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Before we go, we don't have to do any harm.

This store offers:
- SSV from Stonewood to Twine peaks
- Endurance
- Endurance takings
- Weapons (130 & 144)
- Traps (130 & 144)
- good service and fast deliveries.


Welcome to STW helping!!

EVERYTHING here is FREE, including:

• Msk carries
• Pre quest help
• Endurance seats
• Storm shield defences
• Mission help
• Venture carries
• Crafting
• Giveaways


Our server is very active, everyone comes together to help each other out 💕

Don’t miss out - come and see our server for yourself!

Latamorr is a Fortnite Save the World community. We offer:
✅ Weekly giveaways
✅ Free Mythic Storm King carry streams
✅ Trading
✅ Ventures, MSK, SSD and Endurance help
✅ Art, anime and memes
✅ Channels for other games
✅ 130+ server emotes
✅ Suggestions channel
✅ Self promoting channel
✅ Custom roles and more!

We hope to see you there!
Top Rettet die Welt / Safe the world shop mit:
- 144 supercharged Fallen
- MSK-Carry
- AFK-Ausdauer Bau-Service
- Schnelle Lieferung
- 100% Scammerfrei
- Top Auswahl
- Viele Zahlungsmittel: Paypal, Paysafe, PSN-Card, V-Bucks
- Schneller Support
- Fast alles kurzfristig lieferbar
We are a fun chill server and we always are happy to help
We do:
join our new fortnite stw server
- STW trading
- Giveaways everyday
- MSK carries
- SSD and mission help
- Free telk with all the people in the server
- Doing giveaways\MSK carries\SSD help streams evryday
- Memes
And more!!! :)
Also subscribe to our YT channal and see all the streams and get free stuff and help for things u need!
➡️ Preise um 30% reduziert
⚠️ ⚡144 Fallen lagernd
⚠️ Special Angebot 20k Soundfalle, Deckenelektrizitatfeld
⚠️ Sonnen, Bright, Kohle uvm...
⚠️ MSK, Ausdauer, Missionscarry
⚠️ Sturmschildhilfe
⚠️ Seriöser Shop - Scammerfrei
⚠️ Schnelle Lieferung
⚠️ Paysafe, Paypal, Amazon accept

-Do you like giveaways!
-do you like friendly staff and owners!
-do you play fortnite? Yes, or no! This is still the server for you!!
We are a growing server trying to help people with a very friendly community so join us and help us grow
Sever info: It is Fortnite STW trading
But there is more we have trusted middle man.We have builders and we have people to help with mission and taxis. We got a good staff team a good admin team and even helper no toxic chat. We can just relax in chat and talk about other stuff.If you join my sever I want to say welcome to the sever and we are going to be giveaways.
Wir sind ein
🌟 Faires Trading
🌟 Täglich werden die neuen missionen itemshops und Lamas gepostet
🌟 Bei 100 membern gibt es wieder ein Paysafe Giveaway
🌟 Netter Rdw basierter Server
🌟 Viele gratis Sachen wie z.B waffen und Hilfe bei ssv und co
🌟 Viele giveaways
🌟 Gut organisierter Discord mit auswählbaren Chats und Pings
🌟 EIN Serverübergreifender Rdw Chat
(Man kann sich mit Leuten traden/spielen/schreiben die nicht auf diesen discord sind)
🌟 Es gibt auch Channels für andere Spiele sowie viele verschiedene Mini Games von Pokemon fangen und trainieren (Mann kann dann natürlich gegen andere Spieler auf dem Discord kämpfen) bis hin zum klassischen Casino
🌟Viel Spaß auf unseren Discord
**Hey we are Chill STW Community!!!. We are a discord server working up to reach the top and become popular. We offer multiple facilities for a variety of games such as Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Save the World. (more coming soon)**
What we have to Offer :
➤ Free MSK Or Ventures Carries
➤Huge Server Wide Events
➤ A lot of channels
➤ A lot of Discord Mini Games
➤ A lot of helpful fun bots
➤ Partnering with other servers
➤ 5-10 Daily Giveaways
✫And lots more!✫
✫So what are you waiting for??✫

✫Come Join Today!!✫
Auf meinem Server finden msk carrys statt. Es gibt ssv Hilfe etc. Ihr könnt euch auch über andere spiele auf dem Server unterhalten!
This is a sever for save the world on fortnite. You can get msk carries here, play some battle royal with people/can do some 1v1s (if you want). Remember do not be toxic here we don't allow it here.
👉Fortnite RDW Server👈 ⚡Traden ohne scammer⚡
🚨Scammer werden bestraft 🚨
🎁 Event,s🎁
🛡Sicher Traden🛡
⚔Missionen machen⚔
🗡Mystischer Sturm König🗡
Wir sind der Dark-Neph Gaming Server!
Bei uns findet ihr Unterstützungen wie z.B SSV Hilfe, MSK hilfe, Missionen hilfe und Vieles mehr!

Zudem bieten wir viele Informationen zu RdW sei es Fallen Tunnel oder wie man AFK- Missionen baut.

Wir haben ein eigenes MSK-Team und ein YTube Channel wo Aktiv Content Hochgeladen wird über RdW. Zudem sind wir Offizieller Epic-Games Partner, das heißt wir verstanstalten Custom Games, Skin-Contest und regelmäßige Gewinnspiele.

Wir würden uns freuen euch in unserer Community begrüßen zu dürfen!
In STW help we offer you,
•|💎|• Free msk carries!
•|🤝| • Many legit traders!
•|🎉|• Frequent giveaways!
•|⚙️|• Well developed server!
•|⏰|• Active/friendly staff!
•|✉️|• Many roles to apply for!
•|⚔️|• Help for everything!
•|🧱|• We have builders for everything!
•|🔩|• Many crafters!
•|📋|• We’d love your feedback!
we are also gonna start doing battle royale tournaments for sunbeam
Das ist der Server von " EinfachDerPerformer"
Dieser Server ist für den Twitch kannal erstelt.
es wird versucht auf acktuelle spiele, die nötigen infos einzubetten.
You have to join this server! They are always hosting NITRO giveaways!
➣ Most Active STW Community
➣ Highest 5 star rated STW server on
➣ Self promo channel
➣ MEE6 Radio station
➣ The largest giveaways for Sun | Bright | V-bucks | Nitro
➣ 100+ Reaction roles | Colour roles to choose from
➣ Verified endurance hosts
➣ Mission | SSD | MSK Help
➣ The best Nitro boost rewards
➣ Material | Trap shops
➣ The best STW crafters
➣ Fast MM | Taxi services
➣ The most popular game bots
➣ Weekly server updates
➣ And so much more
➣ So what are you waiting for? Come and get the best STW experience!
➣ Link:
➣ Owner: @GTC Ghostin
➣ Epic Partner: Ghostin_shots
Hello! we're a community that plays Fortnite Save The World, we have a group of people that carry us for the Mythic Storm King :D , you only need to put attention on the #Advertisement channel for when he streams
This is the server to chill and trade and sign up for generators , giveaways exciting roles etc . and we will be doing msk carries
A server that is a normal community and Fortnite community mixed together
We have free msk carries and free mission help for Save The World
We also got Battle Royale Looking For Game
We are LGBTQ+ friendly along with no type of racial slurs allowed
Anime is also apart of the server where you can discuss and recommend anime to others
We allow server suggestions and we make a vote on them to see if many others want the same thing
We also support other languages in a different channel as to not get chat confusing with each other