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In the land of Fiore and in the town of Tunskia, welcomes a new magic guild. The Dragon's Heart guild welcomes all new wizards of any and all skill levels. As we grow together as a guild I hope we can grow as a family as well and be one with each other. As a guild we will become strong as individuals as well as a guild. Teams will develop within as you grow close to each other going on harder more dangerous missions and jobs. But we will always make sure to have time to have fun as well. Welcome to your new home. (Fairy tail roleplay group chat)
A land far off on Earth.. where life itself could not find it, hides a Utopia. They call this land "Midtron". It's a small world of it's own on Earth, far more advanced than our average human lives. According to legends and fairytales, it is said a God created that world made of nothing but metal. Dark clouds always surround the skies above, completely blocking the sun from Midtron lives. Along side that, they know nothing outside of their walls. Not even what a flower, or any sort of plantation truely was. They also hold many races humans have not seen; such as Superhumans and Mechos. Superhumans are classified as humans, but born with greater strengths and special abilities. Each Superhuman is gifted with enhanced strength, and speed, along with regeneration that can heal most wounds that aren't fatal. Even regrow limbs! As for Mechos, they are a species that is fully robotic. The "father" of these machines is a man that goes by the name of Kyril Danielopoulos. These Mechos have co-existed with the people of Midtron for as long as they've been built by the Danielopoulos family. They act and are treated just like humans. Although, some hold grudges...

And like any other land, it holds a military. O'Slathia, they call it! The word originates from a forgotten language, which means "Blood". The military makes sure all laws are being respected! They also have four squads named after the suits of playing cards; Hearts, Spades, Clubs, and Diamonds. Each squad suited with Superhumans that are fully trained to take on any threat! And, if lucky enough, even a Mechos may be able to join one of these squads (Besides Clubs, unforunately.) These squads whom protect Midtron from mysterious beasts that try to reign terror. Though, we may never know if there are things that lie beyond the mask that is laid upon it all.

So, what will you do? Live your life as a civilian, live in a peaceful family, or join O'Slathia? Will you hope to join a squad, or find flaws in the system? Will you slowly unlock the secrets of this so called Utopia, or be stopped by God himself? Only time will tell!

● We remain friendly as possible to anyone who joins! We hope you give this place a shot!
● This place is NOT 18+. So please.. refrain from that nasty stuff. (Although, certain amounts of gore are allowed.)
● Very active owner that is willing to help!
● Pretty simple rules to follow! (I hope.)
● Simi-literate to Literate roleplaying recommended! It'd be fantastic if there's little to no one-lining in this server.
● This place is all original, which means you get to use OCs! (Original characters). And of course, read the rules for access to certain things for those OCs.
● We got plenty of bots that you could use for entertainment out of roleplay!
● We do not accept partnerships, so please don't bother asking. They're confusing, and just not our cup of tea.
● Currently have open spots in the O'Slathia military squads! Perhaps test your luck to see if you can get in!

We don't got many people at the moment, but I hope you try this place out! And if you do, enjoy your stay! I know many people leave from inactivity, but the place surely will be more lively if given a chance. ^^'
A roleplaying server that has a whole assortment of unique features! Including none other than 3 factions, along with rank-based acitvity.
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Yugure High, located in Kyoto Japan, is among the top schools in the country. This roleplay follows the lives of Yugure High’s latest first-year students. You can choose to be enrolled in the hero, support, or even general studies course! Start your story today!
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☁️┇Upstart semi-literate/literate MHA Universe Roleplay server!

☁️┇Tupperbox to enhance the quality of roleplays!

☁️┇Audition system to ensure that everyone does their best!

☁️┇Ooc-messaging channels to chill outside of roleplay (SFW/NSFW)

☁️┇Various location channels & roleplay events for you to participate in!

☁️┇Simple moderation and flexible staff to make your experience one of the best!
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
Study courses at Yugure High consist of hands-on training and combat, as well as in-seat learning. Roleplayers will have multiple opportunities to engage in plot-based roleplay scenarios while improving their own original characters in this MHA universe roleplay! We are always looking for new members, so please give Yugure High your best shot!
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Level 1 boosted Gravity Falls Roleplay server!

Canon, OC, it's up to you. We're a very open community with active mods. There's always someone to roleplay with!

Plenty of roleplay rooms, and you don't have to worry about length per post. As long as you put effort into what you write, it doesn't matter whether you write a couple of sentences or huge paragraphs. Everyone is welcome.

New OCs are always welcome, and if you want any of the canon characters, no worries, they're all open! We have a system that allows ANYONE to play ANY CANON CHARACTER! So you don't have to worry about your favourite being taken, isn't that great?
Hello, welcome to the server description. Come join us to see what is happening in NieR: Our Story, a completely OC story and locations that are unique to this server. Please know NieR Automata before joining this server.
What we offer in the server is:
-Easy to follow template
-Numerous rp chats
-Some cool bots
-And more
It would be awesome if you thought about joining our small server, so we can become a booming rp server. I will see you in the roleplay, goodbye.

And remember: Glory to Mankind.
Welcome to hopes peak academy where you can find your perfect soulmate, you can have oc that related to the canon Characters or just make them up your own, we are a lgbt friendly sever & we're just happy to be here.
»»——Danganronpa OC Killing game——-««

*•.¸♡ Welcome to hopes peak academy ♡¸.•*

» Oc only

» Literate/Semi-literate/One liners are all welcome

» Infinite, after killing your oc you can bring in a new one

» please be respectful of others and check the rules channel

» You can have up to 2-3 characters

» trials will be held over vc and in a texting rp channel so no worries if you cant join vc!
This server is just a place to have fun with RP. We’re all chill here so don’t worry.

Basically you all have been invited to a “dinner party” at the Ravana manor, seems cool. Right? Well.. turns out you’ve been invited into some sick twisted killing game. Yet your characters don’t know that. Wanna escape? Well that should be easy. All you have to do is kill someone! You will be given a certain motive in order to push you to kill another person, after the body gets discovered a trial shall be held. If you get found out, ya get executed! But if you manage to pull a sneaky and fool everyone, they all get to die except you! How fun is that?

Well anyways, until next time. Cya later!
From - Your server owner, Eckles.
Hi! I am the owner, Terri, here is a quick summary of the lore so you know the atmosphere of the universe we'll Roleplay in:

***Small Summary***
This Roleplay will take place in an alternate universe in the year of 2147 with a post-war Japan. The hero population was on a low after the war, yet the amount of heroes has been healing. Due to the war, U.A. had to be relocated from Tokyo to an artificial island similar to I-Island off the coast of Western Japan. It accommodates all the needs for teaching the next generation of heroes. This has come at a great time with rumours circulating through Japan about a powerful mystery villain.

Other than offering a new and interesting role-play universe, we offer:
-An Active Staff
-An Accepting, LGBTQ+ Friendly Community
-Original Characters
-A large amount of RP channels to interact with the other members.

So stop on by if you'd like to join us and RP!

► Camp Campbell! ◄

This server is based off of the Camp Camp show so if you didn't watch it go watch it.

Welcome to Camp Campbell! The most fun camp experience you'll ever have! We offer a wide variety of camps, for a small price of $59.99 per kid! You can't really sue me, should've read the fine print but that's beside the point. Anyways! We have minimum wage exceptional councilors and a wide variety of campers from all different ethical backgrounds. We also offer home cooked meals by our beloved quartermaster. So sign your child up for Camp Campbell and they will have the time of their lives and you'll be able to relax, go on vacation and leave your brats here we'll take care of them.

Camp Campbell isn't responsible for any disappearances or deaths that happen on camp grounds.

Campe Diem! A message endorsed by Cameron Campbell, our totally not hiding from the government founder!

"Am I legally obligated to tell them about the money laundering? What-? The mic still on? Oh.. MOTHERFU-"


► We're a new server that is just starting out so bare with us.

► Events!

► Nice Staff!

► Game Nights!

► Everyone is a cool kid here! (I apologize for the cringe.)

► Don't join if you're easily offended. (We tell jokes, spooky.)

► Semi Lit/ Literate. Though one lining is tolerated to an extent.

Welcome to the Old Republic RP Server
The year is around 3640 BBY.

There is a great war on this server to decide the fate of the galaxy. The valiant Republic and their Jedi Companions fight ferociously against the tyrants of the Sith Empire.

In another section of the galaxy, Outlanders run wild and free. Bounty hunters, smugglers, criminals all are in a lawless world of their own. Competing for the precious credit. Every job can be taken from right under your nose if you are not careful.

Quick Info
- There are many factions to choose from. You can even create your own!

- We only allow **Original Characters** to be made. No Legends or canon characters allowed.

- There is a handful of RP sections. Main War, Outlander, Side Mission and home worlds!

- There is a ranking system amongst the factions

- There is a dice combat system to decide fights. Limits God Modding

- There is a money system. You can buy gadgets, equipment, armour, weapons and much more!

- We have multiple planets to Roleplay on. Constant updates, requests are appreciated.

- There are multiple Seasons of the battlefront, currently on Season 4.

- Very social and welcoming members.

- We are multinational

- Great place to chill and have fun!

Join now and find your place in the Star Wars Universe!
Made on 11/18/2020
Hi the is a new undertale based server! we hope you join us!
There aren't any people here aside from 3 people but i hope more will join and make this a big server!
Hello! This is still a server in progress but im trying my best to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible! You are welcome to join if you like but you don't have to!
"… Heeeeeyyy… Hiya. Just a random question, but you know what a majority vote is?"

You wake up at an unknown place along with 11 other people who seem to be in the same situation. Some seem trustworthy and willing to help, while others... not so much. Once you all introduce yourselves and find out more about this place, you find out about the death game that is soon to come. At least two out of your group will end up with their life taken. Will they have the chance to fulfill their wishes in their last moments, or will they despairingly take their last breath of regret?

Your Turn To Die: Dying Wishes (name subject to change) is an OC death game by majority vote. Applications are open!

We're quite new, so please do consider checking out the server!
Feel a little lonely cause you have no homies who like Worldbuilding? Well if you do then look no further, cause I got the answer! The Overpass (TOP) is a server for serious worldbuilding with a light heart, and we're here for you! 😳

[🟢] A WHOLE Category dedicated to OCs (Wow!)

[🟡] A Casual Roleplay Channel!

[🟢] Worldbuilding & General Activities!

[🟡] TOP Lore?! 🤔

[🟢] A Guide for Worldbuilding!

[🟡] Channels for Resources & Critique!
Don't hesitate now and come join us today!
BNHA: Timbercreek Roleplay Server
𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
You've been sent an email by Timbercreek Headmasters! It's an camping experience for anyone around the world to take a gander at the beauitful landscape of Wyoming! Although not everything settles right with you! There's something also off or something plainly wrong...but you choose not to think much of it for now.

//Disclaimer: This a horror server and there be lot's of blood and description of gore. If that's alright with you feel free to join! We care a lot about triggers here so keep that in mind!

𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐰𝐞 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫
☆Plently RP channels to roleplay in with suggestion box for more to request!
☆An OC Roster!
☆LGBTQ+ Friendly
☆Fun Bots
☆Automatic Roles
☆Friendly Staff: Will try their best to help you
☆Staff spots available
☆Willing for suggestions on improvement!
☆Plently canons open to RP
☆Inventory Check and Stats and Health Updates
Please so enjoy camp!
Hello possible future friends and members, welcome to Area-22!
This server is a fairly new and small SCP Roleplay Server, we offer quite a few things, some of the things we offer are:
1-Special Roles for being active, flex on your friends and show off how active you are!
2-Many, many, many Roleplay Roles such as departments and ranks!
3-A custom department and a Fanmade GOI! Rapid Response Team & Canadian Security Intelligence Service (Pretty much the Canadian UIU)
4-A fair amount of RP Channels, not enough? Go ahead and suggest some!
5-TupperBot, and bitchy, ugly, stupid MEE6!
This server is currently a WIP, this is special early access and won’t be as good as others servers.
(Currently lookin’ for some groovy admins.)
"Darkness looms over the horizon as you see the sun setting into the blanket of darkness that is the night sky. You hear a voice calling at you to follow them and you listen."

Welcome fellow Roleplayers! I'd like to invite you to the new Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba server! Before you go away from the ad and just say "Oh it's a new server, it won't be active or anything at all." Please just stay and continuing reading. I would hope you would join to look through and experience the community before you just write us off as inactive. Now then, hopefully, I've grabbed you're attention. So sit back and get ready to read because I'd like to share a piece of the lore with you.

"Long ago, in the Asuka Period, a female by the name of Nocturna Grimrose was born (560) and 20 years later in the year, 580 had become the first inhuman thing to walk the earth. She wasn’t born like this, but she was transformed into this inhuman beast and became known to society as a “Demon”. Nocturna 50 years (630) after becoming a Demon began to turn others into these monstrous beasts, and killed a decent part of Japan’s current population at the time. In the final 20 years of the Kamakura Period, humans finally found a way to fight back against demons, coming up with weapons called Nichirin Blades, and other various weapons. The greatest warrior of all time discovered and taught many others a special way of fighting to help them in their battle. Near the beginning of the Muromachi Period, humans, who came under the name of “Demon Slayers” and were inches away from killing Nocturna, however, she escaped. The name of the warrior who came within inches of killing her was named Youriichi Tsugikuni. The man struck fear into Nocturna, more than any man ever could. She even deemed him more of a monster than she could ever be. The battle was a major victory for the Demon Slayers. After the Muromachi Period, Nocturna vanished for many years, leaving the demons to fend for themselves. However, At the beginning of the Edo Period, the Queen of the Demons had returned and stronger than before. When she returned the year was 1740. Now, nearing the end of the Edo Period in the year 1825, the Demons and Demon Slayers have yet to fight once more, but that can change. You have the power to change fate. So what will it be? Will you join the ranks of the Seven Heavenly Virtues and Seven Deadly Sins, and help them in their goal to crush mankind? Or will you join the ranks of the Slayers, and help them exterminate the Demons for good? I must say, I can’t wait to see your answer to this beckoning call."

In this server, we have our own custom lore and our own Demon Lord, which means Muzan is not a thing and he has been replaced with Nocturna. Another thing I must add is that the Twelve Kizuki system has also been changed into the Seven Heavenly Virtues and Seven Deadly Sins.

What do we have to offer?

➥ Custom lore and new Kizuki system!
➥ Custom Demon Lord and Corps Master!
➥ Two different templates for creation!
➥ A friendly and mature community, dealing with mature topics such as blood, violence, and death.
➥ Kind and casual staff to guide you through the introductory process.
➥ Bots to make your stay more pleasant and to enhance your roleplay experience (Tupperbox).
➥ No tolerance for any kind of disrespect regardless of age, race, or sexuality.
➥ Self-assignable roles.
➥ A wide range of literacy. (one line - Novella, all of them accepted.)
➥ Looking for Staff!

Despite being new I hope you join!
Hello and Welcome to my server! This is where I literally go insane and talk about my OCs and their universes! Right now I'm hoping to find friends that'll like to join in on my Sins universe! Most sin spots are open and all you have to do is settle in and request a oc spot for the Sins!!

This server offers:

- A Friendly staff team!
-Custom drawn Emotes of everyone's ocs! Just request for one to be made!
-Multiple Bots to keep the server active!
-Channels Dedicated to Anime/Manga discussion!
-Channels for venting and homework help!
-Fun Rp channels!

..and much more!

So come on over so we can discuss about our ocs together! 😖
─ haikyuu ;; sandbox roleplay

a non toxic, chill, and cute roleplay server for you
to make new friends and hangout

🌸 : active chat and members
🏹 : sfw, non toxic and aesthetic layout
🌱 : cute channels + self assignable roles
🦋 : weekly events and games
🌿 : oc & canon roleplay
🌷 : oc & canon ships

always looking for active pms and staff
• [ My Hero; A New Dawn. ] •


It had been 20 years after the downfall of The famous heros, Deku, King Explosion Murder, Shoto, Red Riot and Uravity. The Villains have taken over and run their beloved city into the ground. There is no law or order anymore, there are no rules. UA was destroyed and the Heros had nowhere to go. The Pro-Heros that survived formed an alliance called the Hero League and they are taking in recruits of all age. The civilians are now known as neutrals, the villain's ranks are growing and the heros are slowly diminishing.. Nowhere is safe..
What path will you choose to walk? Join the Villain's or Heros? Maybe your just a Civilian? Will you help save the World or destroy it? Choose your path!

What we offer:

--> Interesting Roleplay/Lore

--> High Ranking Roles

--> Moderator Applications

--> Safe LGBTQ+ space

--> Spectator Option

--> Interesting Arcs!

--> Friendly Staff

Come and join us! You may just be the one who saves us all...
☆☆☆Welcome to Dalehmar Isles RP☆☆☆

☆Who We Are☆

We are an authentic medieval fantasy text roleplay server with a D&D inspired stat modifier system to aid in combat during quests or with other players.

You can be either be a lone adventure looking to make gold through monster bounties or a lord who strengthens their war band to become a great military leader! You can do all this within the Isles!

What the server can offer you:

☆ Professional staff members within the group

☆ Activities such as quests narrated by Game Masters

☆ Friendly environment to talk about anything

☆ Unique roleplay experience with unique races

What's expected from members:

☆ Follow the rules within the server

☆ No NSFW within public roleplay

☆ Any issues should be reported to the Admins or Owner through DMs

☆ Be respectful to everyone

Note: You will not have access to all the channels until you make a character!
Welcome to our server, in this server you can take on the role of a canon character or an oc! Below you will see what we offer:

-Unscripted OC and canon characters interaction within a customized story deviating from canon.
-Custom roleplays and plots with one main story that involves both canon and oc’s in an unscripted manner.
-Rules that regulate the server in a way balances can be as on par pros and cons wise as possible lessening power gaps.
-Locations based from the show and book.
-The periodic introduction of elements that are outside the box for the story design while maintaining the structure of RWBY to a degree.

Why would you not want to join? There’s available canon characters you can play and we also offer a dynamic roleplay experience that allows even canon characters and OC’s alike to develop and grow beyond the boundaries of RWBY’s canon which allows both OC’s and Canons to develop in an interesting way regardless of how events ocurred in the original RWBY Canon, going as far as allowing changes to canon characters that usually wouldn’t happen in rigid structure of RWBY’s plot as long as it does not deviate too much from the character’s core. Should you want a consistent Roleplay experience, we also have a main RP timeline if you don’t want to deal with the complications of rping different points in time of RWBY’s lore.