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Ayb +33 Ayb +33
Très Bon serveur
Un serveur chill
Plein de chose intéressante
Une communauté cool
on s'ennuie pas sur ce serveur
plein de choix avec les rôles et un staff franchement a fond sur le serveur surtout les gérant qui sont très cool et fond un travail fou
только что
Preglas Preglas
Polecam dla ludzi z problemami, a nie ktorzy lubia boty i wyglad
Wiec server jest bardzo przyjemny i nie jest toxic.
Bardzo lubie Commiunity, Jest mile i jak mowilem nie toxic.
Jesli Lubisz Wyglad, emotki i Milion botow np.Dank Memer, to nie polecam dla ciebie tego servera.
Ogolnie 4.5/5 ocena moja osobista.
2 Минут назад
dOGbone dOGbone
Doggoz Clan Review
Guess i'm reviewing my own server. 👀 This is the best Elytra Network's clan ever! It is also the only one at the time. 😅 But still, With daily changes and weekly events with unique rewards each time and tons of roles and channels both text and vc this server is pretty epic NGL! 🤪
4 Минут назад
.Cyanide. .Cyanide.
Not the greatest, but not the worst
(F.Y.I, Everything that I will be listing may not be 100% guaranteed to occur or help, but from my own personal experience of being here for over two and-a-half years, it's not impossible.)

Like any other furry server, you are bound to run into several common problems/occurrences; That being: Drama, pedophile cesspools, "corrupt" staff, strict policies/rules, overly suggestive/sexual discussions, etc., etc. That being said, no furry discord server is gonna be 100% perfect, but it's more of a matter of toleration, so the question is "Which server is more tolerable than the others?" This server has a couple problems of course that aren't all as bad as the reviews say they are (even my previous ones), but it's for certain not as amazing as the people say it is either.

Currently, the influx of the server consists of about >80% of raiders. From looking at the leave and join rate and putting together the statistics, it's basically flatlined for over a year while the server gains around several hundred actual members every couple months rather than the hundreds that join everyday. Not all raiders that join the server are obnoxious, most of them tend to be really chill people; however, you will eventually run into some toxic individuals sooner or later. It's best to not overreact and be dramatic about raiders as that is their whole purpose of being there in the first place. If you stay chill and calm about it, they usually will stop and become chill later on and leave on their own free will. If they are too loud for you then turn them down and don't acknowledge them. Do not start boasting/flexing about muting them or start name-calling. You are not helping if you do that and you only make it worse. I feel like the server gets attacked by them since people can't react correctly when one joins, they act sensitive and start to have an emotional breakdown when one joins which only makes it easier of a target for them. Should be common sense but I guess not?

---[What to do/What it's like]---

Low-levels, A.K.A 'greenies', are called 'greenies' because that is the color of the role that you are given when you are level 1-7. When you are this level, you do not have the same rights as everyone else as you are going to be labeled as a raider if you do one infraction, big or small. Warnings aren't usually given at this level so it's best to avoid 'jokes' or comments that could get you in trouble until you rank up so you don't have the chance of getting banned with no warning. Mods have said that there was a warning system for greenies but it isn't the case. I have seen mods ban someone for making a poop joke and another for talking too fast and using chat-breakers then called it "spamming"; There is sort of a double-standard between greenies and other members. In my opinion, just have very basic conversations with people at the first rank to avoid problems (I prefer general-2 since general-1 has a *lot* of high-levels/staff shit-posting in there almost 24/7). If you get into a heated situation or drama, give the first story first even if it is a truth or a lie as the first story is usually the ‘real’ story. Don't make it sound like an obvious lie and don't have an anxiety attack when you talk because that will make you look suspicious and instantly get you banned sometimes.

---[Furocious/Level 28+]---
There isn’t much to worry about once you get to this level since you have a lot more freedom compared to a low level; However, people will begin to get up into your pants and start to simp for you to get clout and popularity most of the time so be aware of that. Other than that, not much to really worry about.

If you somehow manage to make it to staff, you need to know about a couple things. The server treats staff like it’s a real job, You have to go to mandatory meetings that serve no purpose and do not benefit anything whatsoever. There are over 20 staff members and most of them don’t do their job despite the Active-Member:Staff ratio, the staff that actually do something is the owner and the admins; From what I know, moderators are basically a representation of a Walmart Customer Service Employee, having to deal with bullshit problems with the cost of their time when most of them don’t. If you plan on being a mod, just know that you will have to deal with all kinds of ridiculous problems that the members get in.

---[Other Info]---
Most people that will disagree and praise the server like a cult are the people that kiss up to the staff’s ass or are staff themselves which is kind of depressing, especially if they pull the typical “its my second family, this is such an amazing server UWUWU” card. A lot of the members will say it's the best server inside but will say the exact opposite outside the server in little sub-servers; Even the newer members usually change their image of the server within the first week and start to hate on it which I find personally funny.

Don’t let people change who you are just to fit in, be careful talking in chat if you are a low level, avoid raiders and be chill about it, and just use common sense.
4 Минут назад
lolpoop907m lolpoop907m
I was stuck in a basement for 8 years
were's my Ipod?
5 Минут назад
Elbi Elbi
Very good join now
YO YO YO listen up to my new rap! I just got a freddy hat!
Me: ya my name is rappa 3000 and ill tel ya da story of fredy pizzaria with a freddy goldy and a hot foxy fucking chica all day long, With a huge dong, and den the security guard named chonged put his dong in BONNIE!
Me strokes dong mmmm ya its fredy fazber pizza with huge dings and blongs and bongs and frogsssss! with scary sexy animatrons!
6 Минут назад
トビウオ トビウオ
wholesome,fun and safe
there is lots of moderation,all the community members a super nice and most of all i have been having a lot of fun playing with bots and making friends!!
9 Минут назад
JesusFreak JesusFreak
At first, it was fine, but then it wasn't.
When I first joined this server, at first I was excited and met a few wonderful people there, they had good events and the server is very active. Though as time passes I noticed a huge difference, I agree with everything RomansTenNine said about the server in his review. There does seem to be a sub-culture of some time, it's no longer a Christian focus server. They let everyone in, well supposedly. They kick out a Satanic when they weren't doing anything wrong, he was even interested in Christianity and wanted to learn. Not only that but SOME of the people that are looking to date that are so-called ”Christians” are just horny creeps with inappropriate behavior. At least some of them.

Every time I'd jump into a conversation or topic they would immediately stop talking for a little while. Like I interrupted something, or not welcome in whatever it is they're talking about. While some of the members of the servers are pretty nice, It's some of the mods that are the problem, and the reason why some people left. (Or just kick/banned)

The mods are passive-aggressive, hypocritical, stuck up, rude, childish, think they're better or above, make excuses, and so on. At first, you wouldn't notice but after a while, you would notice and you know why some people left. To me, they're NOT really Christian, and I don't accept them as such. I will strongly encourage anyone that if you want to find, and date Christian singles, to do so in real life or even go to ”Upward: Christian Dating” app. It's completely free, and you will find a lot of good Christians there, highly recommend 100% Find actual Christians that are kind, humble, respectful, loving, caring, truthful, honest, and actually follows the Lord. 🙏🏼
10 Минут назад
Rainette Rainette
Un serveur accueillant et bienveillant
Avec son thème bisounours, Ephemeral est un serveur où on s'y sent bien, tout simplement. De ce que j'ai pu voir, les membres et le staff sont toujours de bons conseils entre eux, et n'hésite pas à aider même les cas les plus difficiles. J'aime énormément ce serveur aide !
11 Минут назад
light light
Perfect server except Bilal
A very easy going and welcoming community with great staff and support when you ask for it. The community is nice and welcoming, the chat is usually always active and there is more often than not people looking for people to RP with. If you decide to join come to Dorne, it's the best. Don't question why, just join and come to Dorne.
12 Минут назад
TuskedFiber1347 TuskedFiber1347
This is the best
This is the best server evvvcvcccvvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrrtrtrrrrrrrrtttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhdheufhdrhgdjejfhhfbdbdfh
13 Минут назад
Dr.Vraga Dr.Vraga
Good community
They are kind and friendly people. They are helping everybody.
They helped me to get many jins and items
13 Минут назад
🎃 | Maneuver707 🎃 | Maneuver707
the normal mane
It's a really good server, people are really friendly here and they welcome every kind of people. I mean there's some w e i r d people but they're kind. and megu what the?
14 Минут назад
Ruby Akai Ruby Akai
hi :)
so I was just searching for some active discord server and stumbled upon this server, I thought it was gonna be a dead server (like the others that I joined) but damn I was wrong. The server is very active, nice members and a very nice owner, pretty active as well, so I personally think that anyone should join the server
18 Минут назад
Abomi Abomi
Pretty fuckin good
I'm going to give u my fair dinkum, server is chockers of good people that know how to rp, uh and yeah good because I'm in there and if you dont join u are a bloke and have a few kangaroos loose in your paddock- also why r u reading this, who reads reviews before they join a server????? that's like being smart and none of us are smart here
20 Минут назад
spoopy kat spoopy kat
Welcoming and chill.
We try to be as welcoming as we can, and try to be as kind and chill as we can! I also make many types of chats so everyone in the server can socialize.
21 Минут назад
Sal Sal
So yea. This server is chill and that's it. I like it. If I had money I would boost this server.
23 Минут назад
jessica jessica
Not a nice place to be
This public server is very fake in nature. There is a high sense of superiority displayed and removal of whoever doesn't "fit the vibe". There's an extreme amount of drama, especially among staff. The server name is truly ironic. If you are a female and want to play rs with a decent respectful group, this is not the place. As well as sexism being shown, there are staff members that treat this app like a dating site and make females uncomfortable. While there are some great helpful friendly staff among the bad apples, it's hard to be positive when reviewing such a fraudulent community that misrepresent themselves.
27 Минут назад
joa joa
einfach ein richtig cooler server
gehört ja auch mir das macht ihn viel schöner - kommt einfach drauf leute wir sind auch freundlich und nett🥺🤭🥺😳✨
28 Минут назад
Mantara Mantara
Toller Server
Ein super toller Server mit sehr netten Leuten. Ab und zu gibt es auch Serverevents oder Wettbewerbe die immer sehr viel Spaß machen. Außerdem besitzen 99% der Leute dort einen tollen Humor und man hat eigentlich immer etwas zum lachen. Auch die Admins und Moderatoren sind immer hilfsbereit und lieb.
29 Минут назад
DarkDragonLore DarkDragonLore
Топ сервер, весёлые боты, экономика, игры, рейтинг, много разных ролей, роли за актив, за приглашения и многое другое.
30 Минут назад
Sєℓє°.♡ Sєℓє°.♡
─・my review ^ ^ . .
♡ very friendly people
♡ aes with nice and funny emojis
♡ lots of events including gaming!
In gen :: worth it to check it out, u can freely vibe with friends there and meet new people, staff are respectable and they will be gladly to help u out with anything that bothers you!!
30 Минут назад
Ich liebe ihn einfach 🚔 . Beste Hauptquartier beste Leben. (Ich schreib jetzt irgentwas hin weil ich mindesten 80 Zeichen haben muss.
31 Минут назад
Cliff Simmons Cliff Simmons
Cliff’s review
This server was my first furry server, the people was so nice, the owner was also super nice. I simply love it, and I admire how the owner is so committed to it... it’s wonderful.
32 Минут назад

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