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Once an afterthought to me, I continued to wonder, "What would have happened if both sides were stronger". More so, "What if MORE Spartan-IIIs weren't to become martyrs for time?". So I went forward and made THIS server! A Halo: Reach Roleplay, without the canon of The Covenant's victory. To give humanity a standing chance. A future without a written outcome....

Join me and a few friends on this journey of a flashback to the Golden Era of Halo itself with new twists added in!
To Everyone in the Disboard, I've been hosting Halo: Reach Custom Games for years, even through the transition to Xbox One. I have over 400 maps and Gametypes ready to go. Recently I made a chat on IFunny and got well over 150 members interested in receiving updates. However IFunny sucks, and that platform was garbage. I've created a Discord for anyone who still plays Reach, and is looking for a fun lobby to join in.
If you
* Are Genuinely interested in joining.
* A Halo fan at heart looking for friends to play with
* Just Curious
I welcome you to join the Discord to receive updates throughout the week on when the next Lobby is being hosted.
I literally made a reddit account for this. Anyways thanks for your time.