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This is a server for people to chat and get to know each other and make friends! We got plenty of bots, self assignable roles, cool text channels, music bots, etc.!
✿.。.:* ☆::. Welcome to Possible Palace .::.☆*.:。.✿

We are a fun, diverse server for all! Anyone is welcome, as long as they follow the rules!
Our server includes, but is not limited to:
ღ Friendly, welcoming staff
ღ Fun Emotes
ღ Bots for fun and convenience
ღ Self assignable roles
ღ And a variety of fun chats (Including "Question of the Day", "K-Pop", various roleplay chats and more)
ღ And so much more!

Questions or concerns? Message @MadHatterMojo#0645
Welcome to Bloodstone Palace, the home of the ruling court of noble Vampires. As any court is, it is full of schemes and rumours, ‘tragedy’ and drama. Compete against other vampires in the arena, and work your way up through the ranks, possibly gaining the favour of the queen and joining the NightWing Council......

❤️We are looking for more staff
❤️If you like vampires, this is for you!
❤️A court-based semi-literate rp with channels for art and memes as well
❤️Hidden abilities for your vampire oc’s, as you rank up!

We are a growing server and may not be to active to start-but stock around and meet new people 😁❤️
Welcome to Lunaris Palace! Be greeted by the townsfolk in the City Center and hang out at the Tavern and listen to some of the Bards play. If you're 18+ there is the Red Light District for you to 'visit' for a while.
We are a very active community looking to grow.
Hello! We Are A Dating Community To Find New Boyfriends And Girlfriends
Please Follow The Discord TOS And The Server Rules Or You Could Get Banned.
Do you like Pokemon makes games and other things well u came to the right place

Here in this server their gym leaders and elite four spots for pokemon

And there's alot of different rp like Heists Roleplay Zombie roleplay and MORE

What are u waiting for the fun starts HERE
Heyyy, welcome to Royal Palace. We're a community that accepts everyone, we're also a gaming community for those who play games, we have non-corrupt staff and fun bots, too. Why not join us?
My stupid cat keeps telling me that I can't have a palace since I'm a persona user. Well joke's on him since I'm the owner of my own palace and persona! It has optional nsfw content if you're into that sort of thing (18+).
We are currently a small server with almost no members but we plan to grow huge.

Our template is a Kingdom, Named The Sin Palace.

You may become royalty or become a castle staff like a chef or a castle guard.

There are tents to have fun in and a village below the castle.

In a support channel you can get a private role and house and even make a family.

Our Admins, The 10 Commandments, has 8 open chairs ripe for the taking.

Join our E-Rp please do as you will have the more fun in discord then you have before.