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(Unofficial Server)

Hello, we are a server that allows you to find games/meet new people/host games/post content about halo reach

we are also a general hangout server providing music, chat games, and more soon
Once an afterthought to me, I continued to wonder, "What would have happened if both sides were stronger". More so, "What if MORE Spartan-IIIs weren't to become martyrs for time?". So I went forward and made THIS server! A Halo: Reach Roleplay, without the canon of The Covenant's victory. To give humanity a standing chance. A future without a written outcome....

Join me and a few friends on this journey of a flashback to the Golden Era of Halo itself with new twists added in!
To Everyone in the Disboard, I've been hosting Halo: Reach Custom Games for years, even through the transition to Xbox One. I have over 400 maps and Gametypes ready to go. Recently I made a chat on IFunny and got well over 150 members interested in receiving updates. However IFunny sucks, and that platform was garbage. I've created a Discord for anyone who still plays Reach, and is looking for a fun lobby to join in.
If you
* Are Genuinely interested in joining.
* A Halo fan at heart looking for friends to play with
* Just Curious
I welcome you to join the Discord to receive updates throughout the week on when the next Lobby is being hosted.
I literally made a reddit account for this. Anyways thanks for your time.
This idea started off when I was a few years younger. Reach and Halo in general were, by far, the only things I played as much as I could. Being a kid, I unfortunately didn't get to experience the full Halo Community aspect, nor was I very involved into it.

I want that to change.

I've had this idea on my mind that has been lingering there for too long. With Halo: Reach coming to MCC, I can finally make this come true. People to play with, people to meet, people that share the same idea of one, large community that unites people under one banner.

I'm not looking to convert any of you. Nah, you're free to come with your own people and keep your own emblem, but you can certainly do that with others to back you up and fill your lobby on a Friday night. This is what Reach should be about.

This community houses Halo fans and their respective group, and aims to make this game even better than it is already. You're a Fireteam of 4 looking to show off or meet more Spartan Squads? Hey, we might have some. You're a Lone Wolf, but you certainly could use a hand with those challenges? Might have some people for you too. Looking to join a Fireteam as well? That we certainly do have.

All ages, no restrictions, diversity is welcomed. This is what Halo is all about.