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At Pizza's Oven, we are all about the vibe and meeting new friends. Join us and talk about random stuff: gaming, memes, daily stuff whatever.
Join now or be the pizza we'll be eating.
Were still a very very very veryyyy small with like 3 members but if you help us grow we promise we will be the best server ever
A server for people to chill and sacrifice children to the overlord :)
Get in our van, we have :
- text chats and voice chats
- candy
- a roast arena where u get to try out ur sick insults :)
- weebs and koreebs
- cursed images and memes >:)
- we're relatively new so there will definitely b more fun stuff coming!!
Hello there!
This is celestia’s home with lots of butlers! Jk jk this is a fun and kind server were we just chill and have fun! Feel free to join and make new friends in the danganronpa fandom, hope to see you soon~ 🎰♟
We are a anime,manga and gaming server! You can also join and make new friends, and also feel welcomed!
Cracking jokes with the boys

All are welcomed
: ⌗┊welcome to euphoria.

what can we offer?
☆┊fun bots to use.
✦ ┊simple layout.
☆┊self-assignable roles.
✦ ┊sfw + friendly + chill community.
☆┊simple aesthetic.
✦ ┊support channels.
☆┊laid back & crazy staff.

+ our server is currently relatively small and we're hoping to grow it into a big and comfortable community.

+ servers link |


◻︎ come meet new people!
✰︎ invite your friends to come along on our journey.
◻︎ this is not solely a dating server, however, dating is allowed!
✰ join us, you won't regret it and we hope to see you soon!

Welcome to Camp socialize

✧・゚: ✧・゚:  ♡  :・゚✧:・゚✧

We pride ourselves on these key things
୨୧ Highly active members
୨୧ Constantly full emoji slots
୨୧ Partnerships
୨୧ Roles
୨୧ Amazing Staff
୨୧ Events/games and giveaways
୨୧ Various channels
୨୧ Games
୨୧ Active voice chats

✧・゚: ✧・゚:  ♡  :・゚✧:・゚✧

➳♡ This server is meant to be a welcoming, positive, and friendship-oriented
space where everyone can fit in, even the outcasts. Our goal is to make a
fun enjoyable server and help you create meaningful friendships with
people with similar interests! You can be yourself here, without fear of
judgement or toxicity. We pride ourselves on being a space that promotes
genuine friendships and truly wholesome vibes. So sit back, relax and chill
out with us!
Zuke Squad is home to 2 100K+ YouTubers Symple and Bxrry. This server is full of chill and friendly people so don't be shy. Come join us and have a great time!
A new roleplaying server, Star Cafe aims to have a nice, calm environment where everyone is accepted and comfortable. While this server has mostly ERP channels, we accept all roleplayers that are comfortable with that environment, and welcome them to come and add to the story. Come on in and have some fun! Please be sure to note that this server is 18+ only, as it is largely sexual in nature.
Welcome to the official Threat discord server. We are purely a hangout based server and there's always many different things happening within our main chat that'll have to do with much toxicity and arguments but you will eventually get used to everything going on and all the people who are active on the chats and voice calls on a regular basis. We have a simple set of rules but as we are a very low moderated server much isn't looked into, so have fun!
Just some lonely folks looking to find some new friends ^_^ We're at over 200 members now but hopefully some new members will join! We do have a fairly active chat- however not a lot of members are in voice chat channels. This is NOT a dating server, but if you find someone special, then congrats! You will not be asked to keep pda out- just nothing excessive. also.. this is sfw server keep that kind of content out of here thanks! We also are looking to partner with servers! The rules with that will be discussed with any potential partners!
Hey! We are just a discord server that is looking to help people make new friends or closer relationships we are pretty cool so like why not join
Welcome to Blue Oasis!

A community where the LGBTQ+ community and Furry fandom can talk in a safe environment. We accept everyone here at Blue Oasis, you don't have to be a Furry or LGBTQ+.

We have a bunch of fun bots and are always willing to add more if suggested. The staff are helpful, professional, and there's always at least one of us on at a time. So come join our family at Blue Oasis, we welcome you with open arms.

We have:
-General Channels
-voice Channels
-Images and Video Channels
-Meme Channel
-Age specific Channels
-Furry Channels
-Gaming Channels
-D&D Channels
-NSFW Channels
-Hi there! This is a place where you can make new friends and chat with people. We are still small and pretty new but big servers can be scary sometimes. You're welcome to come, we welcome you with open arms!-

Why join? Well we have,

•| 𝚜𝚎𝚕𝚏 𝚛𝚘𝚕𝚎𝚜

•| 𝚊 𝚟𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚝𝚢 𝚘𝚏 𝚋𝚘𝚝𝚜

•| 𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚕𝚢 𝚙𝚎𝚘𝚙𝚕𝚎

•| 𝚌𝚘𝚘𝚕 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚏𝚞𝚗 𝚎𝚖𝚘𝚝𝚎𝚜

•| 𝙻𝙶𝙱𝚃𝚀+ 𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚕𝚢

•| 𝚊𝚕𝚜𝚘 𝚂𝙵𝚆

And much more! Why don't you come and join us? Hope we see you there!
Welcome to Hawkai's Hideout!
We are safe place for all people to mess around and have fun! :3

We offer:

- Self Roles!
- Memes!
- Movies!
- Voice Chats!
- LGBTQ+ Friendly!
- Music!
- Streams!
- Art!
- Advertising!
- Active Chat!
- 10 Bots! (Nadeko, Sheri Blossom, Dyno, Groovy and Typical Bot are the mains)
- 27 Normal Channels!
- 13 NSFW Channels!
- 7 Voice Channels!
- 34 Current self roles!

Don't be shy Come on in and have some fun! :D
>>>>>>>>> Attention 15 ans et plus seulement ! <<<<<<<<<

Tu cherches un endroit tranquille où te poser et discuter sans prises de têtes?
Ce serveur est fait pour toi!

Ce dernier se divise en trois parties:

la partie général => accessible à tous à votre arrivé

la partie gaming => pour les gens desirant se divertir sur des jeux multijoueurs et où nous y faisons régulièrement des événements vocaux sur le jeu plato (une application mobile offrant plusieurs jeux de table du genre Monopoly et Uno)

la partie adultes => plusieurs salons de partages pornographiques sont mit à votre disposition, ainsi qu'une section nudes (disponible uniquement pour les membres vérifiés) !

Ps: le serveur est régulièrement nettoyé des membres ne participant pas à l'activité du serveur!
PS4 Nuggets is a server with 200+ members (majority ps players)! Although we are focused around the playstation users, anyone is welcome to chat.

What this server offers…

- Active and Friendly Members
- Members from all over the world
- Gamers from ps platform
- Multiple Chat/Voice Rooms
- Occasional Movie Nights
- Interactive Bots
- Very Friendly Staff
- Booster perks
- Promos

… and more!

join us to become a nugget <3
🎋.•´¨kioa's cafe¨•.🎋

~ こんにちは ! Vous cherchez un p'tit serveur sympa ? Tu es au bonne endroit voici kioa's cafe !

🎋.•´¨ P'tit résumé ¨`•.🎋

🇯🇵▪~ Serveur sur une thème japonais / animé / manga !
🍲▪~ Des roles pour te crée ton propres statuts !
🍣▪~ Beaucoup d'emojis ! ~ ( beaucoup trop mdr )
🍥▪~ Des giveaways réguliers !
🥡▪~ Une communauté sympathique :3

🥠▪~ Et encore beaucoup de choses vous attendes ! :3

🎋.•´¨ MOT DE LA FIN ¨`•.🎋

Merci d'avoir lu ! ❤ ~ Nous espérons que tu va rejoindres notre serveur ❤

انسى هموم الدنيا وتعال صيف مع أول تنوع للقنوات في سيرفر عربي جديد. نعم يا صديقي كل ماتشتهيه الأنفس هيهي
Hey you! Yeah, you! Welcome to Mystery Island! We're a small server and we're hoping to grow as a community. Although it can be pretty dead at times this is a place to go chat, chill, hang-out, and make new friends. Start a topic and talk about whatever is on your mind!
🍵The Tea Lounge 🍵

The Tea Lounge is a place where everyone is welcome (even non tea drinkers) to just chill and chat! We have:

🍵Many bot games!
🍵Giveaways for things like in-game currency, custom roles, etc!
🍵Lots of roles you can self assign and earn!
🍵Events! (we don't have many right now, but more will come soon!)