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We’ll be waiting
✎ . . . We like to joke about everything, our humour broken af, come join us to make some friends and vibe c:
join to be skinnyy

klk 🇩🇴!! we’re pretty chill, im gonna remake this description later but please just stop raiding it’s getting tiring 🛹. also maybe boost .. but only if u wanna please have a good day or night btw also this isn’t really a dating server sorry ✨.
This a server were you can hang out and have fun you can listen to music 🎵🎵 you can meet new friends 😊 and you can get roles for certain channels. If you get banned you can appeal to get unbanned we have an appeal channel. See you there 😎😎😎😎😎😎
This is the ctg replacement server and if you don't know what that is it's basically anarchy

You can do ANYTHING except for spam
~Welcome to our server which is Thigh Gang. This is a sfw server so dont come in here expecting nsfw. Come hang out with people and enjoy your stay!~
— serenade,

🧛🏻‍♀️・ chill staff n members.
🌊・growing community.
🐉・many bots.
🎸・cute emotes.
This chat can be fun for some people funny for others but, it will get a match for everyone. So, that everyone can feel at home in my server in a place where you can invite your friends and hang out with your other friends as well! We’ve got memes! It’s very very chill! We got a clean, chill and fun server waiting for you to join it!
This is the Disboard sever for the main server.
Please speak english in the main server.
KNAYE 2020 YEEEZY2020 Bruh lol just a shitpost server , anyone is welcome

This server is also in full support of kanye west's presidental campaign
Hii, welcome to this new server lol. Make friends, find a date maybe lol. Anyways we hope you come to visit us.
Welcome to Eat • Sleep • Fit! We are a community focused on helping others to achieve their fitness goals the RIGHT way, and to help them know the difference between fact and bro-science.
server is active during east cost daytime so quit joining and leaving fag
it has meme chats
active and cool people who game
one rule
voice channels
a hentai(nsfw) chat
some nice emotes

enjoy your stay ples
Do you hate hoes? Do you wanna just make friends? Do you really like edgy/dark humor? Then fear not, this server is for you. We have retards, we have weebs, we have slaves, we have edgy fucks, we have it all just join and see for yourself just don't be :
a furry
a dumbass who can't use basic english in an argument
an unfunny person
a gore whore
or an idiot
but other than that you should be fine
so what are you waiting for? come in and show the world you are really afraid of houses

Also I'm a dictator
we are a nice and funny server. we curse sometimes but that’s okay. we are mostly nice people(sometimes,) and um yeah idk just join to make new friends and we won’t judge you.
Greetings citizens:
Thou have been invited to join 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕭𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖉 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖉𝖔𝖒

A server based on having fun on discord because we can all admit, discord is no fun with the toxic people
The server is growing day by day with lovely new members, and on top of that this is a judgment free zone!!!
We offer:
✅Friendly and welcoming staff members
✅Questions of the Day!
✅Rules enforced so you feel safe
✅Tons of emojis
✅13+ server
✅A vent channel where you can talk anything out
✅Self assignable roles
✅Loads of voice calls
✅Loads of fun and exciting channels
✅LGBTQ+ friendly
And soo much more
So what are you waiting for, stop scrolling down that never ending list and join muddles in puddles😁😁
Also if you join you get free cookies