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💨 A Server for all things vape related
Just getting started?
💨 Need advice on setting up your RTA/RDA?
💨 All vapers are welcome from pods to pros, stay awhile and listen!
💨 Join us for daily vape reviews, news, deals, giveaways and much more.
💨 Must be at least 18+ years of age to join
Welcome to the first ever teen dating vaping, weed smoking sexy time server ever JOIN FOR tEEnaGer weiner and coochie and some kids that are smoking wEED and vaping clOUDs join now

this whole servers a joke so calm down pussy boy
Freedom Vape is an 18+ year older chill relax vaping server community. We preach in vape advocacy and anti toxicity. Looking for a place to hangout and talk about vaping? Come check us out!

We also do monthly giveaways!
we do random shit idk uhm ill bitch slap you if you dont join btw we do some roblox shit on the side
A 16+ server for relaxing. All are welcome. We also have NSFW channels and RP channels.
Auf diesem Server geht es um das Thema Dampfen. Hier sind alle willkommen. Ob man schon Dampfer ist, auf das Dampfen umsteigen möchte oder sich informieren will spielt keine Rolle. Außerdem kann man sich auch ganz ungezwungen unterhalten. Alles ist möglich, nichts muss.
Dracarys PH is a community server. We have dating channels, NSFW channels, gaming channels, play rooms for playing Pokemon and other bot games, a vaping community, an LGBT community category (don't worry, we'll protect you from bullies) with a dating channel in it, and lots lots more! This was initially an all-Filipino community server but we now welcome foreign members so long as you speak English. Thank you and see you there!
The more support based side of the popular server, Discord Vape, here to assist you with all your needs!
Some sorta community with people who like to do similar stuff (vaping). Come here to talk about getting into vaping, quitting smoking or anything else. Beginners and experienced vapers are welcome.
Herzlich Willkommen auf dem offiziellen Discord-Server von!

Bei uns sind alle Dampfer herzlich Willkommen. Tauscht euch in unseren verschiedenen Text sowie Sprach-Channel rund um das Thema Dampfen aus. Egal ob Informationsaustausch, Tipps und Tricks, Wickeln und Liquid Mischen hier alles rund um das Thema Dampfen & E-Zigarette erlaubt!
A friendly community, we have awesome conversations and chats for Music Producers, memes, anime, gaming, radio 27/4, JUST JOIN US! :D (and we also have NFSW chat ;x)
Welcome to The Fan-Based YouTube Network, where small or big YouTube channels work together to make their channel expand. Here we expect you to get along and have fun.