, alone or with friends.
Create a masterpiece to show the world.
Parkour your way to victory!

The choice is yours... Earn rewards the more you play, compete for the top spot on the leaderboards and invite your friends to play along with you.

Join us today for a fun, but challenging, adventure! SMP, Skygrid and Creative launching soon... Factions and Skyblock in future plan.
A minecraft skyblock server, only completely different with wars between islands, beautiful construction creations and cool plugins, is Skyblock Wars the number one must to play.

A great community with a friendly community, giveaways, and trading. We even have tier-2 giveaways for those who get 5 invites as well as booster giveaways!
The UberMC Minecraft Server Network. Running 8 years strong!
Running the best minecraft gamemodes such as skyblock!

A Minecraft server with a great community that loves to have fun!
Join now to participate in GIVEAWAYS and EVENTS weekly!

Wir sind dein Discord wenn es um das Thema Hypixel's Skyblock geht! Mit unseren umfangreichen Bots und Möglichkeiten ermöglichen wir ein noch besseres Spielerlebnis!
Im Vordergrund steht der Spaß und sich gegenseitig zu helfen bei Fragen etc.

Vorbei schauen lohnt sich!

Was wir bieten:
- Nette Community und aktives Team
- tägliche Giveaways!
- Register Bot
- Guides zu allen Themen
- Slayer/Dragon Gruppe suchen
- sicheres Tradingsystem
- Levelsystem
- bekannte Youtuber

und noch vieles mehr!
Deutscher Community Discord für Hypixel SkyBlock

Was bei uns besonders ist?
🎉Heftige Verlosungen
⚡Du darfst für deine Auktionen im AH Werben
🌌Besondere Trading Channels
🌈Nette und Hilfsbereite Spieler
💫Vertrauenswürdige Crafter mit allen Rezepten

Bis dahin ;)
Kilocraft is a minecraft server, which started in 1.13 snapshots and is currently running on 1.15 with two different game types to chose from, Survival and Skyblock, both are running on 1.15.2 Over the time the Kilocraft community has grown a lot and thanks to suggestions of our players we could add features, like claiming, a market (where players can sell their items), a playtime based rank system and a lot more ;)
If you want to join us, connect to, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask any of our staff!
Nous avons créé cette communauté pour vous, dans le but que tout le monde puisse partager librement du Skyblock!

Tu t'ennuies ? T'en a marre de joué seul ? Ou tu souhaites simplement partager des builds/créations ?
Nous disposons de deux ans d'experience sur discord et nous vous proposons un serveur varié qui répond à vos besoins !
Nous sommes un serveur minecraft en développement contenant un survie-PVPFAC-Skyblock si il ya peut de perssones sur le serveur ces normal car nous n'avons pas encore fait la pub nous avons une grosse machine pour le serveur
SkyCraftia is a discord server for the upcoming skyblock minecraft server SkyCraftia. Please join as we get ready to launch our server. Win ranks, apply for staff and meet great people. Family Friendly!
SkymercReal is a new server but with a fast-growing community! We have a focus on Minecraft especially Skyblock. We would be happy to have you in our new community!
BlockPalace is a new minecraft network that's releasing on 23/11/2019.
The server will start off as Hub + Skyblock and we'll look to add more gamemodes quickly after release (Such as BW/SW/Prison/Factions and some unique ones).
The network is built by people with previous experience in running servers and being high staff on very popular servers, we basically know how to please the community and make the place enjoyable for everyone.

We offer amazing features on our skyblock server, if you're interested in checking out what we'll have, we're publishing sneakpeaks on a daily basis before the release.
Join our friendly community and you won't regret it <3.

Farmcraft Minecraft Skyblock sunucusudur

⥺ İyi Bir Yönetici Kadrosu!
⥺ Çekilişler!
⥺ Öneriler!
⥺ Anında Destek!
⥺ Güzel Emojiler!
⥺ Aktif Kullanıcı!
⥺ Muhabbet Edebileceğin Üyeler!

WEB: /
**Paradise Skyblock**

:moneybag: **PAYOUTS** :moneybag:

:one: **$100 PayPal | $200 Buycraft**

:two: **$50 PayPal | $100 Buycraft**

:three: ** $50 Buycraft**

*(((Please note PayPal will only be given out if we reach our donation goal on the store. Otherwise you will get double or triple the amount in Buycraft depending on how successful the server is.)))*

:palm_tree: **FEATURES** :palm_tree:
``` > Custom Islands
> Mines
> Experienced Staff
> Custom Gambling
> Fossils
> Unique and Custom Crates
> Lag Free Experience
> Sr. Mods+ Don't Play
> Custom Mystery Spawners
> Envoys
> Custom and Unique Builds
> Custom Enchants AND MORE!```

:sunny: **Roster Rewards** :sunny:

**3 Man Roster - $5 Buycraft**

**5 Man Roster - $10 Buycraft**

**10 Man Roster - $25 Buycraft**

**20 Man Roster - $60 Buycraft**

*(((Please note that your members must be in the discord server and you must be playing on release.)))*


**STORE |**


Nautical Empire is a new minecraft server that was just recently released, so that means you can get in before everyone else and get a head start on your faction or your skyblock island! We need people to make the server work! The discord is a SFW place with friendly people and active staff. As of now, we have SkyBlock and Factions. There are donator ranks, discord giveaways, PvP and everything you could want out of a minecraft server! There is going to be a suggestions channel so YOUR voice can be herd. Join now and be part of the community! The ip to the Minecraft server is in the discord