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Welcome to the Retro Game Lounge, a place to discuss and talk about all things retro! Stay awhile and get comfy~
Join my Twitch Discord server where you can interact with other viewers and watch my streams for NES games. In addition to watching my streams, you can share memes and arts, talk about anything and play games with others. It's fairly new so be one of the first to build a welcoming community that will stay around!
Are you tired of playing the same old games in your emulator?

Then come to The Netplay Hub!
Here we have 24/7 netplay servers running in all emulation softwares. Come join and play some of your favourite games with all kinds of retro gamers!
This is a retro Nintendo gaming community server. Everyone is welcome!
Here you may share your collections or game moments on older Nintendo consoles with other retro gamers alike! Contests and tournaments are held as well.
After being betrayed by fellow staff (who are now banned) we are proud to re-open as Retro Discord Server V2.0! We specialize mostly in retro games & consoles, but we always specialize in retro in general! Come on down and be a part of the new community and watch the server grow with us!
Note If you were part of the old server and were falsely banned, please feel free to join back! You have been UN-banned!
Wszystkich zainteresowanych retro giereczkami, różnego typu humorkiem i wnikliwą analizą starych konsol zapraszam serdecznie na swój discord! Oferujemy przyjemną, acz specyficzną (luźnie podejście do wszystkiego, i duży dystans do tego co się dzieje) atmosferę, ekskluzywne strimy na Discordzie oraz miejsce do wspólnego grania i bajdurzenia jak to, kurła, kiedyś było.
This is well and truly the greatest nintendo fan server join and speak to people who have the same interests as you and speak to people who love the same nintendo games as you!