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Dragon ball beyond is a universe alternate to the real universe where new hero’s and villains rise and fall were legends are born and fall, join and try your best to rise up to the top weather it is alone or with friends!

Info:this server is a continuation of an old previous server so WARNING strong people alert but don’t worry you will still be able to train and hopefully live peaceful, not everyone is evil and the strongest mortal could also be your best ally, so join and give it a shot with either your own custom race or a race that is available!!!
Hi my name is P1LLH3AD, head admin of TEA AND CRUMPETS server we have a very fun community and are looking to expand we have 48 members most are active if you feel like joining and working your way up our ranks please add me as a friend P1LLH3AD#9383

Looking for a place to make new friends? Then this server is right for you!

We are currently looking for Staff to fill in positions

We Have:
Active Members!
Friendly Staff!

Tea and Crumpets!!!!!!

Self assignable roles!
Join Now! Invite Link:
This is a fun and growing community server, I try to be active as possible everyday and I hope this server becomes something and lets hope it is possible!

This server is a mish mash of categories that are set out professionally and lots of cool cosmetics roles!

A fun/fair server join today! And get premium emojis and if your lucky you will get role up which makes you more special and also, if youre a youtuber with over 500 subscribers you will get the premium role "Special People"