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Do you dream about becoming an astronaut? Are you a space science nerd? Then this is a place for you to hang out! This community is family friendly for everyone to chill, space out, and make new Wannabe astronaut friends! This server was just made and I'm in need of staff members to help me truly build my server! So what are you waiting for? Join our launch to outer space!🌎🌌🌘
We are a small server starting out, we're trying to become a big active community and want you, yes you dear reader to come along!
Well. This server is a server full of weird people. The age range is 13-18+ and I'm the owner. I'm nervous cause this is my first server. We have bots, memes, weird people, and of course you...If ya join.
I am Bee and I am the server owner, I have one other amazing Admin they are @sol I've worked hard to actually have the dedication to make this server somewhat decent! Here are the main rules for Members only Admins won't be participating in these rules, same for Server owner.
#1 : No hate/racism/bullying/shaming/making fun of anyone's sexuality! We want this server to be as safe and kind as possible!
#2 : No cussing of any sort. We will allow damn, ass, and hell because those two words aren't really bad words. NO abbreviations to any cuss words or you will get a temporary mute. If you do it your first time, that's a warning. Your second time, that's a 1 hour mute. Your third time, you're banned.
#3 : No NSFW content unless you have permission from the Server Owner and Admin.
#4 : Have common sense. We all have it, it isn't that hard to ignore someone who is potentially a threat to you, if that happens go to the #reports channel and @ the admins and owner a long with the person who is potentially a threat to you. WE will handle it.
#5 : Please say your age, gender, and sexuality in this sever first thing once verified, It's slightly mandatory to see who isn't and is safe!
#6 : Just be kind and have fun!
AGE RULES: You need to be ages 13-17, if you are anything above 18 or below 12, do not join. It is strictly for ages between 13-17.
Thank you, from Admins!!
You like gaming? You think you are a Nerd? Other people think you are a Nerd? Don't know where you fit in? Well, look no further than Really Nerdy Gamers
A Discord community for the nerd in you!
A general community server with a level based chat (using Mee6 bot), that focuses on Video Games, Memes, Art, and Anime.
For video games we primarily have a focus on PC and Nintendo Switch games.
We're looking for active members! And hopefully fellow players that enjoy games like Smash, League of Legends, and/or Minecraft. (we have a wide range going on)
The LCU Social Hub is a place where we discuss all sorts of topics including: games, movies, anime, science, technology, and much much more. The server is auto-modded and we have identifier roles for if you’re a content creator, artist, etc. We also have places to advertise your server and content. Come join the LCU Social hub so we can grow and diversify the community, as well as gain friends for life and an experience that will last a lifetime!

- Friendly community
- Helpful staff
- Several bots for music, leveling, and more
- Daily voice chats
- Debate Section
- Polls
- and more!!
This is a server that I originally started for gaming but it's grown into a community and we keep up with a weekly gaming podcast. It's more for people who like meeting new people and having fun. This is one of those servers where you can make friends that last forever. I hope you'll take the time to join and spend some time here. Thank you for your time!
A awkward group of humans running a small community for nerds and geeks. We have plenty of channels for different topics and have a family feel. 18+ only. Come say hello!
-casino bot
-book club
-game nights
-music bots
-voice chats
-movie chats!
-a kitchen channel
-gaming channel (console & pc)
-DND nerds within
A chill place to hang out spam memes talk about RPGs and whatever other nonsense you want to do

I am open to all suggestions about other features, roles, bots, etc that should be added
That One Server is a gaming/creative community where we aim to create a place where people can come to talk and creators of all kinds (artists, youtubers, streamers) can share their work with the world as well as a place that gamers can find people to squad up with. Hope to see you chatting with us soon!
People either good at math or good at video games who are also gay not being mean to each other.
We are a group of ragtag underground Script kids x Memerz x Anime lovers x History Nerds x Artist x Hackers. #Fuck the mainstream Uภ๔єгﻮг๏ยภ๔ รђเՇ
This is a brand new community-based server created by me!
- Plenty of bots
- More channels to be added!
- Music bot
This server was deadass made incase you wanted a place where you can talk to people who love STEM just as much as you do. We will frequently joke around-- it's not always science conversations!

Although this may be a science server, you can still treat it like any other friendly group chat, send memes and mess around. Think of it like a school club.

The server is a place based on the idea of bringing science enthusiasts together, but the atmosphere is informal and casual. You don't even have to be the best at science to have fun. The place is meant for everyone. To talk about science, learn about science, or to just talk to people. It's science! And more.
This server was originally for silvershadow712’s youtube channel, but is also a chat hangout and nerd place. We need more people.
This server is all about Gaming. Anyone that plays games will find new people to connect with. You can even make new friends here!
A small server right now slowly growing we have bots kind admins lots of kind people. We would really like to have more people join us, and hey we even have personalised roles so you can be classified as anything u want in my server as long as its nothing 2 rude
Welcome to Terria, an open world rp/erp server that is looking for new members! We are extremely new, and the server is a WIP. If you have any ideas, please feel free to tell us and we’ll add them to the server! Happy adventuring!
Hey! We're a brand new server, looking for members and future friends! It's a server for every nerd out there ever, and a safe place for all kinds of people! We have channels to fit everyone! Roleplay, sims, model making, chit-chatting, discussing certain movies and much more. We're looking forward to getting to know you and your nerdiness. Join us today and help me and my mods to build up a community that we can all love and appreciate! I am always open to new ideas and helpful tips on how to improve the nerd dome!

Welcome friend! And enjoy your stay!