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This is a chill chat to discuss anything you want. We promote harm reduction for psychoactive substances as well and just general drug chat. We have economy, custom emotes, and many bots included dose-bot, active vcs and recently boosted. Come stop by and talk with us :)
Welcome to temple of the gods, a place where you can hopefully find the others as tim leary would say. A place where you can find people to talk to who won't give you a crazy look or judge you but will challenge you to grow instead. The times are a changing, rapidly, technology is exploding, the world is becoming more interconnected everyday. Find your tribe. Temple of the gods is here to help!
-not overly politically correct, freedom of speech tolerated to the maximum as long as its not incredibly toxic/trolling of individuals or spamming server.
-16+ Only as many mature topics are covered in here
-a positive friendly community of all different types of people
-discussions about consciousness, awakening, psychonautics, spirituality, meditation, breathwork, etc etc

Note: LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY but we will not ban people for being politically incorrect or having differing beliefs.