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We are a The Last Stand! RP and ERP server about the popular anime and manga series, Naruto!

We offer:

Kind and friendly staff

A fun and extensive roleplay with a good but simple template, fair grading system, op abilities banned/nerfed and finally canon characters.

LGBTQ+ Community

Frequent updates!

Accepting community!

And more!

So please consider joining! :)
Welcome to World of Aeons, a strange hybrid server - in other words, my brain child. It's sort of a weird mix of Record of Ragnarok and God of Highschool, but don't worry if you know neither of those! The server's lore is original and so is everything else.

Here in this world, the gods are at war. The barriers between worlds have begun to break down. You have found yourself on an unnamed island created by a collective of world leaders, where you can find many powerful, dangerous individuals! The island is run by a man named "King", who keeps control of everything with his reality bending ability.

The one thing I will say that we offer is "personalised events"! Hopefully it's unique, I've never seen another server with them. Basically, the concept behind a personalised event is that you get to make your own story. There is no most important character in the server (for the most part), as you get to become the protagonists of your own story. You can submit your own personal events, with unique villains and a short storyline, and I'll help you make it become a reality! Not only can it be simply personal (with a small group, of course), you can create events that effect the whole server!

I'm not one for long winded description, so come along and join our server! I hope you decide to, we'd love to have you along!
Hello! this server is not cleary done yet

-This is 1v1/2v2 Brawlhalla server
-Make new friends!
-Play how much you want!
-20 voice chat!
-8 diffirent language channel!
Timestop Studios is a Dev team creating a Naruto game on the rise, it will be released in December 2020. The game has Characters such as Naruto, Sasuke, Madara and much more! Join now and get the tester rank to test the closed beta!
The Nest is a gaming community with an emphasis on Smash. We just want to have fun hanging out, playing, and learning together with lots of arenas, streams, and various gameplay. Join us and help us build this community of gamers FOR gamers!
This is a rare and unique server dedicated to the Tekken videogame in all its evolutions. It is possible to challenge each other, communicate, have fun, know each other. If you choose to be part of a world of fighting, know that your experience counts here.
Real ones is a server created for the enjoyment of MMA and overall combat sports! Join us to watch live events, catch up with up to date news from the MMA world, and make new friends within the MMA community!
Hosts To The Fellas and Gents MMA & Lifestyle Podcast. Home to many other sports. Looking to grow a loving and lasting sports community! No Toxicity, 16+
Want to live in a city? No?!?!?! Well to bad because this server is here to put you in a city worse than LA, where the rich fight the poor and each other, and the poor fight the rich and each other. Buy guns, get roles and kill each other for money, get the bag and live.
We are a new Fortnite team that supports all servers and are working to get more and more people everyday :)

This server is all about the game Shinobi Life 2. shinobi life 2 is a game on the popular game called roblox it’s anime based from naruto. On this server you will be able to find the following things below

1. friends to play and grind with.

2.A list of all the jin and where you can find other items spawn times

3. Guides and tips on general shinobi life 2 what to do if you are stuck.

4.free private servers for killing jins and levelling up and grinding.

5.a place to come and hang out and meet new friends
we are non toxic so why not join the community?

we have room for you why nit join and have fun with us 🥳👍🎉
Welcome to Let's Game Server! We hope you enjoy your stay, if you are interested, we are hiring staff currently. We are in-progress right now and we would like members like you to join! Thank you!
We Make premium Call of Duty Zombie maps in Mcpe/be and making them lag free and compatible on both ends! I make sure it satisfies all ends of the Call of Duty and Minecraft community!
Join our server to help me out and support this hybrid community! Heres our discord link https://discord.gg/FkzCMuU.
We are a fun/ competitive server that plays super smash bros specifically. Tourneys are hosted every now and then, and our streamer is So Legend Dairy (The Milk Man). We are not always competitive based and have lobbies for many people to join and hang out as well. If you wish to talk games or talk smack, then you found the right place. Come on in:D
A place for people who have interests in martial arts, military, and much more to gather and discuss. We are a new and welcoming community and is open to any suggestions, advice, or criticism.

Our door will always be open to you.

Join Us Today!
In the year 2022, a great war took place between two of the world's most powerful nations, Arengard and Sicilia. The war initially used machines of war such as guns, nukes, warships, tanks, and etc. However as the war continued to rage on and other nations that weren't as powerful as Arengard and Sirilla began to take sides further increasing the tension across the world and before anyone knew, World War 3 had begun. Many years would go by that were filled with bloodshed and Ash falling from the sky, the skies no longer shined a brilliantly blue but were instead constantly filled with a grey smog that damaged the lungs. Things would get even worse as the first individual to utilize a magical ability had been found within Sirillia's borders and many more would begin to rise across the world, and with the very world itself desperate to end this calamity as quickly as possible they began to militarize these individuals. The result? Even more destruction and death would continue on until the year 2054 where the opposing nations agreed to a treat as they could no longer bear the impacts inflicted upon them anymore. The rebuilding would begin shortly after and while it was slow, it was still shortly happening and with the rebuilding also came a rehabilitation center known as the " Kresslyn Rehabilitation Center" with the intentions of psychologically healing the enhanced human's trauma experienced during the war however it would shortly turn into an academy strictly for the unique individual and still is to this current day in the year 2068.
There is a variety of martial arts that can throw, punch and kick someone skillfully. In this world, being a martial artist is a dominant career where people treat with respect. There are special people who have special abilities, these people are called 'Abnormalities', these people people are needed to defeat creatures that have appeared on earth recently called demons so the government has decided to create multiple schools for teenage abnormalities where they can compete in 'turf wars' or study to become a powerful Abnormal Martial Artists that can defend the world from evil demons.
Just a friendly Brawlhalla server I started with some friends. We do host tourneys and giveaways every so often (giveaways are rare). There are prizes for these tourneys if you do win, so if you're interested in that, they happen every month or so. But please do consider joining, we're just a bunch of guys and girls hanging out and playing Brawlhalla. We also have Among Us content, so if you're into Among Us, then come join us, we try and get a few sessions going at least every weekend.
Welcome to the Tae Kwon Do discord! This discord is not set up by any big organizations, just a server for people who love Tae Kwon Do! (other martial arts are also welcome!)
Discord server for a persona 5 fighting game (highly assuming one will be made). This is made to have a big community whenever this persona 5 fighting game will be announced. Join up and tell us about your many great ideas you have for the possible fighting game!
Hello you!
I see you come across Our Arsenal Community server (Disclaimer: We are not the Official)
But, Here in the arsenal community, you will be greeted with great staff And wonderful community members. Still not interested, Well we hold,
Tournaments For prizes of Robux,
Game Nights, Come together with the community to have some fun with people
1v1's Or Just gameplaying, Enjoy our VIP servers posted in VIP server links, You and a bunch of the server members can have some fun playing with them, And almost every time a staff member will join you!
Active Community Or are you just willing to chill and chat with some people, Well here is the place.

That's not all. Come on down to Carzisi's arsenal community and enjoy!
Do you like strategic games? Do you like close quarter FPS games, or maybe even Memes? Then Sharpshooting Studios is just for you! Visit our discord server for some good memes and have some fighting fun on our Roblox Group with a link in our server.