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Rising from the ashes of a terrible attack, The Commonwealth has rebuilt it's strong structure and community with extreme speed and is now looking for people like YOU to make it Great!
Welcome to Geodise, a paradise for all things geography, vexilology, and mapping. We have friendly staff, trivia bots, dedicated channels for videos, politics, history, architecture, and so much more! We hope to see you there!
• ☭ | The Soviet Government •

We are The Soviet Government! We have the ideology of Leninism as our base, but you can make your own sub party! We have alliances and partnerships! We also accept everyone! We are a community of mappers, politicians, and etc.

Some of the benefits of joining and verifying are...
╔☆ Events!
╠★ Politics!
╠☆ Mapping!
╠★ Alliances!
╠☆ Partnerships!

And much, much more!
Hub of various artists and modders alike and the home of Chief Smokey's maps for Doom, amongst other content. All craftsmen welcome!
This server is a server of the mapper "Chinese Mapping". Here you can chat, view the progress of his series, look at maps and countryballs and more!
Friendly people, Nice Owner,
We need more staff and people!
so, please join us and the members! whether you are a Mapper or not!
New discord : [FR] - [EN]

-Exclusive scripts
- Hot Script
- Clothes
- Ymap
- Shop for pack
Hello! Welcome to the Republic of Pontus!

Here, you can debate with other members about politics and many other things. The server includes:

- cool reaction roles
- a shop where you can buy stuff
- daily polls
- information about our glorious nation
- admins that will respect you
- cool economic system
- game and movie nights

I hope you join!
╚═══════════════» 🇹🇷 ๑۩๑ O T T O M A N E M P I R E ๑۩๑ 🇹🇷 «═══════════════╝

🔹 🔶
Welcome to the __Ottoman Empire__ , a peaceful and stable nation server out there!


🚩 | And this is not only a Discord Nation but also an Active & Nice Community!.

💠 | You will have a good time there especially when it does have quiz,server events,cool bots, self roles, a nice and active staff, it's own description and Map of it, and much more! It's a lot of fun and if you'll be active down there, you'll be guarenteed value in it for sure! We hope you will enjoy your stay!

🔗 | Link :
Welcome to our cult- I mean server! We can provide a lot of things just for you!
✧ Alternative Future of the World Roleplay!
✧ You can post your art and enjoy art from other people! (USH can make any countryball, for free, just for you!)
✧ Discuss about politics!
✧ Talk about any subject! (Except something too edgy or too nerdy)
✧ A lot of fun with bots!
✧ You can share your creations, even the ones you uploaded on youtube! (Drawings, Mapping, Animating, Speedart etc.)
✧ We even got our own economy, with interesting stuff to buy! You can also suggest stuff to be added!
✧ EMOJISSSS! We got awesome and many emojis to have fun with!
Hope you'll join! Everyone is welcome!
Hydra Mapping
Hydra is an active discord server, having minigames for everyone to enjoy!
Hydra support any nationality, gender without racist.
Why you should join?
Hydra has a support channel for this server because that you're allowed to use this server without any problems because you will be supported by staff.
The staff of Hydra is good because of all staff of Hydra need to pass the application form.
Nitro Booster gets a lot of benefits on this server.
This server has simple verification.
This server has tons of games chat such as ROBLOX, Hearts of Iron 4 and Age of Civilizations 2
The server has 24/7 news update every time.
Coronavirus news 24/7.
Soccer news 24/7.
Members of this server are very friendly and helpful.
Allow you to advertise your discord server.
A lot of bots to play with and security bot to protect everyone from raids!
So what are you waiting for JOIN THE HYDRA
This RP is built upon the US government and mirrors it's politics.There are states and cities to rp in and a easy to reach ranks for now.
LavRP is a geopolitical, custom nations roleplay server currently settled in the 1933 era. It is yet to start and the community is growing so if you want to be fresh to the RP join now!
This server provides a drama-less, fun community to mappers, map makers, and even non mappers. You can share your work here or request resources. You can be a teacher and teach people any topic, we also have mapping competition, meme making competition and more. Or you can just hangout and have fun chat.
Hello everyone! You have been invited to South American Confederation!

What we can offer?

Nice people, Fun channels, We are open for partners, Everyone is welcome, Good and fair rules, Contests, Roleplay, and self roles!

Join the South American Confederation, we will be happy if you join!
We must be unfied to become strong and there is no better way to do that then to join our server.
Why should you join this server:
Good layout
Anti raid set up
Meme competitions
no gore
inclusive chats
Why you shouldn't join this server:

This is a political/mapping server in which anyone is permited no matter ideology or anything else like that.We have roleplay, polls and contests but also casual chat to chat about anything.
Un serveur Francophone dédiée au Mapping (Cartographie) remplis de salons actifs diverses, utiles et de divertissement qui marche avec un système de fonctionnement Démocratique! Avec des admins & modos sympa qui vont vous rendre la bienvenue!
Welcome everyone to World Map Roleplay!! (Or just the Official Discord Server at least) What is this, you ask?, Its a Strategic, Mapping-based Minecraft Server in a World Map, In which you can create a nation, build settlements, establish an economy, and even WAR! We have a friendly community and some rules to respect, The rest of information about the game is at the Discord Server, including a Q&A Channel for those who have questions needed to be solved, See you there, future players!
Join the Aquamarine Reich, the head server for all if the Aquamarine colonies and an HQ for mapping and a Polandball community.