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!!! Hello Welcome to kuma island !!!!
[we are a friendly group that's welcomes anyone!]
[we are a roleplay server for danganronpa]

{!!Hopefully we can see you there!!}
Sunset Strip is a FiveM Roleplaying Server, based in Los Angels California, with a growing community. Having a place where people can meet and connect is one thing, but we’re a place where you can grow new friendships, and find people that have a love for the same things you do. We're a family. We work on the server every day adding things that the community wants, constantly improving the way we do things. Sunset Strip is built around the love of gaming and role-playing. We are actively working to make Sunset Strip a haven where people can have fun, and connect with others that have a similar passion and love for role play. With 5 years of role-play experience, the staff team actively works to make sure every member of the community is happy.

At Sunset Strip RP we offer:

-Police RP


-Gang/Criminal Organization RP

-Whitelist jobs, such as Car Dealer, Mechanic, Real Estate

-Many other job's available for everyone to do at the Job Center

We are currently actively looking for EMS, Mechanic and Real Estate. That being said I think you should come give us a try today!

>OPEN TO PARTNERS< Welcome to Trixia, a community based roleplay server! Featuring a fantasy-modern blended roleplay, we welcome all writers at any skill to come improve yourself and others through story telling, gambling, fighting, or adventuring! We also feature hobbies such as anime, video games, a cozy general chat :)
Thanks for checking us out, hope to see you soon!
-Harsh Noise#4168
No man remembers how the old world looked. To most, the thought of an entire planet open and free for exploration seems almost like a child's fantasy. But considering that Angels and Demons wander about, sharing stories from their lives of such a place to the Men, Monsters, and Machinations they meet, everybody knows that the world once was that way.

Ages ago, in the quest for knowledge, ancient civilizations tore a hole between realities to see what lay beyond their world. And, when they glimpsed into the other realm they had made contact with, they were met with a black seemingly endless void, filled only with ancient hungry evils that had laid dormant since time unmeasured. But at the prospect of new matter to consume beyond the rift, they awakened, and began tearing through everything they found. Kept open by the horrors on the other side, none were capable of closing the hole.

However... When all hope began to feel as if it was lost, an odd light appeared. High above what was once a lush and diverse land, it repelled the horrors, returned the land below it to its previous glory, and became a safety for all those that were seeking shelter. Civilization began to not just rebuild, but flourish within its reaches, safe from the beings on the outside.

That was millennia ago. Nothing much has changed. The light still shines, the horrors still rage outside, and the city is still building, reaching ever higher, ever closer.

To the light.


Hi there! This is my server, I made it so that way people could have some fun with their imaginations. Pretty much everything goes when it comes to character creation. Want to be a demon? You can do that. Want to be a cyborg? You can do that. Want to be an infinitely powerful super being that has no weaknesses whatsoever and can destroy the world with one blink? Probably not that, but I applaud you for trying. See you there.

We have...

(A fairly good world, a story to back it, and literate people willing to play around with you, if you just ask!

(Over 80 roleplay rooms, with the ability for you to request more rooms if you want them!)

(A fairly comprehensive roleplay character template for those who like detail, but a more basic one for beginners!)

(Not many bots here, because I find them annoying. However, if you feel we need them, I'll look into it.)


(As mentioned, pretty much everything is good when it comes to character creation.)
"Do not go gently into that good night, but rage, rage against the dying of that light."
-Dylan Thomas

View our trailer here:

Frost's Advance is a Frostpunk roleplay server, looking to depict the coming storm of this new apocalyptic ice age. Set in an alternate 1922 where Germany won the first World War, Britain and it's people find themselves in dire straights. With the Long Autumn's cold summers and freezing winters, famine, plague and worldwide economic collapse, millions perish. And with the destruction of it's continental allies, Britannia finds itself stranded, alone against the growing cold.

Seeing no other choice, the occupation of Iceland by the Imperial Exploration Company, a front for the British Crown, begins in the Spring of 1920. Paving the way for thousands of Construction crews to begin work in laying down the infrastructure needed for the work on the 10 Generators to begin.

Site 06 stands as a testament to the desperation of man, and to the lengths one might go, in order to secure their own survival...

Develop and flesh out your character(s) in a unique take of Frostpunk's world, aided by a custom Technological Tree, Book of Laws, Food System, and IEC mandates and much more. All shown graphically as well as through text. Participate in Site wide events that involve the entire playerbase, become elected as a GM and help guide the direction of the server's story, and ensure Site 06 survives- no matter the price.
Despite the fact that we do NOT allow ERP, we’re an 21+ Server, seeing as we do touch on mature topics. We welcome you to come join!

The kingdom of Arcum is in a new age, and at the heart of this nation is it’s capitol. Blackbridge is a sprawling, industrious city with everything from a prestigious University of Magic to one of the most successful sets of Hunters in the country. On the surface it seems like a perfect place to live, but dangerous things lurk in it’s shadows. Vampires and werewolves try to live their lives with all the rest, alongside creatures of even more sinister origins.

Blackbridge is a supernatural fantasy roleplay, revolving around a city based heavily on Victorian era London. In our server you’ll find;
- a unique setting, built by the mods, that gets expanded on consistently!
- plenty of races to play (elves, dwarves, vampires, werewolves, and more!)
- three characters per player!
- an active mod team!
- ongoing storylines that you can jump right into!
- plenty of location channels to use, as well as other in character channels to add to the experience, like a diary room where they can answer questions and a newspaper!
- active, literate and friendly role-players!
The four clans, Rainclan, Hillclan, Gorgeclan, and Rosaclan always kept secrets from each other, and over the generations, they have only drifted more apart. What is gonna happen when a prophecy comes along. Will the clans start working together, or will they continue with their fights and only make the prophecy worse?

What we offer:
-four unique clans to choose
-LGBTQ+ friendly environment
-bunch of fun bots
Warhammer 40k is a new RP server. We have friendly Staff, and are willing to work with you to ensure you have a great experience.
Witcher RP set in 1270 (following Game's Canon)

Created by witcher fans for witcher fans for interaction and roleplay with each other. Book's knowledge is not required to enjoy the roleplay.

There's options to be active part of the "epic" side of the witcher world, like becoming a witcher or card carrying sorceress, but there's always the more tame option of simply living a medieval life as a blacksmith, farmer or even street runt.

We welcome all interested

𝐄𝐬𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐚 / ᴹᴹᴼᴿᴾ

✧ Thématiques : Fantaisie , Monde ouvert , Aventure , Basé sur un Univers Unique, Niveau RP : Initié

✦ Contexte :

Quatre Nations issues de la lumière luttent sur les terres encore plongées dans les ténèbres. Rublem, nation des plaines et de la mer détient le savoir agricole et la vertu du partage. Haelkru, sa voisine terrée dans les montagnes est la nation minière, dotée du savoir d'innover, elle s'est fait connaitre pour sa puissance militaire. Dans les forêts reculées de l'est, Orbonne est la nation hybride, mi-humain, mi-bête, ces êtres sont les gardiens du cristal et du savoir ancien. Enfin, La nation céleste, Pardésia, plane dans les cieux avec le pouvoir de la magie. Ces peuples ont chacun leur spécificité, offert par la déesse Shiva devenue le cristal pour lutter contre les force des ténèbres guidées, elles, par Balcus. Ce dernier ne cède pas ses territoires où monstres et maléfices grouillent. Il en vient même à corrompre les hommes, s'immisce dans les politiques et enclenche notamment la Grande guerre. Aujourd'hui, la paix règne mais est fragile. De plus en plus la magie gagne le continent. Beaucoup de secrets sont encore tenus par les différents pays, mais le monde est vaste, et la vérité fini toujours par remonter à la surface dans ce continent que l'on nomme 𝐄𝐬𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐚`

Devenez un habitant d'une des nations et partez à la découverte d'un monde chargé de magie et de mystères. Monstres, conflits, trahisons ponctueront une vie plongée dans l'illusion de paix voir d'utopie.

✦ Informations complémentaires : Univers héroic-fantasy expliqué dans sa globalité sur le serveur.
This server is a mix of 4 different timelines of the human story (monks, kings, demons and future) so whatever character you make will make sense in this server so just come on do whatever you want but don't try to be a god or anything demigods are acceptable and no immortality. And of course you can curse just don't overdo it
●──***Naruto RolePlay Tr***──●

*Canayakın İnsanlar, Sıcak bir ortam.*

*438 KANAL! 38
*Kendinizi geliştirip Hashirama gibi Hokage olmanız için bir şans! Sakın kaçırmayın.*

*Yeni İnsanlarla Tanışın ve Naruto dünyasında eğlenin.*

*Hadi ne duru yorsun? Sende katıl bu Maceraya.*

*Aktif ve güzel rp yaparsanız Uchiha veya hyuuga clanına sahip olabilirsiniz.

*Geç kaldıysanız üzülmeyin. çok kısa sürede gelişip diğerlerine yetişebilirsiniz bu sistemle.

*Yapılacak Eventlerden Hediyeler kazanabilirsiniz!

*Market ve içindeki birsürü eşya!

*Gelişmek için bir sürü şans!

*Öğrenebileceğin binlerce teknik!

*Sohbet, Galeri, Video chat ve bir sürü sesli odaları!

*Gelişmeye çok açık bir sistem!

*Yüzlerce oda roleplay yapabileceğiniz ve hepsi göze güzel görünsün diye süslü!!!!!

Hadi sende gelsene!!!!!!
Hey there! If you're looking for a roleplay server that is fun, has a great multi-server community, and has almost no limitations to what you can do then this is the place for you.

What we offer:

>-Wage war, keep peace, develop your economy, expand your empire, while being any canon or custom empire or faction.

>-An active, helpful, (and good looking) staff team that is willing to help you learn about the RP or offer advice!

>-A great friendly community!

>-Partnership opportunities!

>-Future events!

>-And so much more!
💥 Chill serveur !
💥 Serveur roleplay sur n'importe quel thème !
💥 Remplis d'adorable personnes actives 🧸

[ꔊꔊꔊ Pour lire plus ꔊꔊꔊ]
YoungBlood est un serveur de rp tout à fait libre ! Si vous cherchez un serveur rp active et remplis de gens incroyablement gentil, rejoignez le 😌 Vous y trouverez des autos-rôles, un salon pour partager votre art, mais aussi des salons vocaux pour écouter de la musique ou parler avec nos membres, avec des nombreux bots de jeux ! 😋

Rejoignez et vous aurez un cookie 😏🍪
Bienvenue a toi tu es devant un serveur RP DragonBall.

Viens avec nous t'amuser a devenir un Super Saiyan ou bien un démon comme Super Janemba ou encore un homme ou femme de la race de Freezer….

La modération est a vôtre écoute n'hésite donc pas a nous rejoindre peut-être sera tu le prochain Dieu de la Destruction...
Re:START Roleplay ist eine Aufstrebende GTARP Community welche den Alt:V client nutzt zusammen mit Teamspeak und SaltyChat!
Nanba Prison is the first ever server where you can pretend to be any character you want! You pretend that you're the character itself and text others on the server like how that character would do (you can also mix personalities). It doesn't matter if it's from a game or an anime. Chat with other members, roleplay as your favourite character and have fun!

⭐ Most Active in-server ERP-focused community on Discord!
🏩100s of rooms - Suites, Spa, Dungeon, Strip club, Broom Closets (?)
💜 5 Character Slots on join - More based on activity!
🖊️One-liner/semi-lit/Multi-para - All are welcome!
⭐Near-instant approval and ERP - Simple bio template/request template!
💜[MAID]s and [HOST]s of all kinds - Fairies, Catgirls, Monmusu, Demons!
⭐ERP-activity roles/rewards - Top 4 ERPers weekly on welcome banner!

💟💟💟Enjoy your stay at Lewd Maid Hotel!💟💟💟
Venez découvrir le monde d'une maison close et de la vie autour que ce soit pour ces personnages que pour la ville où elle se trouve c'est un RP real life où une pointe de surnaturel romantique peut exister
A vous de créer des personnages haut en couleur et surtout des histoires pleines d'aventures, de sexe, de danger et de romance même si vous n'avez pas froid aux yeux.

Les administrateurs vous assureront le plaisir d’un RP agréable avec de vrais rolistes...ils seront les garants du respect et de l’élégance mais aussi du calme entre les place aux gamineries et disputes futiles de jalousie n’est pas ici ! hâte de vous accueillir dans la demeure de Vicky, LA SWEET HOUSE
𝙐𝙉𝙎𝘾 𝙂𝙧𝙚𝙮 𝙇𝙖𝙙𝙮

Hello and welcome to a server that has been running since the 26th of October, 2019! Since then, we've been from Reach to New Mombasa, but there we drew the line. The server has recently had a complete wipe; inactives purged and characters remade, ready for the server's second, more ambitious iteration. So, here's what we have!

𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚠𝚎 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎:
☠- A fair, lore-influenced set of events, missions and campaigns.
♟- The starter roles as a Marine or Naval Crewman.
♙- The chance to become ODST, a Spartan or even ONI through hard work.
♝- Development through many roles, go from a Rifleman to a Sniper or more!
♗- A constantly evolving environment, reliant on the players.
♜- A custom-lore home vessel which allows us to write our own story!
♖- Chronological development, allowing for eventual S-IVs and SoS!
♛- Awards and Promotions to earn through dedication and forward-thinking.
♕- Responsibility coming from your character's rank.
♚- A section for Verified users, who have proven their age.
♔- An interview process for ODSTs and Spartans, to keep high standards.
♞- A roster to keep track of all of the members.
♘- A dynamic Squad system.

The UNSC Grey Lady is a Reaper-Class Battleship that officially doesn't exist. The soldiers stationed on this mighty vessel are supposedly running security jobs out on some far-stationed colony in the midst of production, according to their families. However, the Grey Lady is purely of ONI interest; a testing ground for the worst weaponry and most high-tech gear known to mankind as of yet. The Grey Lady's true task was to assist ONI Research teams to hunt for artefacts that were rumoured to be long-since buried.

Upon the Grey Lady is a contingent of Marines, ODSTs and Navy Crewmen aplenty. Looming over them constantly are the near-mythical Spartan-II graduates and ONI, giving them something to always look out for in this Battleship.

𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚠𝚎'𝚛𝚎 𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛:
♠- Logically-minded individuals who put effort into their roleplay.
♤- Semi-Lit to Literate Roleplayers.
♣- In-character drama and camaraderie.
♧- Relationships and emotion.
♥- Effort and love placed into characters.
♡- People willing to become Staff, should they want to.
♦- Partnerships and Partnership Managers.
♢- Those daring enough to undergo the Officer Training School.

As of the day of this latest update, the Grey Lady has ventured to a planet named Madrigal, famed for its presence of Misriah Armouries- but infamous for its URF liberators, converting near enough the entire planet against the URF. The troops have deployed to bring peace and order... but something isn't right.

Last Updated 26th September 2020, by Six.
Welcome to the hive we are a nsfw mlp server mods are chill and we dont mind cussing we welcome all and lewd all Plese make yourselves at home!
---___---The Experiment---___---

There was virus that evolved.

Scientists made vaccine but instead of curing it made zombies. They made experiments to make cure but they made it worse. They made stronger zombies. After many fails they cured people but they turned into other creatures. Werewolves, werecats, lizards, etc.

Only thing people cares about is surviving. Anyone can kill you just for can of food

be normal human or any other creature that got created from experiments

Just try to survive in world where its almost impossible

Meet other surviors and team up or just kill them and take loot. Everything is up to you
Come and join us in Nendafria, a medieval fantasy world where magic is very much alive, and races thrive. Come join us and weave wonderful tales, along with friendly staff and a mapped out world. From a powerful noble, to the quickest thief — unwind your story here. We hope you have a grand time with us in the mythical World of Nendafria!

Some things we offer:
- Experienced and friendly staff team
- Great members and roleplayers
- Many roleplay channels to explore in
- Unique lores for each region
- Our own custom map to show the land far and wide
- And so much more!

We hope to see you there!