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**Hi hi! **
*You look like you've been traveling for a while. Come rest up at our server, Pandaria! Our server was designed to give Discord users a place to take a break from the world. We're a kind bunch that offer friendship, loyalty, conversation, and relaxation! We're constantly looking for new members!*


**♡ What We Offer: ♡**
🐼 Friendly Staff!
🎍 Safe Environment!
🐼 Cute Emojis!
🎍 Supportive Members!
🐼 Game Nights!

**♡ Things That May Interest You: ♡**
🎍 Server boosted!!!
🐼 Soft Pastel Panda Theme!
🎍 Partnerships!
🐼 Advertisement!
🎍 Affiliations!
🐼 Hobby Channels!
🎍 100% SFW!


**♡ Looking For: ♡**
🐼 Partnership Managers- We are in desperate need of partnership managers!
🎍 Staff- We really need more staff!
🐼 Nitro Boosters (Will receive perks)
🎍 ACTIVE Members


*We hope you'll join us!*

heya! this is a safe space for lgbtq+ TEEN hoomanz (ages 13-19) and i will protecc u guys, if someone hurts u i will feed them to sharks >:))))
Calling all Gay Lads! This is a new, friendly SFW and NSFW LGBTQ+ server. We are looking for members to help us grow! This server is for those ages 14-19 strictly. If you would like to join a cool server where you can chat to many different types of people, we would love to have you!

We offer:

- Fun active chats with lots of great convos to be a part of.

- Voice chats.

- Channels for selfies, memes, pets and more!

- Bot games such as Pokemon and RPG adventure.

- Active and friendly staff!

Come and help the server grow!
✰ Tamale ✰
Owner: Mo!#1311

♡ Welcome! ♡
➪ Tamale is a community where anyone can enjoy themselves and make friends. We give our members a lot of freedom and put them as top priority. Our goal is to provide you with a server that you’ll love.

✰ We offer ✰
✔A pleasant community where you can socialize freely and meet others.
♡ Friendly chill staff and members.
✔ Entertaining bots such as:
mudae, dank memer, yggdrasil, etc.
♡ A venting channel.
✔ An art channel.
♡ A memes and shitposting channel.
✔ A nsfw channel (no amateur content is to be sent or received).
♡ Partnerships.
✔ Reaction roles.
Oops! All Genders is an LGBT/GRSM server, though we welcome anybody 20+ years of age. We're a very lowkey and relaxed group. We like discussing mobage/gacha, anime, Monster Hunter, and Hololive. We have a channel where you can only say the word "cool." Once a month we vote on a server mascot who gets their own emoji set. We are very friendly and non-toxic!!
Hi! Welcome to femboy hooters™!
The home of all femboys! 🤤 (everyone else is welcome too!)

We are a 13+ server with over 100 members!

Let us give you a few reasons why you should join:
•lots of memes and cursed images😂
•lots of femboys 😍
•active owner and moderators 👮‍♂️
•nitro giveaways (coming soon) 🥳
•an active community 🧑‍🤝‍🧑👭👫👬
•LGBTQI+ friendly 💙
•no unnecessary pings 💯
•lots of bots to play with 🤖

So why don't you visit femboy hooters™? We promise you'll enjoy your stay! 😏
A newly started community Discord server with LGBTQ+ roles, levels and a bunch of fun stuff!
Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, sexuality or hobbies!
Welcome to Le Loft! A community server dedicated towards Discord users ages 13-25. Our many friendly members and dependable staff are only some of the perks that come with joining this community! Some of our other perks include:

-Verification channel to block out spam bots and trolls. 😎
-Channels dedicated towards your interests. 😁
-Several different bots such as Dank Memer, Pokecord, Unbelievaboat, and more. 🤖
-Member feedback channels so we can constantly improve the server. ❤
-About 100 member roles (mostly self assignable)👏
-We are an active server with an endless supply of fun and constantly active members and chats.🙌

We look forward to meeting you and are excited to watch the server’s further development. It wouldn’t be where it is now without our members and we thank you! Feel free to join us on our magnificent journey! 💛
⇥ welcome to sapphic hours! a chill server for wlw & nblw pals to chat and make new gay pals!
(15-21 yr olds are welcome! please do not join if you are NOT wlw, nblw or older than 21)

*this is NOT a dating server!*

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚。・:*:・゚★,。about the server。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚。・:*:・゚★,

★ channels for different hobbies such as photography, music, memes, creative arts, gaming and more! feel free to share ur interests!
☆ a LOT of self assignable roles, color roles, personality type roles, and so on
★ channels for venting/ mental health, support and positivity for anyone in need, we gotchu bb <3
☆ fun bots!
★ a feedback channel! we will listen to your opinions :)
☆ a rapidly growing community filled with lovely people!
★ a verification system to ensure that the server is safe from bots, terfs, and unwanted people
☆ currently OPEN TO PARTNER with servers that are lgbt friendly! pls dm the owner for more info :)
★ role pings for certain things like gaming, qotd, movie nights, and so on
☆ a minecraft server for members to play together!


♡ join our lovely community and make friends that will last, we'd be happy to have you! ♡
les serveurs furry sont compliquer a trouver de nos jour et jamais actif donc pourquoi pas venir ici ? le serveur fait pour les furry ( ou non furry ) le serveur est nouveau ( ont recherche des personnes pour les intéresser ^^ )
Hellbent Art Tips Discord Server is the official Discord of @hellbent.arttips on Instagram, an account dedicated to sharing tips and drawing references for artists to use.

✦ Tons of channels to share your artwork and receive critique!
✦ A supportive, fun-loving community.
✦ Channels dedicated to special interests including LGBT, anime, video games, and more!
✦ Friendly, active staff.

Come on over and hang out with us, artists and art lovers alike!
╔═════ °• ☁ •° ═════╗

welcome to the LGBTQ+ Safe Zone! we are a server dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community.

{☁} our goals!
~> to be everybody's safe place; whether it'd be a place to talk in or a place to be accepted, we strive to make you feel welcome and safe in our server.
~> to help those in a tough place; we all have our rough days. if you desperately need somebody to talk to about your feelings, we hope to assist you to the best of our abilities.

{☁} what we provide!
☆ friendly, laid back staff!
☆ a supportive community!
☆ multiple fun bots to mess around with!
☆ a variety of roles to accustom to your identifications, color choices, etc!
☆ kpop and anime channels to talk about your favorite idols/groups and animes/characters!
☆ simple rules that are easy to abide by!

no matter your needs and wants, we hope you have a wonderful time here. if you have any questions, please dm:

syd ♛#0008

thank you so much. we hope you enjoy your stay! 🌈

╚═════ °• ☁ •° ═════╝
✧wlw and nblw server! (trans girls are of course welcome incase anyone’s confused)✧

✧ages 17 to 29✧

✧self assignable roles✧

✧plenty of bots and always open to suggestions✧

✧bulling, racism and discrimination is not tolerated, this is a safe place✧

✧earnable roles ✧

🏳️‍🌈join and meet all the wonderful, welcoming members🏳️‍🌈

we play animal crossing and minecraft really often so join!!

Welcome and beinvenue, come take a stroll down the Afro Arts Avenue ~✨❤️

This is currently the only server for Black/PoC artists wanting to escape to a space just meant for us to connect and grow our community online! Here at AAA, we promote nothing but open-mindedness, creative input and output from all levels of artistry, and friendly monthly challenges to flex that artsy brain of yours (Once we hit 100 members tho 💀💀). We also include photographers, writers, singers, dancers, cooks, etc. Art has many forms and we don’t discriminate for just the pencil and papee.
hello and welcome to LITERAL LEGENDS!

we are a small server that focuses on art! this is a server where you can share your drawings, commission sheets, & etc. or just chill and talk to us!

please don't join if you are not an artist (photographers & editors not included)! 13+ only.

lgbt, kin, system friendly. server has a verification system.

server includes:
- reaction roles
- a variety of art help, voice, & fandom channels
- a supportive community
- & more!

we hope to see you here!
are you part of the lgbt+ community? do you love neopets? do you spend most of your time on an almost 20 year-old pet site watching pirates battle it out over who can eat the most food and spend copious amounts of virtual currency betting on them? this is the server for you!
Degenerates is a house of debauchery led by the mad. Truly, if there were an apocalyptic, Mad Max community of debased creatures that give in to their every carnal desire and fantasy, it would be found in this server. Bound together by memes and tits, the members appreciate free discourse and civil discussion alongside total filth and tasteless humor relating to subjects that should probably be whispered about, and never mentioned in public. LGBT Friendly, drug friendly, kink friendly, and the best emojis you've ever seen. We get high and split thighs.
Nitro Boost level 3, Hundreds of emotes, 18+ only no minors.
[18+] Koopa's Army is a friendly and active trap/femboy/trans server! We have a cool level up system, tons of emojis, and various other discussions relating to:

>Video Games

Most of our members are LGBT but anyone is welcome so long as they are friendly!
♥️ -------♥️
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥️♥️ WELCOME TO QURAN-TEENS!!! ♥️♥️

This is a friendly community-focused server with wholesome vibes.
This server is meant for **13-17 year olds.** We are focused on
making a kind, accepting community for all of our members.
Some things that we offer include:

✮⋆ A friendly community
✮⋆ A growing community that's great for making new friends
✮⋆ Channels dedicated to lots of interests, including art, memes,
music, and more!
✮⋆ An amazing Moderation team
✮⋆ Lots of fun bots

What are you waiting for? Stop by Quran Teens! We'd be glad to have you <3
Are you looking for a more sophisticated RP Server? Then we have what you need. Welcome all to Tim and Kat's RP Royal. Here, you can find yourself the perfect RP Partner.
**we are sneet snart!**
★ we're a trans based teen server!
★ we opened on the 19th of june 2019!
★ we will accept you no matter what!
★ we have loads of fun roles!
★ we have channels for almost everything!
★ we are open to suggestions on anything and everything!
★ we do not allow people who want to "study" other trans people, people who dont support non-binary or people who strictly believe you need dysphoria to be trans!
★ we aim to be pretty chill, and if you ever have a problem with anything let one of our amazing staff members know and we'll make sure to make your experience here amazing!
★ come and join us!
Hi there! I’m peach! I help run a small LGBT+ and ally friendly server. Welcome to the village, this is a safe place for everyone in the LGBT+ community, including allies. As they say, it takes a village, and they are right. Everyone in the village is here to have fun, make friends, and maybe learn a little. We hope to see you move into the village!
- we are 16+
- we have a book club with weekly short story prompts
- we have chats for a bunch of sexuality's so we can support one another and teach allies
- we have an animal crossing chat with trading!
- we also have a minecraft chat!!
- we have a fitness and health section for all your fitness and health questions! We host a yoga class every tuesday at 12 cst
- we have an lgbt media section, as well as a studies section for lgbt information!!
- we are a furry friendly server!
- we have a few 18+ channels for those who wanna be more adult!