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We’re really just a small community looking to chill with fellow musicians and have fun! Come join us; we’re always waiting for another musician to enter our domain and have a good time with us :)
Music Sanctuary is a discord server for any and all musicians! We have bots, giveaways, self roles, etc.! Not age or experience restricted
this is a server where you can display your creativity and have lots of fun! this place is new and im hoping w can grow it in the future! thank you!
1. No porn and gore, keep in nsfw pls

2. Be respectful to all

3. Shitposting and memes only in #memes-and-media , you can post links and images in other channels IF it is relevant to the current conversation, thanks

4. Moderators moderate at their own discretion

5. Relationship drama? Keep it out of the server kthx

6. Political discussions, sure, but it will be closely monitored. Keep it chill, keep it INTELLIGENT

7. No witch hunts

8. If someone is being rude to you, or harassing you, then report it via DM a moderator, owner

9. NO SOLICITING OTHER DISCORDS if you post any discord invites in the server or DM invites to server members, action will be taken. This is a bannable offense
DOOTDOOT.EXE; A magnificent place for young musicians from all over the world aged 13-18 in orchestras or bands to talk with each other, share memes, performances, or just complain about how we all suck.

This server is for you if you're a young musician, and are looking for a laid-back, diverse musical community!
We have:
- A variety of different channels, including a meme channel; a creative works channel; a band vs orchestra (Orchestra wins btw) channel and several more!
- Practice room voice chats! Now others can hear how good you are!

- A light-hearted and diverse musical community for you to talk to!

- Receive critique on compositions, and share any music you want people to listen to.

- A ranking system with rewards available!

Currently, there are plans to play a piece from La La Land together over the internet.

Join our musical community! You won't regret it!
are you an orchestral musician who is looking for a community to join? then Orchestra Nerds Unite! is the place for you! we are a very small, safe, comfortable place for you to come chat, hang out, and play games! we have daily games, facts, and channels where you can even share your own original work with other musicians! join us today!
Hello! We are a small band server looking for members! We aim to have a welcoming community of people from all ensembles. As the server ages, we may add some fun bots like pokecord.
We have:
-Self-assignable roles
-Openings for partnerships
-Laid-back staff
-Channels for each ensemble

Join us today and meet other band kids!
Yoyoyo, I am Titus, and welcome to Tubatown! A server dedicated to the tuba! Here, we can give you tuba advice, share tuba music, and talk about anything music related. Come and join the online tuba community!
A server for people who play violin, viola, cello, or bass. Our server is small right now, but we hope it will grow. The server conductors keep everything running smoothly.
Are you fans of Classical Music? Do you play a string instrument, woodwind instrument, brass instrument, percussion instrument or keyboard instrument? Then you came to the right place! Come and collaborate with other musicians!
Welcome to the Conservatory of Music! We are a band and orchestra based music server so bring your instrument out and show us what you're made of :D
Uhhh yea I mean I don't have much else to say here so like....... yea just join.
Welcome to my server! This Server involves All Different Types of Musicians, meaning a collaboration of Beginners, Mediocres, Advanced, and professional, and some that just like to improvise. These types of musicians can get together, whether solo, or in a group, and make beautiful music! These Musicians will also attend in auditioning in some Music Groups, which they will be announced in the "Music Announcements" Text Channel. So come and join the group and create beautiful music together with me!
A server about music with instrument types roles for all the musicians around the world.
-Friendly ambient
-Self-assignable roles
-Tatsumaki bot
-Music bot
-Secret chats/voice chats
A Discord server for violists to meet and socialize with other violists from around the world, receive help and advice, and listen to each other play!
The Young Composer's Online Orchestra is a group dedicated to recording and promoting works by young composers. While there is no specific age limit, we'd prefer if members who submit music be high school or college aged.
Music.mp4 is a new community dedicated to music Students, Teachers, Casuals, Beginners, Professionals, and more! With varying categories like Jazz, Concert, and Marching band to Orchestra and Choir!
NOTE: This is the Re-Created Version of the Portsmouth Sinfonia Inspirations Discord Server!

According to the Wikipedia Article, it says: The Portsmouth Sinfonia was an orchestra founded by a group of students at the Portsmouth School of Art in England, in 1970. The Sinfonia was generally open to anyone and ended up drawing players that were either people without musical training or, if they were musicians, ones that chose to play an instrument that was entirely new to them. Among the founding members was one of their teachers, English composer Gavin Bryars. The orchestra started as a one-off, tongue-in-cheek performance art ensemble but became a cultural phenomenon over the following ten years, with concerts, record albums, a film and a hit single. They last performed publicly in 1979.
Today, we are inspired to become the New Portsmouth Sinfonia, and play a variety of different types of music rather than Classical.

Even though we are professional musicians, we are all attempting to sound very badly on purpose, cause that's the rule here. It's ok if some of us play a little bit professionally if we want to, but most of us will play very badly on purpose.
Feel free to discuss and interact with other musicians! You can also perform for others as well as learn from other people!!
This is a band and orchestra based music server!
If you are looking for some friends to jam out with this is the place to be!
Join us today and see what we're about :D
~Kevin Ngo
If you play a musical instrument and are a band student under the age of 18, then have I got the server for you!
Band students international is the perfect place to meet other instrument and music enthusiasts.
The Portsmouth Sinfonia was an experimental orchestra of Students, founded in 1970, and ended in 1980, at the Portsmouth School of the Arts in England. Each of the students in the orchestra had to learn how to play every instrument that they haven’t played before, and most of them would play the wrong notes and play out of tune, and some of them might sound pretty good.
Some people would say that this group was usually called by their stage name, “The World’s Worst Orchestra.”

Today, we are in honor of bringing the group back to life by making our own Portsmouth Sinfonia Orchestra with NEW Members, and NEW Classical Music that is too difficult for beginner musicians.

All Beginner Orchestral Students are welcome, as well as their Teachers who are professionals too.
A new discord server for NYO2. All alumni, people who are planning on auditioning, and people who are looking forward to it in the future are welcome! I haven't seen one around on reddit, so that is the reason for this. This is not a professional server, just a relaxed, casual server for the NYO2 community.
Note: This server is not managed officially by Carnegie Hall and NYO2
Hey, please join because I am interested in creating a community for people to make friends with fellow band and orchestra students. I would like to expand it as much as I can