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🌺Striving to save Cosmo the Seedrian, and return her to the Sonic series! A character with tons of unused potential, that deserved much more than she was given. We're here to do just that. Join to help contribute, and gain Sonic Team's attention!🌺
This is a server about Sonic X where you can rp and chat to others we strive for a caring community and a fun server where you can rp with fellow roleplayers consider joining if you want
This is not just for fans of those series', This is basically any fandom that I don't deem scary (Such as Squidward's Suicide).
This server has been dead recently, So I'm here to bring it back from it's dark abysmal grave.
Current fandoms include
Sonic X
Yandere Simulator
Undertale & Deltarune
Sonic Adventure
Don't Hug me I'm Scared
Youtube Poop
123 Slaughter me Street
Any series not mentioned
The Lion King (cause Scar is my favorite character.)
Peter Pan
The Super Mario Brothers Super Show.
And more coming!
Extras include: Trivia, Hentai channels, Channels for posting images and chatting, Challenges (For those who are a bit of a tryhard), ASMR of many types, Social Media roleplay channels, An unofficial "Soundtrack" for the server's Roleplays, Announcements for things I'm working on or otherwise, Memes that have caught my eye recently, and MORE!
Come be a part of this, Though I'd advise you choose a character that fits one of the RP channels, Unless you want to use Multi-series...