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Hello and welcome to toxic's coding community!

Here we want to build a community for coders from beginners to experts to help each other out and create a community. We will be hosting game jams from time to time so keep an eye out for those. We are willing to help with projects, give programming advice or just to hang out as we do allow off topic discussions.

If you know people that like to participate in game jams or would this sort of thing then maybe tell them about us? It means a lot to us if you do that, thanks!
A place to sit back, relax, and talk about games, memes, space, ksp, and anything your heart desires.

We strive for a really laid back community that just wants to have a good time.

This is also a place to discuss Dodo Digital projects like The Deer, Saving Stages, future games, or mods.
a server for game developers, pixel artists and musicians, let's evolve!!!.
un servidor para desarrolladores de juegos, pixel artistas y musicos, evolucionemos!!!.
This is Visional Graphics. Here we have GFX artists who have their work to offer and so can you offer your work. Great community with active staff. We frequently do giveaways for high quality GFX, the more members we have the more giveaways we do. Thanks for taking your time to read about us and we hope to have you come check us out!😄 We also have a game development section to share your work and get constructive feedback!
The official Extra Life Discord server! This is the place where all creative people come to hang out - graphic designers, game developers, artists, gamers, etc. Join us to gain an Extra Life!
Art of the Sword is an open world MMORPG with a blocky/pixelated (Critical Strike) style. Collect swords that contain different abilities, and level up alongside your soul sword to get more abilities and powers. Fight dungeon bosses, world bosses, and soul bosses to get stronger. Fight for a kingdom, or fight for yourself. Whatever it is, the art of the sword will allow you any of your desires.
A growing Game-Dev server located in Australia looking for active members.
More than just games, we love to D&M and aim to build a small tight community around our passion of developing games!!

Please help this server grow, we are steadily creating a bigger community!

I need help to make a visual novel guys!! If you are an artist, a music producer, a story writer, or you simply want to hang out, join my server!! Let’s have some fun! (♥ω♥*)
Massive Inc is a sever where people can be resources to others, say if someone needs music for a game or animation, somebody can come out and say "oh i got some music for you." or hit them up.

I feel like people alike with different fanbase and different skills, should have resources then and there. without roaming through the internet finding.... a sound effect pack for 5 hours or a tutorial on art.

And here's the kicker boys in girls.

You and a group of people on our discord sever can join up and create a whole project together, Dm me and i'll make a separate channel where you guys can discuss about your project from there. After you are finish with your project tho, it is Urgent to credit us in there.

another kicker

you can create a cooperation as well with your own channels with your projects within them.

Hope to meet great many talent people. :)

where a small sever but ny goal is to get as much active and more people possible.
Hello everyone and welcome to the official Gamaddict's Community Discord server!

We hope that you will have a good time here and that you get to discuss interesting subjects and topics related to our and other video games, and make new friends! This server is created for both Gamaddict beta testing and discussion, and also game dev related stuffs.
Welcome to the Developer's Café, a chill, game development, beginner-friendly, server,
Looking for new members and mods!
Have fun developing together!
This server is for any and all Game Designers/Developers, programmers, artists, and anyone else that wants to grow in the game industry. I am filling this server with any helpful information I can find that can help us learn more. Feel free to join and we can all learn together!
The Chosen is a game/story in development based on Greek Myth.

12 teenagers on their 18th birthday were picked to be the Earth guardians for the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. It is their job to assist their fathers and mothers with the jobs they cannot watch over, being a god takes a lot of work, does it not?

The Chosen face many challenges on their journey to Olympus, within themselves, with each other, and with the world around them. Will they all make it in one piece? Or will the tightrope of life be too much to handle for them?

What we need:
- Voice actors
- Artists
- Writers
- People with possible coding knowledge (?)
- Music composers

We really hope we can expand our community and our passion project with discord, so if you would like to join to support us, we'd really appreciate it!
Welcome to PrimeGames Studios! Our team are growing and adapting fast! We would love to meet and welcome those who aspire to the game development industry. All levels of skillset are welcome; our aim is to develop a large uniform team, who can deliver robust and astute experience for our projects. Our initial project is a TPS. More info on the exact story for the game can be found on our server channel!

Invite link Incase the below "Join Server" doesn't work: Https://discord.gg/f4Mxzt2

If you are a developer looking to join a community who love developing MMOs, TPS, FPS, Horror etc, then we sought your help. We are primarily seeking the following Dev types: Concept Artists; Level Designer; 3D Artist; Programmer; SFX Artist; Writer; Tester.

Join us today and have fun! We've even got a music channel! 😜
This discord is a gaming and game development community, come join! We are all super friendly and love to watch twitch, make videos and develop games!
Community italiana per sviluppatori di videogiochi: news, blog, forum, chat discord, risorse, guide, tutorial e molto altro!
This is an official server of CS GAMES. In here,

->We discuss about the games (ofc)
->collaboration with other gaming companies, ->giveaways and future plans
->no NSFW
->bot play
->memes channel XD
->Auto alert notification system for some specific YouTube channels
->non toxic community

If you have other ideas or something in mind, u can share it with us and we are gladly to help you out.

We are also requesting everyone not to violate any server rules and have fun chatting with other players.

please be a part of our community 😊
The Creativity Circle is open to creators of all skill levels who want to learn together and teach each other.

Our goal is to work together to fight creativity blocks of all kind (writers, artists, etc.) and turn it into a never-ending circle of productivity! We hope that you'll be willing to join and help us build a positive, motivating environment for fellow creators.

We have:
- Roles for many different creative pursuits (writer, artist, game dev, etc.)
- Weekly/Monthly events!
- Chill community
Hello everyone!
This is official FRX Neo developers discord server. Well, its growing community and we are searching for people who just started their developing career. Well, as the name signifies, we are all new to this developing world. Lets have fun while learning and developing together!
A little about us and our "Company" and the small Project:

Formed in 2019, we, the disappointments, started with a youtube channel, which is meant as a group channel. Sometime after this, we created a group that one of us came up with. The idea to start a programming company was an easy decision, since we were all kind of interested in making our own game. And so we started. Main components and script were put together. Sprites were made, audio files recorded, and our first cover of our game "Babo:Go White" was put together and finished. We are still easily not done with anything, but our progress in learning has gotten big since the start. Everything is still in progress and will be for a long time. We are just about done with social medias like reddit, instagram, youtube and this discord server of course.
Land of Heroes is an open world multiplayer game that has never been seen before, with core features of some of the greatest Multiplayer RPG's combined into an endless player-driven world that can be enjoyed by hardcore and casual gamers alike.
Hello and welcome to Devil.ite Studios, have you been looking for a decent game on Roblox? Well, then we're here to solve your problem! Here, our highly experienced developers work daily to perfect our games and to bring you more joy.
If you want to talk about anime, OR if you want to learn a cool skill like coding, youtube, video editing, drawing, etc. then this is the server for you. The point of this server is for all of us to learn from eachother so we can all improve our skills and discuss anime and nerd stuff while we do it.

Very casual server. Free speech is a high priority so your free to speak your mind about basically anything (Yes, this includes politics if you'd like).

This server is the official server of the rkraiem100 youtube channel.