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Sunucu1 - 24 gosterimi68
join if you are retarded (based) and love making Ironic jokes and bullying twink white boys plz no underage also we just got nuked
hi we are a new dating server and looking to build a cool friendly community! hope u meet the love of ur life <3
☆*。★゚*♪ヾ☆ we love racism and hate redditors. redditors are not allowed and are actively on high alert and are promptly sent over to the guillotines. channels include a plethora of topics and bots for our waifu cult worshipping ☆*。★゚*♪ヾ☆ゝ
Server is basically just a chatroom where we talk about whatever. Safe for work but still +18
congratulations, you've reached rock bottom.
welcome to hell.
not a support server, you can be as miserable as you want here.
no unnecessary bots or channels.
for those that just want to talk to somebody.
18+, dont be an idiot.
A server for neets, disabled people, outcasts whoever else wants to join. rules are simple follow TOS. 18+ server.

"this server is a cesspool of people who have lost their way in life and are angry at the world that seek further reassurance to validate that anger because it's easier to do so rather than change. some people here will grow out of it others turn into school shooters." - by a user from Sydney
Desolation or desperation? Doesn't matter when we are all depraved.
(If you're a femboy you will be ostracized but if you can handle it, you'll fit right in"
Hey, this is a server for frens to hang out and chat about almost anything
if you like Hatsume Miku, thats just a plus :)
Helo Fren, Melancholy Cove is a great place for you to Comfy post, Discuss anything, Vent ur troubles, or just hangout :D
Welcome to 403, a new small server r9k themed server for comfy general discussion.
a place for people with actual issues such as those who have been in wards or have their lives ruined because mental issues.
Relating to each other helps more than fake caring that you see on disboard servers.

Do not join if you are merely some kid that thinks mental issues are fashionable, this shit is not cool and seriously ruined mine and others lives.
There are not trigger words or whatever tumblr BS you are used to seeing.
Hikikomori and NEET more than welcome.
In the server we chit-chat about various topics.
Sharing music with all the anons.
If you are also a fanatic for video games ( including retro ), good taste in Anime etc...
We archive many url links for pure entertainment.
- You´re welcome here.
Come and join in.
An international social community for dating, art, and mental health awareness. We have anime, gaming, movies, music, aesthetics, and various other interests. Semi toxic but LGBT and 420 friendly. Love the moon.
A server that steers away from pornographic content and edgy humor. More of an emphasis towards meaningful discussion.

This Discord was made with the idea in mind that it would be a place where anyone could say anything, with no-holds-barred.
Small /R9k/ Discord server with no normalfags, underages, attention seeking women, ecelebs
Attention seeking children who say they are shutins and mentally ill because they can’t go out to the bar every weekend will not be let in, there are people here who can’t go outside.
join only if your quality And you are a recluse.
This server is for Rapists of the world to unite.

You must lift weights or partake in some form of strength training to be allowed full access.
Come and discuss rape methods, experiences, etc. Chads wanted to fill positions.

To any young males unsure of what to do with themselves, we invite you to LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS AND EMBRACE THE RAPEPILL :)