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We are a chill and laid back server with a manageable rule set that is easy to follow.

We have the following:
> 🔞 Nsfw 18+
> 😄 Custom emotes
> 🤖 Fun bots to mess with
> 👮 Friendly staff and automod
> 🤝 Open for partnerships
> 😎 Chill people to be around

So will you join the Fly squadron?
A server that serves dual purpose as a community and where i showcase my art. you can earn requests and theres loads of fun stuff to do like pokecord, rhythm bot, etc.
Vanilla Survival Minecraft Server for the political community Politicord!
Server IP: /
Gamers, talent, community. We have it all, but we also have weekly competitions and sometimes large contests that have monetary prizes like discord nitro! Come join and make some friends! <3
The Animal Crossing Community
Created - 2/21/2020 - 11AM
Owner [email protected] (I Don't Allow Friend Requests Or People To Message Me, Sorry)
Made For Animal Crossing Lovers - Or New Animal Crossing Fans!
(Uploaded To Disboard From Chee's ALT
Welcome to FURCHAT! the only place you can hang out with awesome people!

Furchat is a small community of people gathered together to chill!
There is NSFW too!

In Furchat you can:
- Chat & Chill
- Self Promote
- Roleplay
- Send Memes
And much more!

Now what are you waiting for?? Join today! :D
📓 FRIENDS - make them here.
🌃 INSOMNIA - talk with others late.
🎮 GAMING - find, Minecraft or FPS players.
📝 SEMI-ACTIVE - the chat is semi active.

Whether you're looking for a place to hangout or are feeling down and lonely, here you will have fun, make new friendships and wont get ignored. It doesn't matter who you are or what you're going through, I guarantee you will have good laugh and time. There are tons of roles and rewards for being active as well. You are very welcomed here!
~Server Baiters HQ~
What is this server?
This is a growing community where you can meet people and make great friends!

We do host game events where everyone can play UNO and some games.

We have nitro giveaways for those who want to earn if they win the event.

This is a friendly community, we would like to welcome you with open hands

• 15 levels required to post pictures in the general channel!
ding! ♫ ♪ you have a new message!
title: ❤️ you are very beautiful ❤️
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✮ ყσυ ԋαʋҽ Ⴆҽҽɳ ιɳʋιƚҽԃ ƚσ ʅσʋҽ αɳԃ ƈαƙҽʂ ✮

♢ we're looking for partners, mods, and partner managers

about us:
we're an aesthetic server focused towards making sure everyone has a good time. 🎔
we have very simple and straight-to-the-point rules!

perks of joining:
♟ | multiple self-assignable roles and color roles
♟ | birthday celebrations
♟ | get a hoisted role on your birthday
♟ | we will ping our birthday wishers in the announcements channel! 🎔
♟ | partnering with little to no requirements (we ping everyone for servers with equal or less members... and the ones we have to ping for)
♟ | welcoming to anyone and everyone
♟ | we have anime and gaming channels :)
♟ | weekly karaoke!
♟ | open suggestions!

join us today 🎔
. *     ✦ .  ⁺   .. *     ✦ . *     ✦ . *     ✦
──Welcome to Sleepy Times!──
─♡ Sleep on call with people!
─♡ Watch and Request Movies!
─♡ Watch and Request Anime!
─♡ Potentially a Minecraft server if theres enough demand~

looking for active members, or lurkers who enjoy just watching as everything happens.
please keep the server Drama free and respect everyone, positivist is key ^~^
Club Paw is a sfw server with a focus simply on helping other folks out and providing them with a safe space to make friends and be themselves. Fur or non fur, all are welcome. We have a vast array of reaction roles, channels, events, giveaways for those who choose to be active in the server.

Feel free to come in and give the server a try!
A nice community to hang out in, you can talk, look at the memes and/or media, post your images, or just talk in vc!
**This is a rebuild of the Original Unity discord server
owned By Ash that got deleted. We didn't kick/ban anyone**

…°—————— ⋅ʚ:cherry_blossom:ɞ⋅ ——————°…
**We're a sub social server with 14+ age limit
and a lot of hopes to make this server fit for you.
We have a lot of multi uses channels like:
Selfies, gaming, art, food, interests, anime, pets etc..**
…°——————⋅ʚ:cherry_blossom:ɞ⋅ ——————°…

**What we offer:**
**╭─────────୨:cloud:୧ ────────╮
> »┊ Weekly giveaways of all kinds!
> »┊Self assignable roles!
> »┊Friendly & Active chat
> »┊A lot of custom emotes!
> »┊Self promotion for boosters!
> »┊Active voice chats most of the day!
> »┊None abusive & friendly staff!
> »┊Looking for our old PMs.
> »┊Cute e-boys & e-girls.
> »┊50 invites = Free Nitro

»┊Invite Link »
A server is full of weebs that are chill, along with lots of art made by the server members, so if you want you can post your art in the server as well.
We also do gaming nights so if you are interested then feel free to join :).
The koala welcomes you!!
Koala haven is a community server that is always trying to improve. So, feel free to join and help us develop it and make it a great community. But, currently, we offer the following in the server:
- Gaming Section
- Anime Section
- Music
- Art posts
- Active Mods
- A friendly environment(But you can choose to go to the DARK SIDE OF THE SERVER)
We are also recruiting for mods at the moment so feel free to apply
Hey! So I made this server with the hopes of bringing people together as well as meeting new friends and overall just having a chill community. Everyone is very lowkey and nice so you don't have to worry about anyone being toxic XD (Just as a side note, the server isn't about danplan or anything, I just thought it would be nice if it had a little bit of a theme.. most of the people in the server don't even know what danplan is and that's alright) So, you won't feel left out :)
Streamers: ✔
Gamers: ✔
Memes: ✔
Reglas: ✔
Comunidad activa: ✔
Roles: ✔
Alianzas y mini alianzas: ✔
Yepyeni Discord anlayışı! Premier Gaming'in Resmî Discord sunucusuna hoş geldin. Burada her zaman bir çekiliş var!

Ödüllü turnuvalar, yarışlar, sıcak ortam, hepsi burada!
Kız/Erkek oranımız denktir. Ayrıca tüm resmi oyun sunucularımızda Discord sunucumuza gelen herkese ekstra oyun içi ödüller var! Discord'da hiçbir şey artık eskisi gibi olmayacak.
Hadi sen de aramıza katıl!
even though we have fewer people, we have a greater future ahead of us and that's deja vu. we welcome a warm and cozy society for roblox players!

what we have to offer:
-moderation server
-not strict members
-very cool
-might add self-roles

we even have a roblox socializing group!

Degenerates is an NSFW server (18+), Mental health and LGBT supporting and inclusive. Gaming, Anime, Movies, Hentai and lewd content. Several bots, multiple VC channels, with 200 emojis for your usage. Come join our community of degenerates.
We are a very small and new community looking to grow!
Looking to play switch, xbox, ps4 or pc games but you don't have friends because you're a sweaty gamer? You've come to the right place! We hope you enjoy our lovely little community. : )
We have very Active Owners/Admins
A friendly community
Minecraft SMP and Faction realms!
And anyone of any age is welcome!
Gehenna Paradise is a server that follows a streamer known as Lustrous. It is geared towards providing a good environment to chat about Anime and Gaming! We also have sections centered around Memes, Music, Cosplay, Art, and we even have a 18+ Section! We’ve got Pokécord and are Pokécord friendly if you are interested in that.

We have a wide range of emotes by the artists known as paxiti and afrobull plus many more. There’s also a section that has professional to semi-professional artist for you to commission!
Welcome to peanuts, An active community server where our goal is to have fun and enjoy ourselves, our community is relaxed and chill; and we have plenty of awesome members in the server. Any new members are welcomed with open arms. We have dedicated chats to gaming, memes, and furry related chat, as well as many fun activities. Our server is 15+ and doesn't offer any nsfw chats, but mature jokes and content is allowed. Hope you join and have fun!!
Welcome to the Nazerick!

We’re a community driven by sparking joy and being as inclusive as possible in the making of it, trying to strive for a server to that is both chill and fun for anybody who wants to join in!

Our community is accepting and understanding, while our staff is active and reasonable.

Our main interests are games and anime, but we accept anybody willing to hang in chat or voice chat!

We are accepting towards the awkward, the weebs, anybody really! We strive to be a server where people come together and stay, create friendgroups or find people to make their own worlds with!, the main goal is helping you find good friends, so descend into the Nazerick if you want this chance!