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Description of Faithless
A server for nice and kind people
LQBT+ welcome
This is a server that you can and may consider as your virtual family house
We’ll pillow fight each other, we’ll support each other, make each other smile Even if out day is actual garbage, no toxicity, no bullshit, straight up honest And cool, we’re actual “normal” humans with lots of love and sanity in our Hearts, we don’t fuck around and we wont judge you whether you have Depression, autism, some sort of illness, disability or whatnot, a human Is a human and we are all beautiful from inside.
🛠 • Yuki Project | Support
Hey! Vous voulez un bot avec des commandes de tout les styles?
Rejoignez notre serveur et ajouter notre Bot! Il comporte plein de fonctionnalités de toute sorte!
Pleins de types de commandescomputer
●🚔Des commandes d'administration (warn, mute, kick, ban etc.);
●😂Des commandes pour s'amuser;
●🍑Des commandes NSFW pour les petits curieux;
●🔨Des commandes Minecraft
Et plus encore!
Un système de bêta testeurs📊
Vous pouvez rejoindre la Team de test du Bot pour pouvoir utiliser les commandes en développement et les commandes terminées mais qui me sont pas encore intégré au Bot!
Un système de bienvenue/départs👋
●Des messages de bienvenue!
●Un auto rôle personnalisable!
●Des messages de départs!
Autres informations📦
●Plus de 60 commandes
●S'occupe de plus de 700 utilisateurs
●S'occupe de plus de 20 serveurs
Copyright © 2019 | Yuki Project V3 - Copie Interdite
I'll keep this pretty short and simple. In my discord server, we offer many different services, tools, and guides:
Deals - We tell you what to buy and how to resell it on Ebay to make a profit.
Coupons - We provide coupons that will allow you to get free stuff and discounts on the stuff you already use (FREE CHIPOTLE, FREE CHICK-FIL-A, FREE ARBYS)
Tools - We have a variety of tools at the moment, such as eBay view and watcher bots, with more coming soon!
Guides - We have guides that will teach you anything from how to spoof your location to how to get free products.
✿❀ ---------- Wittle Dumplings ---------- ❀✿

Hewo, here is a quick sum of what this server is about! :3
︾ ︾ ︾
If you want to join a server where you can meet many friendly people and share your common interest with them, this is the place for you! We have plenty of fun activities for you to participate in!

This is what we have in our server:
~Bot commands for you to use!

~Many nice people to interact with!

~Roles to describe who you are!

~Anime, gaming, books, etc discussions!

We'd be happy to have you join! ^^
𝓐𝓾𝓽𝓾𝓶𝓷𝓛𝓘𝓰𝓱𝓽'𝓼 𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓰 𝓞𝓾𝓽

The server is still under development

Hello, I’m Autumn I love having fun with bots and use them to good things. I’m still very new to making a good Discord server. But I always try and hope for the best, we can’t wait to see you, hope you will give us Autumns a chance!

I have my own notes for the server there I write down my ideas, so I have always something to do. I would love to hear your ideas for the server!

˜-˜→We have Youtube Notification this means that you will get a role and get pinged when your favorite YouTuber uploads. But because we can’t have many 100 YouTubers do we just choose some. This feature isn’t done yet so it will take some time before It’s out.

˜-˜→We have our own chat about the different commands you can use with the bots. This feature isn’t 100% done yet either.

˜-˜→This server has the normal react and get role.

˜-˜→Staff applications will come out soon, so there is no staff.

˜-˜→ We have the daily poll and you can suggest ideas to the server in channel #🗣suggestions.

˜-˜→There will come out news and updates in announcements once a week.
Hey du! Ich will dir mal einen schönen Server vorstellen der dich vill. interessieren könnte wurde■_■!

Wir bieten:

Ein tolles Entertainment Paket
Giveaways, wo du tolle Preise abstauben kannst!
Einen übersichtlichen Server!
Natürlich kannst du auch Werbung für deinen YT,TW oder Discord Server machen : D
Ein nettes und hilfsbereites Team
Selfroles damit DU nur das hören willst was du magst!

Und vieles mehr......

Mass dich überraschen, vill. Sehen wir uns einmal!
Fun and big server for you to join today!

Great benefits and fun time with:
⭐️ Lots of bots like pokecord mudae..
⭐️ Amazing people
⭐️ Vc
⭐️ Always active
⭐️ Very chill

And much more! Come and make new friends!
══════════════ 【★】 ══════════════
★‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ A D H U B ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙★
══════════════ 【★】 ══════════════

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In AD Hub you'll find:

❱❱❱ MANY channels for you to advertise in!
❱❱❱ Partnerships!
❱❱❱ FREE Advertising!
❱❱❱ Giveaways!
❱❱❱ Server Spotlights!
❱❱❱ Events!
❱❱❱ Friendly community and staff!
❱❱❱ And more!


What are you waiting for? Join now and start advertising!
🔗Server Invite: 👉 👈
Hello! Welcome we are happy you joined😊 I hope we will have a nice time with socializing and having fun😁👍

• A growing community with lots of people and staff.
• Game topics, giveaways, and much more!
• Fun bots that members can use for entertainment!
• 13+ friendly!
• Friendly and active staff.
• Level roles!
A fun server that i created just for people to mess around and have fun in and socialize. There are many bots you can use to mess around with or you could just chill in a vc and listen to music
Welcome to LGBTeen Café! This is a community-based server focused on teens part of the LGBT community. Our server offers:
~an active community
~many bots to fiddle around with
~self roles
~a leveling system
~a fun theme
And much more!
Community based on friendship, Family.
Join our growing community and get to know many friendly people.
- We have big fun bot section with all bots you are looking for.
- We are hosting fun events
- Giveaways
- Activity leaderboard competition
- Q&A with question of the day.
- Giveaways for Nitro, Steam games, Personal roles,And special giveaways.
Join for more information you can visit our official site.
Salut , je t'invite à rejoindre ce serveur ! (On est pas beaucoup mais tout le monde commence en étant seul !) 😁
Sur le serveur tu pourras faire des rencontres ou tout simplement parler avec d'autres membres ^^
Il y a également des bots pour t'amuser (Koya , Groovy etc)
Bref rejoins nous , ce sera un plaisir !😃😉
√ Fun and active chats
√ E-Dating of all ages
√ respectful members and admins
√ Apply for staff
√ Bots featuring our very own bot
In this day and age, it's tough being a loser. Join the Nep Jr.'s Academy For Degenerates and help us fight back to those that aim to end our way of life!
Comes accustomed with:
-Fellow gamers of culture who are more then willing to talk with you about anything from politics to anime!
-Wide variety of emotes!
-NSFW! We horny too, bro!
-Bots for you know, bot stuff such as memes and games!
-Very minimal restrictions in talking, we don't like censorship!
-Nep looks like an eraser!
Now join us for free robux!
》**WELCOME** 《
》**You’ve been invited to **TEA TIME**《
⤜♡⤛ we are a friendly community ⤜♡⤛
⤜♡⤛ that offers: ⤜♡⤛
˚。˚ friendly people to chat with˚。˚
˚。˚ fun emotes to use˚。˚
˚。˚ lots of bots ˚。˚
˚。˚giveaways ˚。˚
˚。˚NSFW channels **18+** ˚。˚
⤤ ⤣
⤤ ⤣
Heyo Discord User! ^ 3 ^
Welcome to...
• Colorful Toxins! •
If you decide to join our server you can be apart of...

A Friendly and Diverse Community, with bots for some entertainment! ♥️

We are a very new server, but that doesn’t mean it can’t grow. 💫

If you do consider joining, I promise you won’t regret it. And hopefully you do, cya on the flip side. 😜

From: The Master Of The Arts 👽
Hey! We are sneaky servers! We play minecraft and we youtube together! If you want to get on our server to take a look feel free to do so! We are based about having fun and being the best we can!
```Are you looking for a server to advertise your social media? Do you want to grow your channels, discord servers or something else? This place would be PERFECT for you!
We offer: 👇

💪 ➥ Skilled staff, available for a whole day! ╗
🍷 ➥ Chill community & active. ╣
📨 ➥ Let your social media posted here! ╣
🌐 ➥ Official website & partner with us through our website! ╣
🤝 ➥ No partnership member count requirements ╣
⭕ ➥ Rare pings! ╝

Boosting this server user will get his ad in our official website and his name will be listed in special members category.
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
- ̗̀♡ strawberry jam ♡ ̖́-
♡ small-ish wholesome-ish group of friends
♡ anyone over 15 is welcome!
♡ we like to chill and just talk about our days and have fun
♡ we play minecraft, d&d, & try to put on other game nights n movie nights
♡ we VC occasionally & we got self assignable roles, emotes, and bots and stuff

♡ we are currently looking for server partners and managers!
♡ we are also hosting a giveaway for nitro and don't starve together!
join us!˚₊·
«────── « ( ˘ ³˘)♡ » ──────»
are the stresses of life getting to you?

why not take a trip far, far away from all your troubles and responsibilities?

we offer
Friendly staff, an array of services including fun channels, a NSFW section, and your very own free room!
we have dedicated members eager to make conversation so if you're looking for friends your searches are over

and the best part is this is all free so I'm left to give you one question... why wait?
This server was once innocent and still is. We have amazing and weird members that will make you laugh. Be part of the group and watch us grow. <3