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CrocMC is a Minecraft Bedrock server running on the vanilla software "BDS". This means it is classic single player without any plugins or restrictions aside from a few things to keep everything running smoothly. Join groups, wage wars, or play by yourself, the possibilities on Croc are as endless as those on your own single player worlds and more. Due to the fact it runs on the Bedrock edition it introduces you and your friends to a much larger array of players than you would find if you played on Java, introducing people playing on mobile, PC, and even consoles.

The community is tight knit and anyone with enough ambition can become a well known player praised by the community. If this suits your interests don't hesitate to join.
this is my little server not too big yet but hopefully, it will grow and gain members!
things we have to offer
-lots of fun bots
-pronoun roles so no one gets misgendered
-lots of different channels
-qotd every day
- debate topics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

this is a new server so there arent any mods other than myself, but I'm sure once the server grows a bit I will be able to find a lovely staff team
•Patriotic Development•
We offer Vehicle Skins, and Logos! In the near future we'll be having EUP Development, Zmod/ Model Development, Interiors and MLO Development and even Discord Bot Development!
You looking for a Server that do loads of Giveaways Daily and where you can a shit ton in? Well here you can!

We Offer:
🎉 Loads of Giveaways Daily + A shit a ton of our Member Specials!
🤑 A ton of Heists over 300k!
🤝 Partnerships!
🚫 Rob + Heist Disabled!
🙂 Friendly Community!
💰 Find loads of servers where you can Rob in!
💎 #1 Rated Osu! Discord Server 💎

✨ 130 Emotes
🏳️‍🌈 Friendly Community
🌸 Anime
🎮 Gaming
💕 Chill
🌹 Art
🎁 Events
🔥The Void🔥Active💯Free GIVEAWAYS🎁Memes🍆Social😋Levelling System🥇RPG🎃Pokimon🦄Gaming🎮Active Moderators!❗Join the community Now❤
A fun, cozy place for GameDevs and Programmers to hang out! Have some fun with the bots, and share code! We got roles for unity, unreal, and a multitude of programming languages, each with their own private room!
𑁍┊Yume ♡ ˎˊ˗
┊┊  ┊ ┊┊
┊┊  ┊ ┊❀⋆
┊┊  ┊ ✫
┊┊ ⊹ ⋆
┊┊. ⠀
✧ ⋆

⇢˚⋆ ✎ ˎˊ- "About us:"

┌───── -ˋˏ ∵✉︎∴ ˎˊ- ─────┐
> `┊🍡┊` We're a fun and loving community where you can chat with many other people who shares the same interests as you!
└───── -ˋˏ ∵✉︎∴ ˎˊ- ─────┘

```⇢˚⋆ ✎ ˎˊ- "Here's what we can offer you:"```

┌───── -ˋˏ ∵✉︎∴ ˎˊ- ─────┐
`┊🌸┊` Aesthestic Pastel Layout
`┊🍙┊` Friendly & Active Staff
`┊🌸┊` Places to hire and sell
`┊🍙┊` Contests, events and giveaways
`┊🌸┊` Showcase your works and receive positive feedbacks
`┊🍙┊` Learn and receive critiques
`┊🌸┊` And so much more!
└───── -ˋˏ ∵✉︎∴ ˎˊ- ─────┘

⇢˚⋆ ✎ ˎˊ- "Come join us now!"
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⇢˚⋆ ✎ ˎˊ- "Server Link:"
Welcome to KingSnowyy's Shack!
- Just chill and Have fun! As long as you follow the rules! <3
We are an epic gaming and coding community created by YouTuber Legendile7!

We offer lots of great things including:
Free Promotions
Fun Bots
Safe Community
Ranked Roles
Programming and Coding
Gaming Videos
Among Us
IO Games

Don't wait, join the Legend Club now!!!

If the invite link doesn't work, use
╭── ⋅ ⋅ ─────────────────────── ✩ ─────────────────────── ⋅ ⋅ ──╮
★Pub de La Taverne★

𝕊𝕒𝕝𝕦𝕥 𝕛𝕖𝕦𝕟𝕖𝕤 𝕞𝕠𝕦𝕤𝕤𝕒𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕟𝕤 !

Si tu veux te détendre avec une bonne dose d'alcool après avoir passé ta journée à trainer dans les recoins d'Internet et bien rejoins ce serveur plein de pirates !! ⚔️

Ici tu rencontrera des gens tous différents, et tous plus bizarres les uns que les autres. Dans cette taverne flottante on peut trouver des évents de toutes envergures, des vocaux et des écrits divers et variés ainsi qu'un classement des pirates les plus actifs du serveur. Des grades seront donnés aux pirates les plus actif, vous commencerez matelot jusqu'à devenir le seigneur des pirates ☠

𝓐𝓵𝓸𝓻𝓼 𝓻𝓮𝓳𝓸𝓲𝓷𝓼 𝓵𝓪 𝓫𝓸𝓷𝓷𝓮 𝓫𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓮 𝓭'𝓲𝓿𝓻𝓸𝓰𝓷𝓮 𝓼𝓾𝓻 𝓷𝓸𝓽𝓻𝓮 𝓼𝓮𝓻𝓿𝓮𝓾𝓻 𝓮𝓽 𝓻𝓮𝓷𝓬𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓻𝓮 𝓭𝓮𝓼 𝓰𝓮𝓷𝓼... 𝓼𝓹é𝓬𝓲𝓪𝓾𝔁 ? 🍻

╰── ⋅ ⋅ ─────────────────────── ✩ ────────────────────── ⋅ ⋅ ──╯
It’s summer! Schools out, pools are open, and the mall is hiring and everything is good! That is until random people keep going missing. Something is going on and it’s up to us to figure it out! Will you help solve the mystery or will you have the summer of your dreams? The choice is yours?

Stonewall gap is a 1990’s Fantasy role-play
Bienvenue sur le serveur Hacker News 🎊

➥ Documentations, formations et News.
➥ Trois pôles White hat, Grey hat et Black Hat
➥ Une équipe accueillante et à l’écoute.

Nous t'attendons depuis un moment !
Yo! Welcome To Haziq Empire!

You Won't Regret Joining This Server!

─> Room Chat!

─> Make Friends!

─> Hangout With 130+ Members!

─> Share Your Memes!

─> Share Your Art!

─> Using A Badword Is Allowed But Don't Go Too Far Or Toxic!

─> Online Fight!

─> Send Pictures! (SFW Pics Only)!

─> Play With 30+ Bots!

─> Spamming (In Some Channels)!

Follow ALL The Rules Or You'll Be Suspended!
The Jungle is a Community focused Server, designed to bring people from all over the world together to chill or speak on political or social issues.
Wanting to unwind after a long day with a sexy whore~? How about working to help others unwind~? Well do we have a treat for you! At the Bunny Brothel we offer these and other services to our magnificent customers! We are currently looking or more wonderful customers AND employees to fill out our salacious ranks.
With a caring and attentive staff we hope to make your stay a heavenly one!
♛ Seni'de Aramız'da Görmek İsterim Çünkü Senin Gibi Bir İnsan En İyisine Layik Kim Standart Olmak İster ?
♛ Çekiliş : %100
♛Oyun : %100 ♛
♛Muhabbet : %100 ♛
♛ Samimiyet : %100 ♛
♛ Eğlence : %100 ♛
♛Oyun Preleri : %100 ♛
♛ Ve Daha Fazlası ⊱LoDoS⊰♛
♛Aramıza Gel :♛
🌀 Поиск тиммейтов: GTA 5 ; CS:GO ; PUBG | +130 Кбит/сек, Cвой бот. Ждем на сервере!
⋰˚☆ Hi! This server is called "Spooky Little LGBTQ+ Chill Space" and we're a server made for LGBTQ+ people by LGBTQ+ people! We have:
  ҉ debate channels!
  ҉ special color roles for boosters!
  ҉ friendly members!
  ҉ tons of fun emojis!
  ҉ an anonymous confession bot!
  ҉ special private chats for ND people, tucutes, and systems to hang out without any possible judgement!
  ҉ 16+ chats and 18+ chats!
  ҉ a special blacklist category that you can get a role for (aka if you don't want to see vents and rants and triggering content you can opt out of the role!)
  ҉ fairly frequent vcs and group among us games!
You might recognize us from an old server, and if you're confused, I'm here to tell you that yes! This is the reincarnation of the old server of the same name! We're so excited to be back and we're looking forward to making new friends! ♡
Tu tu tu tuuuu! *dźwięk trąby w tle*
Witamy wszystkich towarzyszy, którzy błądzą w otchłaniach disborda. Jesteśmy społecznością discorda, która ma na celu zebranie wszystkich fajnych ludzików i pokazanie Wam prawdziwej miłości Wielkich Niedźwiadków. Obiecujemy Wam wspaniałą atmosferę i wiele innych, gdzie każdy będzie czuł się ważny i wyjątkowy. Nie czekaj, tylko wpadaj. Czekamy właśnie na Ciebie ;3❤️
This is a NSFW discord server where you can come and meet new people, look at porn using some of our amzing bots

each member is from today - 02/09/2020 will be accepted by an admin or owner, we would like to keep our members safe, and the server happy, and until such a time individuals will need to be accepted by following instructions below

Upon joining you will have access to #welcome and #rules, once you react with the tick on the rules, you will be given access to the introduction channel as well as #contact staff if you need help, react the the envelope to open a ticket and you mat request help, once you do your introduction (lay out in Rules at bottom)
you will @ the admins (@Admin) either them or i personally will look at your introduction and make sure it is legit, if so you will be given the role @Introduction-verified once you get this role you will have access to #role-assign and be able to set your self roles and enjoy everything we have to offer on the server,
Hello, serveur NSFW pour les grands fans de Hentai +Porn. (+18) Serveur avec emotes :3
Nous laissons les membres poster leurs propres images dans des channels dédiés. créons ensemble une communauté durable et active .
join our our piggy official fan made discord server .we welcome anyone with great respect. we speak about updates of the very popular roblox game piggy
created by minitoon and IK3AS.we play fortnite ,among us and more