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A server for people that play the pet sim game Flight Rising.
Come join my ANIMALJAM Discord Chat group:

Animaljam-trade is usually the most active because people mostly come here for trades. Players always make their own giveaways so come join! We had tons of spikes, den betas, etc. given away. Tons. There are also text channels where you can talk about other games like chickensmoothie, transformice, flight rising, etc. There's much more, come join and check it out!
this is a lil creature named bumpkin. This is literally just a hangout server with a different name, come here to chill.
The Pillar is a community server for Flightrising, where members can chat, trade, ask for advice, sell and buy, giveaway, and do so much more! Unlike other Flightrising servers, The Pillar allows a closer community and a more personal experience where you don't feel drowned out by racing chats. We have many active members and staff, and we are always looking to improve! We even have dragon visitors, occasional server wide challenges that can earn in game prizes and more! Join The Pillar today!