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Quarantine Chamber Society is a friendly server for classical musicians looking to take advantage of their time in quarantine and partner with others to create fun chamber projects.
Welcome to Our Ensemble!
We are a band, choir, and orchestra based music server. This is a great server if you are looking for a diverse laid back community filled with musicians. All are welcomed here we would love to get to know every one of you better.
What we offer:

🎵 active community for all musicians

🎵 music themed ranking

🎵 channels for almost everything

🎵 giveaways

🎵 fun bots (like Owo, Tatsu, TacoShack, and more!)

🎵 self assignable roles (instruments, ages, and more!)

🎵 9 self assignable role colors

🎵 LGBT+ friendly

🎵 +1,500 members
Hello everyone!
The Music Oasis is a Discord server designed for any musician, from amateur to professional. It’s currently under new management.

We will be hosting several events, competitions, and recitals.

In late July, we will also be holding a talent show with a 🌟CASH PRIZE🌟

Additionally, the recitals we host will give you a chance to showcase your progress, no matter how small!

All instrumentalists, vocalists, producers and composers are welcome!

Join today!
Hi, are you looking for a nice server to talk about music, then is this your server. This server is a place where you can talk about music, It doesn't mater if you're a professional, a newbie or just a music lover. We hope to see you soon and that you have a great time here.

What we offer:

🎶 An active server
🎶 We have different channels where you can post or share your music
🎶 Different bots
🎶 Self-roles

And so much more, come and take a look. You won't regretted it.
Our purpose is to unite musicians around the globe. :)

(This server, although a server focused on orchestra, welcomes anyone with open arms.)
Server for all things French Horn and Band related! Its brand new so I hope to see some fellow horn players join!
Welcome to Band Cult International!
If you are in your school band or play any Instrument, please come along!
We have many things to do, including self assignable roles and many text and voice chats!
DOOTDOOT.EXE; A magnificent place for young musicians from all over the world aged 13-18 in orchestras or bands to talk with each other, share memes, performances, or just complain about how we all suck.

This server is for you if you're a young musician, and are looking for a laid-back, diverse musical community!
We have:
- A variety of different channels, including a meme channel; a creative works channel; a band vs orchestra (Orchestra wins btw) channel and several more!
- Practice room voice chats! Now others can hear how good you are!

- A light-hearted and diverse musical community for you to talk to!

- Receive critique on compositions, and share any music you want people to listen to.

- A ranking system with rewards available!

Currently, there are plans to play a piece from La La Land together over the internet.

Join our musical community! You won't regret it!
This server is for musicians who want to interact with others to ask for advice, give opinions, or just have fun. Musicians of any experience level are welcome!
Team Renegade/East West Orchestra server
<FIRST DISCORD SERVER that manages a group of musicians and a group of gamers>

For Team Renegade, we offer:

-Expert guidance on honing Fortnite skills

-Clan wars(after the ranks of team renegade are built up)

-Internal competitions(soon to be commenced)

-High ranks available(join now to get a prominent rank)

For East West Orchestra, we offer:

-A community where music lovers from all different walks of life get to meet together

-Performances and recitals

-Advises on playing instruments

-MOST IMPORTANTLY, this is the ONLY discord music server that have BOTH WESTERN and CHINESE music integrated together, which means that there are Chinese music instrumentalists and Chinese music lovers in this server too

-You can learn more about Chinese music if you join

So, what are you waiting for? Join our server now and you will definitely not regret it!
Yoyoyo, I am Titus, and welcome to Tubatown! A server dedicated to the tuba! Here, we can give you tuba advice, share tuba music, and talk about anything music related. Come and join the online tuba community!
NOTE: This is the Re-Created Version of the Portsmouth Sinfonia Inspirations Discord Server!

According to the Wikipedia Article, it says: The Portsmouth Sinfonia was an orchestra founded by a group of students at the Portsmouth School of Art in England, in 1970. The Sinfonia was generally open to anyone and ended up drawing players that were either people without musical training or, if they were musicians, ones that chose to play an instrument that was entirely new to them. Among the founding members was one of their teachers, English composer Gavin Bryars. The orchestra started as a one-off, tongue-in-cheek performance art ensemble but became a cultural phenomenon over the following ten years, with concerts, record albums, a film and a hit single. They last performed publicly in 1979.
Today, we are inspired to become the New Portsmouth Sinfonia, and play a variety of different types of music rather than Classical.

Even though we are professional musicians, we are all attempting to sound very badly on purpose, cause that's the rule here. It's ok if some of us play a little bit professionally if we want to, but most of us will play very badly on purpose.
Hello! We are a small band server looking for members! We aim to have a welcoming community of people from all ensembles. As the server ages, we may add some fun bots like pokecord.
We have:
-Self-assignable roles
-Openings for partnerships
-Laid-back staff
-Channels for each ensemble

Join us today and meet other band kids!
A server for people who play violin, viola, cello, or bass. Our server is small right now, but we hope it will grow. The server conductors keep everything running smoothly.
Welcome to the Conservatory of Music! We are a band and orchestra based music server so bring your instrument out and show us what you're made of :D
Uhhh yea I mean I don't have much else to say here so like....... yea just join.
Welcome to my server! This Server involves All Different Types of Musicians, meaning a collaboration of Beginners, Mediocres, Advanced, and professional, and some that just like to improvise. These types of musicians can get together, whether solo, or in a group, and make beautiful music! These Musicians will also attend in auditioning in some Music Groups, which they will be announced in the "Music Announcements" Text Channel. So come and join the group and create beautiful music together with me!
A server about music with instrument types roles for all the musicians around the world.
-Friendly ambient
-Self-assignable roles
-Tatsumaki bot
-Music bot
-Secret chats/voice chats
The Young Composer's Online Orchestra is a group dedicated to recording and promoting works by young composers. While there is no specific age limit, we'd prefer if members who submit music be high school or college aged.
Music.mp4 is a new community dedicated to music Students, Teachers, Casuals, Beginners, Professionals, and more! With varying categories like Jazz, Concert, and Marching band to Orchestra and Choir!