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Просто посиделки с чашкой чая, под разные игры и/или аниме, сериалы, фильмы, разные мультфильмы :)
Hey there! Do you want to play on a Minecraft server and start a small, awesome community? Well then this discord is for you! Come on in for a good time. (I also need a name for the smp if you want to come help me name it) :)
A Minecraft Survival Server You Could Take Over The World Or Sit Back And Watch Others Build Around You You Could Make Gangs Or Create A Place Of Work, Lets See What You Come Up With!
This is a server where the Exposed Lava fans can join and prosper SO JOIN OR YOU WILL PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE...
Hey, everyone, we're are a small Minecraft bedrock edition group chat with our survival Server that has an unlimited spots
Our only rules are:
No hate or offensive language to anyone in or out of the group.
No hacking.
AND MOST importantly to just have fun and make new friends!!! 😁
Welcome to our Hidden Sanctuary! Ever wanted to have a hole-in-the-wall home, tucked away somewhere on the interwebs? This could be your new home. We welcome people from all backgrounds/interests/lifestyles, and cater to more than just the furry fandom. This server was born from the ashes of the once-great community known as TFK (The Furry Kingdom), and while it is our legacy, we are now free from the shackles that once held us back.

Want to be part of something great?
Here's what we have available for you:
Among Us
Java and Bedrock Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
Movie Nights
Anime Streams
Gaming Livestreams
Art Livestreams
Dedicated Art Team (and Commission Board)
Art Adoptables & Requests
Bot Interactions & Bot Games,

And so much more to come in the future!

We are always working towards growing the community and providing the people with the things that they want Hidden Sanctuary to have.

We are for the people.
We're A New Upcoming Gaming Server With Games and players for Apex Legends, Among Us, Hyperscape and minecraft. We are a continuously expanding and adding more games to our arsenal Lets all join and play together, Fight Strong
This is a server which sells hypixel skyblock coins.We host giveaways,invite rewards and sections where you can trade with other people.We also have vouches and cheap prices.
We’re a community of Minecraft Hypixel Party Games. We have all the pros and some of the top 10 all time. If you need tips on Party games, then hit one of our pro players up. We’re a great community and very active surprisingly
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ - Server █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
Ist ein noch kleiner Minecraft Java und Minecraft Bedrock Server
Wir wollen euch viel spiel und spaß ermöglichen.
Aber nein dieser Server ist nicht nur für Minecraft
spiel doch mit anderen Among us oder andere Games.
Hab ich nun deine Interesse geweckt mal zu Joinen?
Schau einfach vorbei vielleicht findest du ja neue Freund.

Wir bieten
| Eine sehr gute Organisation | keiner darf zu kurz kommen
| Einen eigenen coolen Server | freut euch wenn die Beta 1 Beginnt
| Ein innovatives Levelsystem | keine unnötigen Pings oder Bugs
| Viele verschiedene Minigames | nicht nur Minecraft auch andere Games
| Einen oft geboosteten Server | Die Community hilft mit
| Coole regelmäßige Giveaways | Staub dir doch einfach ein Monat Nitro ab
| Selbst einstellbare Serverpings | Nur wichtige Pings
| Selbst einstellbare Farbrollen | Dir gefällt die farbe nicht? kein Problem such dir eine eigene
| Einen Freundlichen Support [24/7] | Wir sind 24/7 für dich da um dir zu helfen
| Ein eigenes Forum für News | Erfahre hier alles wichtige zum Server
| Ein eigenen Teamspeak | Für dich und deine Freunde
╭━ ☆☆☆ ━━━━✶━━━━ ☆☆☆ ━╮
| Wir suchen momentan noch Teamler/in
|schaut doch gerne auf unserem Discord oder in unserem Forum vorbei
╰━ ☆☆☆ ━━━━✶━━━━ ☆☆☆ ━╯

Schaut gerne mal vorbei wir freuen uns auf dich. Dein EvilUnityTeam.

unser Teamspeak:
unser Forum:
⁺ ₊ `🌙` ˗ˋ welcome to . . .

x o ツ

🌊・sailor moon themed server

- ・community based

🎭・many active text & voice channels
💕・biggest sailor moon emote server!
🕊・friendly community
🌑・ giveaways ୨୧ events

always looking for active pms / mods!

Potato Panda is a SFW server full of amazing people! This community is amazing, wholesome, and full of nice & active people!
Here we have:
- Gaming chats to find people to game with
- Lyric chain channels
- Music bots
- Active & friendly staff
- Much more
Hi, welcome to the Underworld! We're mostly a server designed to hang out and chat. We try to build friendships, make connections, and always strive to be there for our members, no matter how new they are to the server. We only have a few simple rules. We have an organized layout, active staff members, and some really friendly members. Hope you stop by! :)
Olá poderia entra nesse servidor?

irei falar algumas coisas que tem lá 😃

● Sistema de Registro 🖌

● Sistema de Level Up 🆙

● Chats e calls para fazer novas amizades 😃

● Chats e calls para jogar com outras pessoas 🗨️

●Vagas para ser Staff 👥

● Cargos e canais organizados 🎈

● Sistema de personalização no servidor ✏️

● E muitos mais.... 😃

bjs no cu amigos
ass: DarkL viado 😘
HI EVERYONE, thanks for checking out my server. My name is Amanda, and I live stream games. I hope that you love my server, and decide to stay. If you are a fellow gamer like me, I have a player role on my server, that you can join. COME PLAY WITH ME :)
Here in this Server, you can discuss the lore of Minecraft and how it all fits together. You can propose and discuss about your theories, stories, and headcanons that will help us get a better view of how the Minecraft Universe and everything in it works!
Exciting isn't it?
Looking for Gamers? Join our Server! We have a lot of nice members, moderators and bots, all just for you!
Zawsze chciałeś zostać prezydentem? Królem? Biznesmenem? Generałem?

Teraz masz okazję! Zapraszamy na serwer AreaRP, gdzie sam decydujesz o swoim losie.

AreaRP jest modowanym serwerem na wersję 1.12.2. Nasza paczka jest zrobiona z myślą o Was - graczach + posiadamy autorskie modele broni palnej!

Scenariusz serwera to przedział 1492-1871r. Kładziemy duży nacisk na RP!

Na co czekasz? Zagraj z nami!
Сервер общение , помощи , и развлечения , заходите сдесь самый добрый администратор а также весёлая модерация
Du bist auf der Suche nach einem coolen Discord Server? Dann bist Du hier genau richtig!

Wir sind ein Deutscher Discord Server der sehr viel Among Us und Minecraft Spielt und ab und zu Challenges macht, mit Coolen Preisen. Außerdem haben wir noch viele coole Discord Minispiele wie z.B. Wörterkette, zählen bis 10.000 discord sings und vieles mehr! Außerdem haben wir ein sehr Freundliches Team mit noch mehr Freundlichen User... Denn wir sind eine richtige Communtiy :)

Werde also heute noch Teil der Communtiy und schau heute noch vorbei und lass dich Überzeugen!

Bis bald hoffentlich :)
Looking for a community where you can relax and make new friends? Join The Gaming Grove, a tree-themed server based on Gaming and community! All are welcome!

What are some features of The Grove?
🍃A Minecraft server with an economy
🍃An active community
🍃Fun bots to use like the Utopia bot, which allows wars between different users and such
🍃 self-assignable roles!
🍃 Welcoming staff!
🍃 a PET PICS zone!
🍃 We got memes!
🍃 Channel for Games you play
🍃 Weekly Among US games
🍃 an economy where you can buy things such as color roles!
Join the Gaming Grove today, or dont. Im not your father... Or am i?
Come join out game server we would be delighted to have you!!
English speking server
We r playing all games in here
Serwer minecraft o tematyce Survial + Gildie.
Jest to ostatni raz, gdy widzicie ten serwer w ten sposób, ponieważ nadchodzą wielkie zmiany.
Start edycji w piątek 27.11.2020 o 18:00