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Hey YOU!
Yes YOU!

It'll only take 10 seconds to read this!

Are you looking to:

- improving yourself?
- manage your time?
- surround yourself with great mindset?
- work hard and grind?

wait, No?
Then feel free to go back and enjoy your day!
Thank you for your 10 seconds!

Yes? (Uh oh, gonna take 1 minute and 30 seconds to read this one...)

Then I highly recommend you to come and join!
Here's 2 reasons why I personally think that this server can help you:

1. I added a todolist bot so YOU, can:
- Manage your time!
- Improve yourself!
- Be reminded to do your thing!
- Be happy by completing your todolist!

2. I added a "Completed Channel" so You, can track your todolist completed streak and get a role for completing 5, 10, 15, 20 days streaks!

Do you wanna add anything improve the server and bring more value to the people? Sure!
We have a Suggestions Channel if you want to suggest anything.

Thank you for taking your 1 minute and 30 seconds to read this! That means a lot to me even if you do not join!


Who are we:
Crew Name: The Industrialists - $
Crew Leader: NeosDumb
Crew Location: EU
Crew Style: Light Private Military Contractor-Sim
Game: GTA 5 Online - PC

We are a new community of European / American PC gamers who engage in a very light non-serious Corporate Private Military-Sim style gameplay on Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V Online on PC only.

The light RP style of gameplay is not serious, and is to help tie the Crew together, encourage Military style team work in missions and sales and make us look cool out on the Streets of Los Santos.
We are non-combative and engage with other players only in Business Battles or self-defence; and as we like to conduct business in populated lobbies this means that we still engage in PVP combat with other players quite regularly.

The 'Corporate Private Military Sim' style of play is an extremely light Roleplay; basically to look cool as we conduct our business around Los Santos, All in Uniform and driving in convoy with the required standard Crew Vehicle; a Matte Black (Armoured) Gallivanter Baller LE LWB and other vehicles with the Crew Logo on them.

The Crew acts like the Holding Company for all the members businesses, we see them as being a subsidiary of the Crew.

Three playstyles: but we do need people who do not run the businesses.

Green Members - If you have and/or like running the business and grind.

Green Associate - If you have lots of money and don't grind but like to help with business missions.

Red Members (Bodyguards) - If have lots of money, don't grind and you enjoy more PvP action.

*you can be both a Green Associate and a Red Member at the same time.

Who we are looking for:
· 15+ (with a mature demeanour)
· Being able to operate within a structured teamwork environment and take orders from Unit Leaders.
· Regular Discord Voice Channel Attendance and MIC access
· Mature Demeanour for the Private Military RP to work properly.

Interested in joining us?
· Join our Social Club!:
This is the public server for Team Defective. We are a Fortnite clan and would like to get more members/have fun with Fortnite.

We zijn een Belgische gaming community.
We grinden CSGO maar soms spelen we ook andere spellen zoals VALORANT voor de fun.

This is for anyone who needs a crew in NBA2KMOBILE or is new! We have OG players and won’t wind to help you newer players be at the top of the league!
We are a DBZFS Fan group that help each other grind. We have many channels such as - easy-top-partys, broly-partys , and hard-top-partys. Join us today to get your DBZFS grind started.
Very clean and detailed streaming community server. Originally themed on my stream community transformed into a community for all streamers to help find friends and collaborations to team up with. Share your awesome wins, or just chat about games with music playing in the voice chats. Anything can go on in this discord except for anything NSFW.
as a gta online grinding crew we are in need of players to be recruited and is willing to help people who need it we are a grinding crew that grinds or are not tryhards (no tryharding will be allowed) Allied crews: HSGG (hash stash gang)