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!𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 ꧁🍁:🌲 𝕄𝕪𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕔𝕒𝕝 𝔽𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕤𝕥 🌲:🍁 ꧂!
We're a newer Server created and managed by three best friends.
It's our very first server and we hope we can see it grow! Everyone is welcome, so join us on our journey and become a part of this fairly small but kind and a bit weird server.
We offer:
•Level 1 boost
•A pretty mystical Forest Concept!
•Unique Channels such as „Bonfire“ or „Forest Hut“
•Fun Bots like "Would you rather"; "Truth or dare"; “Cafe Bot" etc.
•An active Chat!
•Variety of Self roles!
•LGBTQ+ friendly community. BLM!!
•Loving community with friendly and active owners!
•gaming channe
•fun Clans to chose for fun games and competitions
•Active Movie Nights and we are working on hosting weekly Anime Nights
•We recently made a Anch Giveaway Channel, where we'll host Giveaways of in game Items like Nmts, Diys and much more!

Um servidor que não tem um foco, podemos falar sobre Games ou até mesmo jogar juntos, podemos falar de Animes ou Tokusatsus e etc. Está esperando o que para conversar com o Zetton?
Ez egy discord szerver a magyar telefos gamereknek!
-befogadó közösség
-aktív szerver vezetők
Peau si Beaut ( Skin so Beautiful ) is a server dedicated to a community that is all about skin care! Our main goal is to help each other achieve better complexion through sharing products, knowledge, and experiences with each other.
I would love to see pictures of skin care from everyone and everywhere! Tricks and Tips that we can share to each other as we inch our way to perfect skin. Discussions and debates on products, breaking myths! is all what we are about.
But mostly just having a great time together sharing would be the best! It also does not have to be all about skin care too, hope you guys can really enjoy each other's time as well.

Skin Care / Skincare / Cosmetics / Beauty /Emotes / Anime / K Drama / Economy / Music / Social / Giveaways / High Quality Server
The Asylum For Strays is a friendly place for people of all ages and backgrounds to gather and discuss their favorite topics, like video games, music, movies, anime, youtube, etc, and of course to make new friends.

We have a few discord bots to play around in with others as well including Pokecord (official bot shut down, working on a replacement), Chess, Idle Miner, Duck Hunt, Akinator, Realms, and counting bots. We also accept suggestions for new topics or bots and rarely turn down a reasonable suggestion.

Our active and friendly staff do a good job of keeping everything respectful without being overbearing to those who are being nice.

We also have available an extensive list of optional interest roles for people to signup for channels for things they like, and to show others the kind of things they enjoy.

Lastly, we have been giving away free Months of Youtube Premium, and some Minecraft content is in progress. Maybe even a new Discord bot over the summer if we're lucky.
with over 100+ members WE GOT E THOTS AND THE OWNER IS A SIMP COME THRU AND HANGOUT WITH US. main games are league of legends, and AMONG US!!!. Come have fun love you bye <3 hehe
This in apex-legends gaming server clan, having everthing related to apex. Also server is new but quickly growing and is LGBT-friendly.
(16+) Welcome to the home of the degenerates. Our doors are always open for people who want to be a little less than wholesome. Slight toxicity and banter are commonplace here, however it’s not a place where people actually hate each other or take their anger on the world out on everyone. You’ll understand the balance if you join!

A lot of us tend to be night owls, but we have a decent amount of activity at all hours.

We spend a lot of time in voice chat as well, if that’s up your alley.

Our signature events include Freaky Fridays, Top of CS;GO, and Degen Raffle.

Join the not so wholesome underground to see what we are all about. Who knows? Maybe you are a degenerate too.
Serverul ,,Indie Camp" este un server momentan mic, care are ca scop distracția, relaxarea, socializarea și entertainment-ul membrilor noștri.

Avem tematica unei tabere de vară, de aici și numele, cu roluri specifice noi fiind niște iubitori ai naturii și relaxării și de asemenea ai vibe-ului Indie.

Te așteptăm cu drag daca dorești un loc în care să socializezi și sa uiți pentru câteva momente de stresul din viața de zi cu zi!
18+ Join this server if you like socializing with new people and don't be afraid to say or ask anything. We are here to enjoy our time and we value our people. We can be a little bit toxic at times but thats part of the fun. Join now! 18+
⁀➷︰moon and stars-themed welcoming & chill community server ~ ♡

asteria is a chill & aesthetic community server that welcomes everyone. we are a friendly community for people to hang out, socialize, play games and have fun. our diverse community community is the perfect place to meet people from all around the world.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
°.`• ~ what do we offer?
୨୧ • active chats + vc
୨୧ • extremely diverse, humorous, inclusive and friendly environment
୨୧ • fun events and giveaways
୨୧ • minecraft server
୨୧ • venting channel
୨୧ • special perks for server boosters
୨୧ • leveling system and music bots
୨୧ • lots of roles n colors
୨୧ • 100+ fun n cute emotes
**__✨ Welcome to ᒪᑌᑎᗩᖇᎥᑌᗰ ✨__**

Lunarium is a Discord server with a goal that reaches the stars; to create a community where mature individuals with opposing opinions and views can coexist and discuss anything freely. Come and talk with us!
We encourage mature conversation such as current events, history (including dark history), politics, controversial topics/viewpoints,etc. Although mature discussions are encouraged, we do a fair amount of shitposting and discussing whatever may be on our minds, so whatever tickles your fancy, come join our family! **__Warning: This server may be deemed offensive to some users.__**

Welcome to the FROTHERS!!! Do you like to hangout, chat, and be a part of a community and play video games? WELL WE GOT JUST THE THING FOR YOU! We are an active gaming server, we have fun bots, active admins and moderators, and giveaways and events! We also have many streamers in our community for you to watch! We hope you enjoy this server!
~You wanna be more social and meet new people but you don’t know how?!~
Then you need to be in our server! ❤️

__**What do we have?**__
→ ♡ Weekly nitro giveaways! & game key giveaways!
→ ♡ Active chat!
→ ♡ +2000 members
→ ♡ Very friendly people and staff
→ ♡ LGBTQ & mental help chat
→ ♡ Self roles, Introduction & Selfies
→ ♡ Self promotion channel
→ ♡ Anime channels, memes, gaming, NSFW,...
→ ♡ +200 Emoji’s
→ ♡ Nitro Boosts LVL 3
→ ♡ Bots: Pokecord, Waifu, OwO,…
→ ♡ English chat & others
→ ♡ VC for chilling, gaming, events

__**Weekly Nitro & Game Giveaways! <3 **__

🌸 Everyone is welcome to join & become a member of our family ! 🌸
Welcome to: Anime Introverts
We are a small Tokyo Ghoul themed growing, non-toxic and active server with 100+ sarcastic, dark humoured members with very lenient and chill staff,

More about the server:
-Gaming/Anime/Meme channel
-Chatting & Venting channel
-Voice & Music channel
-BOTS command channel
-Disboard bump channel
-Friendly staff and members
-Small growing, non-toxic and SFW server
-Server is boosted sometimes

What does the server offer to you:
-Partnership accepted (DM a member of staff)
-Self assigned roles
-Categorical roles to access the rest of the server
-Anime themed emotes and GIF emotes

Server owner: Frederik#5714
Hope you join and enjoy your stay here.
(´。• ᵕ •。`) ¡Bienvenido seas a Okashi!♡

๑Okashi le ofrece:

๑🥥Sorteos de todo tipo!
๑🌈Lindos emotes!
๑🍚Servidor adorable!
๑🌸Staff activo y amable!
๑🍡Owner totalmente amigable!
๑🍥Diversión sin fin!
๑🍶NSFW & VC!

(๑˘︶˘๑) ¿A que esperas?
¡Entra ya y socializa!♡
Wattpad Unofficial is a server meant for authors on Wattpad from all corners who work on a number of genres on the platform. We have different channels promoting a number of varied genre of literary works. It's a server where you can showcase and promote your works as authors and also have fun as fellow readers and members. We'll be adding much more stuff on the way on our server. We have channels where you can post and share memes and GIFs and other pics and media. So what are you wait for? Join our server and help the community grow.
❤ Um servidor público criado no dia 02/04/2020. Com o intuito de abraçar a todos e sempre mante-los em segurança, não temos um único público alvo, aqui todos são bem vindos para interagir, fazer amizades, relacionamentos, para zuar um pouco, sempre respeitando o próximo.
📢 Divulgue suas artes e mídias.
✔ Jogue com amigos
✔ Ouça músicas.
✔ Divirta-se
welcome to late night insomniac!

°Average age is 17
°Chill and fun people to talk to
°Usually very active
°Active VCs
°We have events like Movie Night or Game Streaming
°Anime Channels to talk to fellow anime lovers
°Gaming Channels to talk to fellow gamers
°We do server partnerships!
Hello there potential viewer, do you find yourself living in a societal wasteland? Do you feel that you are trapped in a cage with no means to escape? Do you feel alone, no one to relate to or have a meaningful conversation with?

Then chances are we're the server for you, we are a small but tight-knit and active community that is looking to expand and have new active, participating cogs in the machine. Come introduce yourself, and find a meaningful escape from your twisted reality.

📺 Broken Television 📺
Hi, Your Friendly Discord Server is simply a community based around having fun and not being toxic. If you enjoy that, check us out :D.

What you can expect:
- Decently Active Text Chats (not spammy nor completely dead).
- Extremely Active Voice Chats (to the point where there's generally at least two going, but can be dead during American nighttime).
- Different categories for different things you're interested in including Gaming, Art, and Science.
- A heap of 20 bots, most of them are there to help run the Server, but we also have; Dank Memer, Marriage, OwO, and a few other bots dedicated to having fun.
- The community runs the Server, and all ideas are placed in suggestions and eventually voted on in #polls.
- Calm and relaxed people.

What are you waiting for? Join our cult. You'll get it once you join haha.
Welcome on the ❄️𝔇𝔢𝔣𝔦𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔢❄️!

Free Nitro Rewards!
25 invites = Nitro Classic
35 invites = Nitro Boost
50 Invites = Discord Nitro
100 Invites = 1 Year Discord Nitro
Make new friends on Stranger+Stranger!

🌸Chat and make new friends
🌸Friendly community
🌸People from all over the world
🌸Active staff
🌸Confessions and venting
🌸Question of the day and polls

Join the server and help us grow!