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Milnak Milnak
Great Roleplay, Good People, Top-Notch Organization
A very fun server populated with good roleplayers, kind staff, and interesting lore. The server itself is well organized, and the roleplay has fun mechanics that promote activity and character growth.
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Mh777 Mh777
I JUST CLAIMED 300 FREE ROBUX FROM A GIVEAWAY AND I GOT IT JUST BY REACTING TO A MESSAGE OMGGGG I think I'm going to buy some gamepasses now see y'all in the server!
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𝕵𝖆 𝕵𝖆 𝕯𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝕯𝖔𝖓𝖌 𝕵𝖆 𝕵𝖆 𝕯𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝕯𝖔𝖓𝖌
Great Place to Start
If you’re new to discord & looking for a chill, kind and funny group of people to get stoned, trip or game out with; this is the place to be! The admins are polite, it’s well organized and the server is pretty open to suggestions & its community.
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Cad Cad
A good server to pass the time talking with good people
Theres a lot of cool people there, all the people treated me good as I never was before and, theres channels for only English and portuguese, but it's not problem, almost everyone are able to speak english xd
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Moussbekk Moussbekk
Favelas (ref)
Bonsoir, le serveur est très complet, des évenements, des grades, un général et bien plus.Le serveur est très accueillant il est idéal pour se faire des potes, chill en vocal et déchirer aux évenements comme le loup-garou, des jeux vidéos etc... mis en place avec soin par les 2 fondateurs. Je tiens à remercier @Patate et @Alaska pour leur accueil et les moments chill en vocals.
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EmiIy EmiIy
Got So Many Members
I gained so many active members for my server by doing j4j on this amazing server! I also won a few prizes from the giveaways!
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Twinkle Twinkle
The Chill Palace (AKA) Twinkys Classroom
Hey there jusr letting you know here its all about having fun and respectful to others and have a good time but the big bonus is that in the future there will be giveaways but if you are interested in joining it would be awsome much love to you and everyone
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oktonko oktonko
Great server
I was looking for a new place to hang out almost two and a half months ago, and I stumbled into the Pantry. I joined looking for a writing server, and was enticed by the food theme. It was the great little community of people that made me stay though.

While I don’t write a whole lot, the Pantry people have made me write more in two months than I did all of last year, and noone (besides Olly) was particularly pushy in doing so, just the environment that encourages it. Met some great people and would highly recommend it. It seems a large community, but it’s still fairly tight knit and the overwhelming amount of channels makes sense once you’re used to it.
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ᔖK A t ĥ ē ŕ i ń E ᔖ ᔖK A t ĥ ē ŕ i ń E ᔖ
Vuela alto, pero no al sol.
Fue linda, emotiva y divertida la experiencia que viví en su mundo. Nos entre tuvimos de muchas maneras, debo admitirlo ♡.

Pero todo lo bueno siempre acaba mal. ¿Mala administración? ¿Mala fama? ¿Toxicidad constante? Dentro de su mundo hay peligros, hacen vista gorda y prefieren taparlo.

Hay un grupito que intenta hacer renacer el mundo creado con tanta pasión a lo largo del tiempo. Fui parte del Staff... y lo disfrute ♡.

Hay cosas buenas y malas como todo server. No intentemos tapar esos errores con amistades. Abran los ojos y mejoren como personas, diferencien los términos de META, off rol y rol interno. Porque muchos no saben ni donde están parados.

Besitos y abrazos ♡
Att. Katherine B. Wolf
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INeedSomeHelp INeedSomeHelp
Great RP server
Best RP sever I think I have been in, the people in the server are super nice. The rules are super lenient which is something that I really like.
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𝔉𝔶𝔬𝔡𝔬𝔯 𝔇𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔨𝔥𝔬𝔳 𝔉𝔶𝔬𝔡𝔬𝔯 𝔇𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔨𝔥𝔬𝔳
I love this server
This server is my everything.From the roles to the channels to the people and best of all,the ideology!I can’t wait til this is a reality!But until then,this is all I can do.Thank you,Brain,for giving me this wonderful idea to make this!
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redstonebuster18 redstonebuster18
Einer der besten Server überhaupt!
Heutzutage sind ja fast alle Discord Server gleich. Die gleichen Bots, dementsprechend die gleichen Features und meistens sind die Server sehr inaktiv...
Auf dem Server trifft nichts von dem genannten zu. Das Team ist sehr engagiert, es gibt regelmäßig riesige Updates, es gibt viele Events, der Server ist sehr aktiv und es gibt sehr viele Features die es nirgendwo anders gibt (so weit ich weiß wurde das alles selber programmiert), man verdient beim Nachrichten schreiben und aktiv sein eine Server Interne Währung mit der man sehr sehr viele Dinge dort im Shop kaufen kann, wie zum Beispiel Lootboxen oder Community Booster, die das Einkommen der ganzen Community erhöhen. Es macht wirklich viel Spaß einmal wegen diesem einmaligen Bot und anderseits da die Community AKTIV ist. Es macht sehr viel Spaß hier auf dem Server und ich bin froh ein Teil der Community zu sein...

Einfach nur Top!
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!!cat!! !!cat!!
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ItzBlurzy ItzBlurzy
Good server
very good server, they do epic give aways and the mods are chill but caboose is stupid so be aware, wait I’m a mod writing this in......uh but like yeah come join us, if you boost you get VIP and Unbannable role so come on into Neonz.
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rolexIII rolexIII
Un muy buen lugar para hacerte con partidas.
Gracias a la buena actividad pude hacerme con una buena cantidad de sesiones, ya que la gente es muy agradable y siempre que estés atento saldrá una nueva propuesta de campaña. Si estas decidido a hacerte con un grupo de rol este es el mejor sitio.
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Drippy Inksworth Drippy Inksworth
Welcoming and Warm Community
The Foxxo Family Café was one of the very first server's I joined when I decided to join Discord back in March. I was welcomed by members who were friendly and unique in their own ways, and everyone had a chill and bubbly vibe. The server is very well organized, and the Staff team is amazing. They make sure everyone stays safe from people who are mean and cold-hearted.
The Members are nice and friendly, and the conversations on the server can be funny and intriguing. The chat doesn't get TOO hectic, so it's a good server for a lax conversation or two, without people having to re-type things to have their voices heard, unlike some server's I'm a part of.
I recommend that you join the Foxxo Family Café if you want to be welcomed by an amazing group of individuals who are warm-hearted and who appreciate you for who you are. Hope to see you around!

- Drippy Inksworth (The Lazy Lynx)
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Avis sur la Team Bobix
Serveur très sympathique et fort accueillant. Les règles y sont précises et respectées par tous. L'ambiance est agréable grâce aux personnes qui constituent le serveur. En bref, je vous conseille fortement ce serveur pour la bonne humeur et la joie de vivre
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ducky ducky
Mucho yes
much ebic much kewlness mucho duck friendly so yes and now I need 80 characters so I'm just going to keep on going on and now I'm done I think
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Taboo Taboo
My time on this server has been amazing, the community is great and active. Its really fun to talk with people of the same interests.
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Radel Radel
Las instrucciones no eran claras y termine con el miembro atascado en un buzón, pero gracias a sus consejos sobre dnd 5e logre hacer la tirada de sleight of penis que necesitaba
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DerGerät DerGerät
Treffpunkt sehr ausgereift
Bin ja jetzt schon krank lange uf treffpunkt (Kappa). Aber trotzdem macht es immer wieder spaß mit sinan und den anderen team membern zu schreiben bzw. alle sind sehr nett ausser manche HAHA (gute events mit nitro verlosen etc.)
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Dlige Dlige
Pretty good.
Pretty good post rates, most members that are active generally can find time to make their posts regularly. If someone keeps you waiting to long, you're free to leave the scenario and continue on.
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Forest Forest
5 étoiles méritées !!
Serveur très sympathique et fort accueillant. Les règles y sont précises et respectées par tous. L'ambiance est agréable grâce aux personnes qui constituent le serveur. La plupart du monde est ouvert d'esprit. En outre, diverses activités tels le casino ou les jeux du soir rajoutent un point positif au serveur. En bref, je vous conseille fortement ce serveur pour la bonne humeur et la joie de vivre.
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𝟔𝕯𝖆𝖓𝖎𝖊𝖑𝟗 𝟔𝕯𝖆𝖓𝖎𝖊𝖑𝟗
Să nu intrați că nu o să mai ieșiți
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