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America was a powerhouse. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that they were eager to show off what they could do. They took care of their opposition at the cost of half the world, obliterating it with nuclear bombs. If the bomb itself didn't kill those who remained, the radiation did.

After the catastrophe people started to appear with the strange ability to control elements. They were quickly named Elementals due to this.

While these Elementals started popping up, so did the New World Order (NWO). The NWO viewed, and still does view, the Elementals as a serious threat to others so they imprisoned them.

The NWO worked on special prisons, many in remote places or inaccessible places to the general public. One of these is called Utopia 14.
Avatar: Forgotten Harmony


Four elements, and four nations meant to live in harmony. Years ago, the world was in balance and at peace until shortly after the passing of the previous avatar, Kyoshi. Knowing the avatar was to be a fire bender in their next life, the fire lord plotted against the world.

Eight short years after the birth of the new avatar, around the time he learned who he was and began his training, war began. Battles broke out across the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes. The Air Nomads took a more passive role in the beginning. They did not wish to partake in the war. The Fire Nation still did not have a means to strike at the Air Nomads as their temples were only able to be reached through flight.

11 years passed, the war has spread but the Water Tribes and Earth Kingdom are fighting hard against the Fire Nation. Calling on all who are able to fight and relying on their natural defenses and advantages. What will be your role? Your decisions will effect the world around you.

What we are about
This is an Avatar server in an alternate universe. To put it simply, the majority of characters we’ve come to know have never existed! With this being the first time around this war has ever happened, Rewrite history your way.

**What we’re able to offer**
-Quality Role Play.
-A close group of friends across the server that welcomes all with open arms!
-A very character development based server with great potential. We’re very open minded, we’re always up for ideas to make the server better.
- Fun story arcs! While you have the freedom to choose your characters direction, we as a staff like to unite everyone together. We host events and arcs from time to time putting the entire server together creating a fun experience for all involved!
- Constant updates being made by the staff to ensure the server runs smoothly!

With that being said, come out and join us! We’d love to have you😊

Te invitam sa te alaturi serverului nostru ~𝑬𝑳𝑬𝑴𝑬𝑵𝑻𝑺~ (am deschis o camera de giveaway uri daca vreti sa participati va asteptam cu mare drag)
--->Acesta este un server care nu are foarte mare succes si de asta vrem sa facem parteneriate
--->Serverul ~𝑬𝑳𝑬𝑴𝑬𝑵𝑻𝑺~ are diverse canale (Va lasam pe voi sa le descoperiti)
--->Prima oara cand intri pe server te vom ruga sa citesti canalul dedicat regulilor pentru a nu se ajunge la diverse sanctinui
---> O zi/seara placuta in continuare :)
---> Have Fun!!!
Every 4 years, About 50 kids mysteriously go missing. All of them ranging in age from 14-18. Nobody knows where they go. Well, nobody except for the staff at Initia Academy. The kids all wake up at the school, with no memory of their life before that moment. They can't leave, and there are no windows. They then have to take a test, a test to see which element they can control. Sometimes it's obvious. Some kids will wake up with gills, obviously meaning they have some sort of water based power.
Every week, each of the kids will take classes for their element, and even some to learn about the other elements.
Then every Saturday, 2 students are randomly picked to fight each other. Maybe both will walk away alive, maybe even conscious. Though this rarely happens. At best, they're unconcious and not in very good shape. This repeats every week until 4 years has passed. That's when they get to leave. Will your character survive all four years? Or will they become one of the many who lost their lives. Will they help friends train and strengthen their powers, only to have to fight them?
We are an LGBTQ friendly server! With lots of rp channels and an owner who is very active, this server might just be right for you!

Welcome to Camp Aether, camp for the elemental teens! Enjoy fun and exciting adventures as you explore camp and make friends.


If your not in it for the roleplay you can always enjoy fun chats with our supportive staff and members! We accept all weirdos out there in the world who just wanna feel like they belong. If your weird and crazy come join us to have a supper fun time!


(っ◔◡◔)っ The Positive Side of Roleplay

- Friendly Rolplayers!

- LGBTQ+ Group

- Nice Staff and current growing Community!

- Accepting Partners Now!
(This is omegaverse. LGBT friendly situation with Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics)

Welcome citizens to Ryeqia, the City of Stars. This city is in a world that is in the not so distant future, 2089 in comparison to our current world, where a small cataclysmic event may or may not have rendered the world's population asunder; climate change as well as a pathogen which is said to have come from the stars infected the people and forced rapid genetic mutation. About 1/4 of the entire population was transformed into these strange monstrosities tied to different aspects of nature. It twisted them. Some say they are no longer even human... another 1/4 of the population died painfully. Every person was infected, yet some survived... so what happened to the rest of them?

Join our server and find out. We welcome any and all who wish to be a part of our world and this server.
This is a server coming back from the dead. We are trying to revive it and bring in more people with the same passion. If you enjoy having the power over fire or be able to bend water like from the shows, then you'll love this Elemental based server! You can be an animal, humanoid, or what living creature that fits your style. You can choose to be a hybrid or have a single element. There are plenty of elements to choose from. From the normal tour(fire, water, air, earth) to the some new types(blood, music/sound, metal).

------------------☆You'll find☆------------------
●plenty of roles
●awesome lore
●amazing people
●staff slots open

--------☆lore(summaried slightly)☆--------
20th of June, 9005. A all out war between the elements on a vast island had started. The island is secret to civilization as natural occurring magic is sacred. The creatures on the island, which are born with elemental powers, keep away from society; however, few humans manage to find the island and stay among the elementals. They soon get a taste of the magical essence of a element. Over 9 humans were corrupted, mind and soul, and a female Kitsune made them meet their demise. She is Ren, a Tengoku Kitsune, that been working with other half-gods to figure out peace between all of the elements.
War is something that we all don’t want to think about as many had bad experiences. Ren is hoping to prevent it to continue on. Families and friends killed during the Vargach Di Ro Ixenic, or Battle of Eternal Fires. A battle between the fire and acid elementals. Large amounts of creatures were killed on both sides, it ending on the 20th of June, 9014. Other battles occurred between


On the 4th of January, 9034, the peace treaty was created and passed around the island. It took longer than Ren had expected, however, everyone had agreed to keep it. The Metal, Poison, Acid, Blood, and Ice elementals still fight and hate each other, like fire to water.
Ren would of made action to stop them, until a assassin from the Darkness territory had penetrated her heart with a death-touch dagger. Because of that, the ’peaceful’(Life/Nature, Light, Music/Sound, Gravity, Air) elementals grew angry at creatures that contain the Darkness element, threatening them in every way.
Few fights between elements happen, some destroying cities and sacred lands. Some gain allies or enemies… one of Ren’s famous quotes: “Put light against light - you get nothing. Put dark against dark - you get nothing. It’s the contrast of light and dark that each give the other one meaning. We can’t have fire without Life/nature.”

Fire Emblem Elements of Warfare is a roleplaying server in which people can roleplay as either OCs (Original Characters) or Canonical Characters from the Fire Emblem Franchise in an original fantasy world that takes inspiration from those in which the Fire Emblem Games take place in.

All are welcome in this server, except hateful individuals or creepsters! :)
Welcome to Elemental Aenigma, a fast growing RP server. We might not seem like much but we are growing at speed only being founded very recently. We hope we can entertain you during you boredom and give you a little family to come to.
"Sᴛᴏɴᴇsɪᴅᴇ Hɪɢʜsᴄʜᴏᴏʟ ɪs ᴀ sᴄʜᴏᴏʟ ғᴏʀ Eʟᴇᴍᴇɴᴛᴀʟs ᴛᴏ ʟᴇᴀʀɴ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ɢʀᴇᴀᴛᴇsᴛ ᴀʙɪʟɪᴛɪᴇs"
Every so often, a child is born with control over a certain element. Fire, water, earth, air, or spirit/energy. They're sent to Stoneside to learn how to use their powers. You learn basic school knowledge and how to use your powers at the same time. Dorms and education are provided for free.
Students are sorted into classes based on their elements. For example, someone who controls fire will travel with other Fire Elementals in their age group. Don't worry, Elementals can mingle too! You're allowed to do pretty much anything, the only rules are basic - don't hurt anyone and behave properly. The school doesn't care, as long as you learn how to use your powers properly.
☼ - ☁ - ☽ ꫀꪶꫀꪑꫀꪀ𝓽ꪖꪶ ᧁꪖ𝘳ᦔꫀꪀ ☾ - ☁ - ☼
Welcome to the Elemental Garden, a place for all ages and abilities of witches who are interested in working with the elements, or already work with them! We are looking for enthusiastic members to help our server grow!

Our server welcoming and open to everyone aged 13 and upwards, but that's not all!
We also have the following:
★ 50+ roles to define you and your path!
★ Friendly and helpful staff, willing to take applications!
★ A channel guide to help you get around!
★ Witchy and elemental resources!
★ Verification system to prevent raids!
★ LGBTQIA+ and system friendly community!
★ Future fun events such as witchy quizzes, truth or dare and much more!
★ Cool weekly polls!
★ Future classes and interactive learning opportunities!
★ Astrology, sabbat and moon phase updates!
★ Venting channel, accessible by a role!
★ Unique emojis!
★ A range of bots, such as economy, levelling and divination bots!
★ Rewards for levelling up, such as custom name colours!

☁ Why work with the elements? ☁
The concept of elements has been around for a long time, so it's no surprise that they're essential to magick. They are found in everything throughout the world and are responsible for the eternal cycle of destruction and new creation that is at the heart of all existence. They are distinct spiritual energies and an integral part of rituals and spells. They are associated with every zodiac, crystal, herb and colour. We embody and surround them, so it's worth the effort to learn and understand them!

☁ Is this server just about the elements? ☁
This server's main focus is on the elements, however we also support and encourage other aspects of witchcraft, with separate channels for general resources, help and questions. The majority of future lessons will be about the elements and working with them, however other subjects will be taught, and you can request subjects you wish to see be taught.


🔥 Ever Scared of Nature and its Inhabitants?
🌊 The Elemental Kingdoms is the Place for you! Humans control Elemental Abilities in this Medieval-Modern realm.
⚡ Interesting Plots
🍂 Looking for partners
❄ Over 60 Spells for the Elements!
🐉 Anything can happen!
🤖 Fun Bots!
💡 Inspiring Roleplays and events!
🕷 Intense fights!
🌺 Help us bloom into a Popular server!
☁ Easily create a character with our original character system!
💥 Action-Packed Fun
☘ A fair experience for all!
💫 Roleplay your character in the Sea, or in outer space! Your experiences are infinite!

✨ And much more!
**Join Today**

Bienvenue à toutes et à tous sur Andoria :

Nous sommes un rp réaliste en 2124 mais avec les mêmes technologies que Aujourd'hui et avec différents pouvoirs. Je vous explique :

Le 31 Juillet 2024, la Chine devient alors la grande puissance mondiale dépassant les Etats-Unis. En effet, la Chine malgré quelques mensonges a réussi à contrôler la crise du coronavirus avec perfection. C'est à cet évènement qu'est dû la chute de la bourse des Etats-Unis. Suite à cette chute, il reste alors 3 grandes puissances mondiales (Union Européenne, Chine et Japon). C'est la fin du règne des USA. Cependant, la Chine veut plus de territoire et commence à envahir les autres pays. Ils entrent en guerre avec l'Europe. La guerre continue de frapper partout en Chine et en Europe. Le 18 Mai exactement, le "Boum Day" se passe : plus grand nombre de bombes nucléaires en 1 seule journée (27). Celles-ci commencèrent à se disperser sur terre, tuant tous les humains sur son passage. Cependant, les Pays d'Amériques réussirent à envoyer au dernier moment des engins spatiaux destiné à venir en aide aux 13 stations spatiales dans l'espace à ce moment. Ils créèrent "Octavia". Malheureusement, cette création signa la fin de la Terre. Les humains continuent d'exister grâce à Octavia. Mais un jour, en 2104, la station ne peut plus produire assez d'oxygène pour toute la station. Ils sont obligés de venir sur Terre. 4 Navettes de sauvetages atterrirent en Afrique. Mais ils trouvèrent de pierres offrant les pouvoirs des 4 éléments.

╚> 🤖 Des bots personnalisés sont présents !
╚> 👮‍♂️ Le staff est à l'écoute !
╚> 📚 Un serveur bien organisé et un RP simple
╚> 👥 Une communauté sympathique et active

Nous acceptons tout niveau de roleplay l'important est de s'améliorer !
this server is a roleplay focused server full of elemental magic, story building and lots of personality.
It contains 7 different elements to choose from, and the people who have those elements all have a general personality type that you can learn about in the server. The elements are Light, Air, Water, Life, Fire, Earth, and Dark. The people in each element are somewhat a team, but they arent required to always work together.
If this server goes well, we might make it into an RPG, so we're trying to get it to grow to a reasonable size
Rosemary High is a school for all magic capable students,Vibin, listening to music, and general talking! you have been invited to this magical mystical experience! this school is accepting students, teachers, and staff of all shapes and sizes, so what are ya waiting for? jump into this wonderland!
We are a ponytown based species. A fox dragon fusion based on 4 main elements, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. We also have an Extra Elements server, space, light, dark, that sorta thing. We would be so glad for you to join our community!
Welcome, my little drake! Into the world of dragons! Here you can choose a type of dragon, and choose your dragon's elements, you've didn't see before! Stay safe, stay strong.
Infinite’s Dragonopia is a DnD inspired dragon world where you can run campaigns with your friends or new people. We strive to be a fun and friendly roleplaying server that is welcoming to newcomers and a breath of fresh air to anyone who likes roleplays.
"'Dive in to an island that is home to a massive valley- discover the hidden world of the elemental clan cats, and why they stay seperated from life outside the valley...."

A literate warriors rp with a twist of elemental bending! Their world is a massive island that houses a valley full of powerful life, four different clans and four differently attractive territories! Enchanting history, and upcoming kick off plot that need rank spots to be filled!

:Our clans involve:
- Beachclan's fire benders🔥
- Treeclan's air benders 🌪️
- Cliffclan's earth benders☄️
- Islandclan's water benders 🌊

...and a number of hidden rogue elements 🌱

Join us today!
The four elements and kingdom's of the world. Each hold and element giving the people the ability to control it. As each kingdom grew the hatred did as well. This hatred grew into a rapid war that is still continuing today. It has been the 80th year of this continuous war and now no one knows the true beginning of this war. For now fire has been rapidly burning this war down. Earth has been keeping itself in a strong defense and have not moved forward. Water has been battling through Earth's defenses as well as attacking fire nation but because of this two-timing many soldiers have lost leaving a rebellion against there own government in the water kingdom. The air kingdom is barely fighting for now only a few live after a large attack by the fire kingdom. In this chaotic land of war what will you do? Will you fight for your kingdom or find a way to end this treacherous war? Will you find the truth of this war or leave it be? Or will you hideaway?

-Yes this server was based on Avatar the Last Airbender

-This server also has multiple chat selections for you to make friends!

-You do not need to RP you are free to just chat!

-This is a family-friendly server!

-Owners and admins are responsible and kind!

-Fun bots!

-Active staff!


-self roles!
HEY ! est ce que tu cherches RP exceptionnel ? tu veux contrôler des pouvoirs élémentaires ? alors c'est ici que tu dois venir !

ici tu contrôle le feu ou l'eau ou d'autres éléments encore... il y a une carte avec divers lieux, une mer des montagnes etc .. mais c'est pas tout ! tu peux avoir des animaux fantastique et inventés ! n'est ce pas merveilleux ?

tu habites dans la ville d'émergelia, une ville où tout les élément se rencontres, tous habitent en harmonie et le chef de 20 ans lui les contrôles tous !

alors ... qu'est ce que tu attends ? fonce ! nous seront la pour t'accueillir !
In a universe where the world is dominated by strict rules of pairing soulmates by elements. What happens when someone does fit to the rules? What if your soul mate isn’t someone you love? Or worse a rival kingdom. Join and find the one who matches your tattoo.