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The railroad was to be the newest, most important means of transport for those in the West, but little did they know t would also become one of the deadliest. With every new line placed down, many lost their lives, whether it was to sickness, native attacks or drunken fights. These brave men and women sought to defend their work until their last breath and as a result, a single, large rock was marked upon their place of burial to show the utmost respect. Years passed and as they did a macabre path of rocks lined the way from the railroad all the way to a small, slumbering town. A town they named after the rocks themselves; Graverock. It was this town that the inhabitants lived in while the railroad was being built and now their bodies lined the way towards it*.

Despite the eerie and somewhat disturbing past, Graverock was a quaint town that resided in Nevada. To the right, small woodlands hid away Natives and small rivers and brooks. To the left, lakes, cliffs and vast gulches with high dunes that hide away deadly animals and even a hidden mine which truly wasn't so hidden.

Regardless, the town has been known as a 'war front' for many outlaws, bandits and the like - all seeking to either take advantage of it's wealthy state, control it or destroy it. While the inhabitants do what they can to defend it and continue to have the town prosper. All it takes is a choice. Will you be a cowboy herding the cattle? An outlaw hiding from the law? The protective Sheriff? Or perhaps... you choose to be a native - just trying to live their life. Good or bad, you decide.

• 18+ Server
• Wild West theme
• Set in 1880
• Shop to purchase benefits
• Friendly members
• Mature - R rated server.
• Brand new.
A community for any and all Bang Dream fans! Come discuss anything you have been itching to talk about, from not getting your 4* card to full comboing that hard song! It also has an update bot bot for t100 and t1000 cutoffs for events! We can't wait to have you here!
Infinite Flight Francophone est une communauté discord regroupant un maximum de Français et de Francophones sur Infinite Flight. Au rendez-vous :
- Vol de groupes
- Communauté Active
- ATC-Vocal
- Vol Opérationnels
- Système de rôles / Boutique / Argent/XP

Volons tous ensemble ! Sur Infinite Flight
Uma modesta, livre e respeitosa sociedade virtual dedicada àqueles que almejam um pouco de interação social. Alicerçado no respeito supremo, na liberdade de expressão e na dialética, o Areópago contempla-se numa comunidade cibernética onde todos os membros são estimados, podem reunir-se abertamente e compartilhar suas experiências e conhecimentos.

Sixty years ago, tensions between nations began to arise, as newly found research pointed towards genes that could be augmented in humans, essentially creating super soldiers.

Every government, company, and coalition scrambled to become the new dominant power. What they didn't know was that destiny would deny them all. They had turned a blind eye to a looming threat: a terrorist coalition known as Coalition of Anarchic Liberty, or C.o.A.L, considered this a threat to their organization, and launched a worldwide terrorist attack on all laboratories containing this genetic power. As a result of these attacks, all laboratories that were creating this "super gene" were released into communities of all kinds, laying dormant in every human who came into contact with the gene. Those who were incompatible were unaffected, however those who were compatible developed inhuman abilities.

As a result of the sudden emergence of these “super humans,” nations were forced to sign treaties to deal with this problem, essentially dissolving all national tensions.

They created an organization known as the Paragon Corps, so that they could enlist those who had powers to assist the government. In addition, schools were created for those who had powers, the most prominent of these being NHA, or New Hope Academy.

+Semi-Literate RP which offers RTK (Reason To Kill).
+The good ol' "superhero academy" setting, with more than just New Hope Academy to offer.
+An ever-developing story you can take part in and even help develop.
+Play as a student, hero, villain, or even a vigilante!
↳ ❝ hello everyone ! ❞ - 🍮
︵︵︵︵ · · · ·
ོ ོ ོ

๑•̀ᴗ•̀)∕📧 you're invited
⁞⁞⁞⁞ to our house of fun !
⠀⠀⠀⠀▔▔▔▔ ' ' ' '
┆we provide a café aesthetic,
┆fun activities and a fun place
┆to hang. we also have cookies
╰ 🍪 .˚ ᵎ

❏ must be 13 to join
& to be on Discord

❏ lgbtq+ friendly ~ 🏳️‍🌈

❏ we allow people
18 and above ~ !

❏ friendly staff
and members ~ 🍙

❏ we provide domains
for anyone who asks

❏ we're a SFW server ~ !

↳ ❝ g o a l s ❞ - ☕️
︵︵︵︵ · · · ·
ོ ོ ོ

we plan to reach
100 members ~ !
Welcome to the Realm of Synthos, a RP server that focuses on player freedom, you wanna run a mercenary company? Go ahead! Become a mage and learn the secrets of space and time? Good luck! The sky is the limit and i want you to break that limit! So come join!
Сервер где сидят разработчики игр, приложений, просто программисты, музыканты, игровые дизайнеры и простые смертные которым интересно пообщаться с владельцами разных студий и не только.
Serveur Discord pour renconter l'amour et pouvoir jouer en groupe

Sur le serveur il y a :

-Des salons privés
-Des Giveaways (Nitro et Jeux)
-Des rôles qui permet de séparer vos interêts
-Des animations
et bien plus encore...
hi this is server for the growing peepee clan!! join if epic gamer who want to have fun time and make fun friends.......
JJBA based kin server, newly made, we are:
➤ 13+
➤ System friendly;
➤ Doubles friendly;
➤ LGBTIAQ+ friendly;
➤ Drama free!
➤ Anti-factkin.
We have:
➤ Blacklist for your triggers;
➤ Pluralkit for systems;
➤ NSFW channels;
➤ Waifubot and Mudae;
➤ Vent channels.

Hope to see you here ✨✨
we talk about memes, games, politics and funny
i say a lot of politically charged statements
it's a new server so we are open to suggestions for the server.
✨🍓i’m soft🍓✨ is a brand new server with no members. its 13+ and a place to just have fun and enjoy yourself. be sure to follow the rules and be nice to staff. enjoy!! 💕
Escape from the brutal truths of reality; Join us. Syndicate is a discord society with few rules and plenty avenues of discussion. We're welcoming to anyone who's willing to partake in our community. Well what are you waiting for?
-------- A̷̅͆n̶̾̋a̷̅͘r̷̳̈c̷͂̾h̴̊͝a̴̓́n̶͑̈́i̶͇͐u̸͆̀m̸̆͠ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anarchanium is a social anarchy server where we host gamenights on a weekly basis, come vote, play and meet new enjoyable folk ~ 💎

you won't find any bullshit rules or bans here (We do filter out some spam though to keep things tidy, but won't ever kick or ban anyone!) 🎲

Come chit chat almost about anything and meet new people, we got plenty of friendly faces downtown and just like to vibe, nam sayin'? 🎵

----------------------05-643.95 643.90 00 643.95 100.95 744.90----------------------

(We're also avid fans of old school pc gaming and welcome xbox and switch gamers with very open arms as we do also play on those platforms!!) 💌
Before the founding of the Five Great Shinobi Nations, there was the warring states era. Explore the adventures in the time before Naruto, in a dynamic setting. Join us in our adventures, and shape the shinobi world!

‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ 𝙟𝙪𝙞𝙘𝙮
We're a chill server. Our goal is to make this
a big chat zone. Why not come check us out?

We offer:
👮 A chill server with chill staff thats not strict
♻️ 200+ Emojis
⭐️ 65 Self-Assignable Roles including Colour Roles.
🎁 Rewards the more XP you earn by talking.
welcome to dino park! we are a support server and safe spot for lgbt, s/a survivors, etc.
as an survivor of assault, harassment, domestic abuse, child abuse, suicidal ideation, i believe everyone should get the support they need even if it's just a bit. everyone deserves the freedom to get help. as someone who can't get enough professional help due to family life and other things, i hope this can be one of your support systems.

we hope you enjoy your stay in dino park!!
A friendly server, made for AoT/SnK fans, but anyone can join! This is meant for an accepting community and a safe place for members.
__Salut !__
💙 • Tu souhaites rencontrer ton âme sœur ? Alors rejoins nous dès maintenant !
[ ]

🍀 :`` :〘 CURRENT PLOT 〙: `` 🍀
After the eclipse and welcoming of OleanderClan, more signs begin to show. Reeds burn in the largest marshes and water runs low when you get near. What could this mean? Medicine cats think they have found the answer with this message from Starclan:
‘ ‘ Glowing eyes will force fire and water against the highest peaks. ‘ ‘
What could this message mean? All the medicine cats know that it might not be decipherable and is terribly mystifying. Will they be able to figure it out?

l.) `` 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚒𝚜 𝚂𝚘𝚝𝙴? `` ☀️
Secrets of the Eclipse is a literate, mature (12-13+) warrior cats roleplay server. We strive to make a safe community for people of all types and a nice place for people to roleplay with other warrior cat stans.

ll.) `` 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚍𝚘𝚎𝚜 𝚂𝚘𝚝𝙴 𝚘𝚏𝚏𝚎𝚛? `` ☀️
We offer..
🌿 A fun community
🌾 Open staff applications and high ranks!
🌸 Lots of territory to roleplay in!
🕊️ Friendly, LGBTQ+ atmosphere!
🐾 Welcoming owners, mods, staff, and members!
🚨 Server interactions!
Interactions encouraged are suggestions and questions! 💞
🌵Literate Roleplay!; 4+ sentence minimum!
🐚 Four original clans and written lore!
🪐 Art challenges, some giveaways, etc!
💧 Spectator role(s)!
🐡 Self assignable roles and partnership!

lll.) `` 𝚍𝚘𝚎𝚜 𝚂𝚘𝚝𝙴 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚢 𝚜𝚘𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚕 𝚖𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚊𝚜? `` ☀️
Indeed we do! We have an Instagram, and as we grow, maybe a website! 💞
`` [ Made 3/23/2020 ] `` 🔥