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Welcome to the Mojave Desert, a once-dead and arid land, that has recently been populated with former house cats! Due to disagreements and differences between some of the cats, they have split into ScorchClan and HazeClan.

TBT is an active, semi-literate roleplay that offers...
- original lore, clans, codes, herbs, and much more
- the ability to create your own character and join one of the two Clans
- friendly staff and welcoming members
- open high ranks

Come pay us a visit, and join the Clans in their journey of survival!

-- due to the violent nature of this roleplay, it might not be suitable for everyone
Team Moonlight

✯ Professional Players
✯ Competitive Players
✯ Academy Players
✯ Creative Warriors
✯ Content Creators
✯ Streamers
✯ GFX/VFX Designers
✯ Active Community


✯ Good Communications
✯ Sponsors/Affiliate Programs
✯ Good Players
✯ Socials
✯ GFX/VFX Designers

Gavetas Gaming was founded as a Portuguese organization focused on the community aspect of mobile gaming. With our international expansion we want to be home for every mobile gamers all around the world, wether if they are causal or competitive players.
In our Discord server we keep in close contact with all the players in our clans, as well as with any outsiders just looking for playing mates, create relationships that become so strong they can be life changing.
We provide a safeguard environment, embedded in positivity and where toxicity is forbidden.
Join us and be part of the GG - Gavetas Gaming family.
Looking to join a clan of skilled players?
Check out team corrosive.
players must be at least 14+
players must prove themselves in creative
toxic behavior isn't tolerated
▼ Dedicated Channels! ▼

▷PC 💽 & Console 🎮

▷Mobile 📱
✔Battle Bay
**Game Bots! Music! Memes!**

*Pokemon Gyms and Badges!*

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《 https://imgur.com/VVvy57k 》


《 <https://discord.me/playaround> 》
《 <https://discord.io/playaround> 》
《 <https://invite.gg/playaround> 》

・::・゚★,。・::・゚𝓦𝓪𝓻𝓻𝓲𝓸𝓻𝓼 𝓞𝓯 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓝𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 // 。・::・゚★,。・::・゚

~The Clans~

> **🌲PineClan🌲**
> *-=Righteous and True=-*
> PineClan cats have a very strict sense of honor, allowing them the moral high ground—at least, that’s what they think. They will always be honest with you, whether it’s through brutal honesty or something more sugar-coated. The warriors here often have mini-tutoring sessions to help apprentices and young warriors.

*-=Determined and Kind=-*
DarkClan cats are determined in all that they do, allowing them to push through even the coldest leaf-bares. They are kind to outsiders, allowing them to rest for a night or two if needed. While they are the most religious Clan, they still do believe in StarClan, and the Dark Forest, even if it is tenuous at times.

*-=Peaceful and Strong=-*
MistClan cats are peaceful, wanting to do nothing more than stay in their territory, taking down eagles and other birds of prey. The cats here are very StarClan oriented, seeing signs in everything. They are the strongest Clan physically, with large, muscular bodies and thicker fur to accomodate for the rocky mountains and chill.

*-=Wise and Rebellious=-*
LakeClan cats are often known because they are wise. They are also shunned from the other Clans, still coming to Gatherings but never sending medicine cats to the half-moon, because they don't believe in StarClan.


__What we offer:__

🌌 4 original Clans!
🌌 An original plot!
🌌 Active server
🌌 LGBTQ+ friendly!
🌌 A safe haven, for anyone and everyone who loves warriors
Welcome to the Clans Unraveled!
These 5 clans will be the future…
🌹Roseclan, the kindest of the clans. They are welcoming to all cats, the most likely to take in kittypets from the nearby Twolegplace
🔥Flameclan, a clan as fierce as the flames it was named after. They are loyal above all things, to their clan and to the code.
☁️Mistclan, an air of elegance and grace to each one of its members. They seem to appear out of nowhere, stalking in as quietly as the mist.
🌲Treeclan, are the proudest of the clans, and the loudest to boot. They are strong willed and hard headed, never backing down from a challenge.
💨Breezeclan, the quickest of the clans. They live on the rolling hills, and are as mysterious as they are witty.

These clans make up the future of the warrior cats, they must deal with illness, wars, wild animals, and much more. But with pain comes happiness, kits, love, and joy. Come help us create the future in Clans Unraveled!
~Welcoming community~
~Friendly and helpful staff~
~LGBT+ friendly~
~Looking for partners~
Come and join us on your adventures!
Owner: Dizzy#5348
"When blood overruns the forest, the clans must unite to protect their way of life."

⚡A great illness fell over the five clans, one the clans, not even StarClan had encountered over; it started off as a severe fever then cats starts forgetting simple things and began to cough up blood, the memory loss only got worse, then cats start seeing things that seem too real, then they die.

🌑For moons the clans were stumped and with every cat getting sick there seemed to be no cure to this deadly plague, then two medicine cats stepped up; Goshawkslip, a she cat from SkyClan and Ravenclaw a tom from ShadowClan. They said they believed they had found a possible cure, journeying to tell each leader.

☁️At the next gathering, ths news was to be announced about the cure or the progress, while waiting for the two medicine cats, there was a blood curdling screech and cats were instructed to investigate the sound, there they found the body of Goshawkslip.

🌊Accusations were thrown around, and even at ShadowClan, as Ravenclaw wasn't present at the gathering. The leader responded by admitting the tom had gone missing since he and Goshawkslip had came to all five of them with the possibility of a cure and they couldnt even track the healer to find out where he possibly went.

🌳Now the clans have no cure, and the sickness is only getting worse as well as a dead and a missing medicine cat are added to the mix of issues at hand for them and the only help StarClan has provided is a prophecy that only appears to make the clans more uneasy with each other.


The Five Clans are in danger. A deadly disease has been spreading. When a medicine cat was close to a cure, they were found dead. Trust is being lost in the clans as they search for the killer to bring to justice. What side will you join? What clan will you fight for?

What’s included?
🐾Many open high ranking positions
🐾A murder mystery
🐾The Original Warriors Clans
Wir sind ein Server der sich Hauptsächlich um Fortnite dreht. Spiel mit deinen Freunden Fortnite hier habt ihr eure Ruhe oder lerne neue Gamer kennen und Spielt zusammen
Earth Clan members have the unique ability to thrive underground and can go for days without food or water, they are usually identified by their brown colored fur. Cubs that have been bathed in mud exactly an hour after they were born, will earn the power to control mud.

Sea Clan members are able to breath underwater and are known for their beautiful blue fur. They have sapphire colored eyes with small hints of white. Some of their members have finned tails like mermaids.

Fire Clan members live near volcanoes, they can withstand extreme heat. They have orange and red fur. Some of their clan members have the rare ability to breath fire.

Wind Clan members have light grey fur and a white patagium. They can glide from one mountain to another with ease. Some of them have feathered wings that allow them to fly.

Shadow Clan members are mysterious, they can see in the dark. They have black fur with a sliver muzzle, rumors said that some of them can inject venom from their incisors.

50 years ago...The clans had a war, The Great Split. The clans were fighting over who would be alpha, since the was only one large clan. Soon, the clans split into 5 and had their own alpha. They slowly adapted to their own habitat and got the name of their clan: Earth, Sea, Fire, Wind and Shadow. The clans didn't stop fighting, but occasionally, a hybrid between clans may be born. The hybrids are widely rejected and the parents and the cub will be killed. Overall, the clans live in "peace" for now and will not have a war soon
Hello and welcome to The Three Tribes. This is a server based off of warriors by Erin hunter, though set in the past before The Tribe of Rushing Water was founded. Long before the clans where created. I have huge plans for this server, come join us if your curious about what they are. We off three tribes to choose from. The Tribe of Roaring Lions, The Tribe of Leaping Tigers and The Tribe of Running Cheetahs, we have some unique ideas on herbs and naming system. The deputy and healer positions are all open, leader spots have been take by me and my co owners. In this server there 3 deputies and 2 healers per tribe and each healer can take 1 softclaw each to train. I hope we can rack in some members thank you for your consideration
We absolutely need at least one healer and one deputy for each tribe. Here is a list of High ranks and their openings




The prophecy: Three kits found together and separated down different paths. Hails a storm, fear their wrath each travels the wrong path. Their claws will rake down to the roots of three trees, unless they join as one.
The plot: three kits are found. Each with a separate personality and they are found by one member from each tribe. The tribes split them up. But they do so the wrong way or they shouldnt have at all. Each kit had a specific personality that fit each tribe but end up being raised in the tribe that does not fit them whatsoever. Will update as the plot continues.
Compete as one of three Factions to collect the most Bacti. PvP other players! Discord bot game, no download necessary. Based on BlackBox, A Tamagotchi inspired game with jrpg/pokemon style gameplay! Raise your pet to fight! All pets are unique.
Join our Clash Royale and Clash of Clans server and help us thrive!

🐺Donations 🐺War 🥂Chill & talk ♟Discuss Strategy

Clash Royale clan invite link: https://bit.ly/2ZuEiKK

Clash of Clans clan tag: #2PC9CJJY2

"We have not so much time, the corona is killing us and we need to have others safe and happy under these badly years of fears"

I have no heroes, only you can help us! be peaceful and gentle to all
and never give up
Hey! This server is new but we'd love new people! there are 2 clans at the moment but with more people there could be more!
☆𝓣𝓱𝔂 𝓐𝓷𝓬𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝓡𝓮𝓲𝓰𝓷☆

The dawn of the tribes occurred once thy ancient felines inhabited the island, many centuries ago. These ancestors did not originate on the volcanic land, they traveled to the untouched domain due to a vision for their upcoming generations:
The arrival of the 'Ancients.'
Three cats created tribes based on their skills and name; Tribe of Lapping Tides, Tribe of Twisting Vines and the Tribe of Scorching Stones. Their disagreement caused bias and rage within the ranks of the tribes and brutal skirmishes continue to plague their battling borders.
Now, a new omen lingers ahead:
☆All will Hunger
Tribe against Tribe in a War for Quarry
Blood against Blood,
Kin versus Kin☆

⊱ ────── {☆What we offer☆} ────── ⊰

✧ Are LGBTQ+ friendly
✧ Semi-lit and Literate Roleplays
☆ Open High Ranks
☆ Fun Roleplays
☆ Creative Plots
☆ A Great Community
☆ Freedom To Explore The Island!

Join us!! :)
A text based warriors roleplay family like community based off of Erin Hunter's infamous and highly adored Warriors series. We feature very lax rules, lots of fun and helpful members and we pride ourselves on being more of a family then a community.

Hunt the forest with ThunderClan, stalk the shadows with ShadowClan, fish and swim with RiverClan, run with WindClan, the choice is yours.

Check it out!
Greetings! To you, you must be bored and looking for a new roleplay server for you.
Enter the four clans Maple, Jagged, Wisp and Lucent. Lurking in the dark is Cryptclan...
Leading from all four clan's knowing is a lake called Corruption's Lake, the lake is known for multiple cats disappearing and never returning. All pathways have been blocked off, although Crypt will open it again letting the forest leading into the lake. The Confusing Willows have been released and the Dark forest is ready to convince cats to join them and head to corruption lake. While Starclan is struggling to control the four clan's tension as Crypt destroys the peace and their bonds. Will you save the clans or waste away into the Corruption of the Cursed lake...
Mapleclan - The biggest clan although have plenty of flaws of being too kind and laid back. They live in a beautiful maple forest and don't train often...
Jaggedclan - In the mountains, enormous cats and thick pelts, Jagged is the most powerful up-close fighting.
Wispclan - As fast as the wind swiftly breezing by their open fields territory. The fastest clan out of the four...
Lucentclan - The most intelligent & stealth clan, they are known for ambushes and strategies.
Cryptclan - ???
Want to know more about all clans come on in!
This server offers
-Many high ranks as we are new!
-Staff roles
-Five different and diverse clans
-Starclan & Dark forest cats are playable
-An interesting and never stopping plot
-3 OC spots upon joining and unlock up to 8 by leveling up
-A fun family!
We are aiming for the comfort of everyone, as well as providing one of the best warrior cats servers out there. If interested please give us a try!
it’s best server for people who have kinky interests and everyone have a safe place to express who they are or their roles. This server is known as safe haven where people can become a family. Also this server mostly role play but it also got amazing social people. Besides this server got ur back.

Roleplay with others users!

Chat with other members and make your very own character!

SFW, NSFW, Fighting , and Dark Roleplay are available! Chose what you want to start your journey!

:Want to join a clan with some of your friends? Or you want to join a clan to battle other clans?
Hey salut, c'est Holome et je vous propose de rejoindre mon serveur Discord pour vivre de nouvelles expériences ;)
On an island , seemingly forgotten to time itself there lives two tribes. Nothing has ever been an issue with these cats, having even shared territory until recently. After a perticually horrible storm one night a group of strange cats washed ashore on their 'little' island claiming to be part of something called a "Clan" and wanted to know if their "Clanmates" had arrived here as well. After breaking the news to the partically drowned group of cats, The Healers of the two tribes gave them a choice, Eathier join one other their tribes or continue in the ways they have known....***
Sub-plot idea: A queen who as lost her kits in the night that her and her clan mates arrived on the island , finds an abandoned puppy near an old decrepated two-leg shack. Rather out of the she is grieving for her kits or she feels some sort of pitty for the small helpless creatures the queen deicedes to take the small pup in and raise it as if it was one of her own kits...,What will become of this pup? Will it live the life of a normal 'clan-cat' or will it turn on its adoptive family and leave death and distruction in its path? (high Ranks are Open..,staff is Needed!)
A darkness comes from the desert. Will you help defend your clans queens and kits or will you plot against them? (More coming soon)

~ Friendly Staff and Owners
~ HRs Open
~ Custom clans and territories
~ A custom map
~ A store full of items to benefit your OC!
~ LGBTQA+ friendly
Warriors: The Forgotten Wish

Welcome to Warriors: The Forgotten Wish

We have three different unique Clans you can choose from(or, you know, you could be a loner or something).
MistClan, tricksters who live behind a waterfall.
CliffClan, noble and strong cats who live on a cliff.
IceClan, peaceful cats who gracefully catch fish on the shores.

I hope you will join us as we embark on the adventure of learning what really happened to Frostedrose, a cat of IceClan. We have a unique prophecy and backstory, bots, friendly staff, a LGBTQ+ supportive community, and more! It's simple to join. Just read the rules, verify yourself, and create your cat!

Come join us... or you'll never get to know the prophecy