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💨 A Server for all things vape related.
💨 All vapers are welcome!
💨 Join us for daily vape news and much more.
Have you ever wanted a server where you can just be you?
A place where you are accepted wether you drink,smoke cigarettes,cigars or weed?
A place where you can hop into a VC high and have other people who are high that you can talk to
A place where the staff members can relate to a few topics
A place where you can gamble with Unbelievaba bot
A place where you can discuss controversial topics without being judged by the media
A place where you could be a member on a future podcast that is in the works
If so,then why not join this server?

We have:
-Black Jack
-Chicken fights
-Casual roulette
-Slot machines
-Russian roulette

Chat channels
We have:
-A chat for people who smoke weed and want to discuss all the ins and outs of it and maybe even make a little business if some other people are willing to buy from you,in person of course (We dont want any scammers)
-A chat for casual smokers who enjoy cigarettes and cigars,who want to talk about the prices of lighters and different packs and flavours depending on the tobacco
-A chat for drinkers who want to possibly meet up in person and get drunk together or in the Drinkers VC
-A channel for gamblers who want to discuss their biggest score and how to pay less but win way more
-A channel for controversial topics where people can discuss any sore topic that the media would normally call you out on.We dont judge,we feel like you should be able to openly discuss sore topics in history,religion or anything of the sort,just as long as you arent making huge fake claims that you havent actually done research on,you should be fine
Voice Channels
We have:
-A Smokers VC for every type of smoker to get together to either get stoned or high together
-A Drinkers VC for the lads and maybe ladies to get drunk together and have a great time
-A Gamblers VC for those who want to get together and gamble in real life or use Unbelieva Bot as their online practice for Simple online Black Jack
-And if you arent 18,dont worry,we still have the general chat and VC.We also dont lock the overage VCs and channels from younger people,as long as if you are underage and you are responsible,you should know that you should either be 18+ or 21+ to do any of those things.Gambling,smoking and drinking can be fun but if you arent careful,it can ruin your life and we dont want to be responsible for that so please have common sense and dont try any of those things
-We have a controversy VC for of course,people to voice their opinion on any sore topic that the media would normally shame you or cast you out as the villain for discussing
-We have a PodCast VC in the works seeing as a YT channel is already made but we are still working a few things out for the future so we might still do a PodCast but we won't record them,it will just be your lucky chance that you got into the PodCast VC
Overall,in this server we just want a place for all the lads and ladies that dont feel like they fit in because other people judge them because they smoke,drink,gamble or make their own theories on topics from the past or present topics,online or not to come to so that they can know that we will accept them and we are also willing to discuss topics with them and maybe everyonce in a while,get drunk,high or stoned and have a quick gamble with Unbelieva Bot
We hope to see you soon
-From the Staff Team of High Heights PodCast
Do you smoke weed? If so, this is the perfect server for you! Come talk to other high people and have a great time!
We have groovy, rhythm, pokecord, tatsumaki, and kafra bot for gamers. We consist of many smoking connoisseurs, weed and cigarettes alike. We all dabble in drugs and music. We also game, but not all of us. Some of us are chefs, artists, fashionistas, directors, dancers. We have a love for anime, movies, cartoons, and dramas all alike. Everyone is pretty chill, there are minimal rules but no self assignable roles. An intro channel for introducing and getting to know others. A self promo channel for yourself, youtube- twitch- discords... anything! 7 voice channels, 1 afk vc channel- 3 personal ones with limited entry(2, 6, 10) have a date, sesh, or kickback! other rooms are unlimited balconies and rooms for chatting and listening to the radio. Enjoy your stay! we share food, selfies, nsfw, beauty regiments , music, gaming, secrets, conspiracy discussions, rants, movies, current events.. I love this discord and so many other people have come up to me as well. Just to say thank you. Thank you for making this so awesome and considering joining my server. Have fun!
A place to relax and enjoy your weed smoking days. Chill and have fun, share your experiences with others and send in photos of your best times. Whether you like to hit a bong, smoke a pipe or quite simply enjoy a joint we welcome you all!
Green~Team is a server dedicated to cheating, smoking, and everything else.
We have a friendly community that is always looking to play games and smoke!
Join up and see what you are missing.
This server is a continuous WIP
**First 100 members gets a unique role and color**
**Moderators wanted**
Voice channels
Soon to be own server emotes

You like to smoke weed? You like to have fun? Join this server and become part of a wonderful community. Hope to see you soon! :)
A 16+ server for relaxing. All are welcome. We also have NSFW channels and RP channels.
We are the hotbox server we are an 18+ smoking friendly server, we do have rules but they are very lenient
Please join the discord!
We have everything you could ever want from memes, to kinky pictures ;)
A Simple Server Made To Share The Love Of Food And Good Bud! Feel Free To Join If You're a Big Foodie, Someone Learning To Cook, A Experienced Cook, Or Even Just a Stoner!
If you like to smoke and meet other people then you can do it here!! Most are based off IMVU but we welcome anyone!!