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Welcome to my server.
If you want to become a member of a nice social server, read on.

This server is made for talking to people you may not know at all or who you know or just to chat with your friends.

If you just join the server, you have to wait 10 minutes for your role BUT
note, we have thought of that, we have a chat and a voice channel if you do not have a role yet, the following roles are: member you get this role after being on the server for 10 minutes.
We also have a role called:
cool. But how do you actually get such a role? Well, it is very simple if you are on our server for more than two and a half weeks, then you get this role.

We also have a role called: Legend, you get this role if you have been familiar with our discord server for a while

An application will be made from time to time to become a staff member. The chosen people are then called test personnel.
We have a ticket system that allows you to ask questions and use it as follows:
-new then ask your question. But you can file a problem if you have a problem with someone.
We have some tough rules, because we don't tolerate weird behavior,
We have 1 big rule if you are scold with a bad illness then you will have a ban of 3 days again is a pban.
If you do not comply with one of the rules, there will be major consequences. So read the rules carefully.

we have chat channels for memes🐸

for would you rathers 🎭

And much more

Some tips let me know.
And one more thing I am a starting server.

So you are looking for a nice social server with fun things join than this one.
See you there ?!
Welcome to Minigame Playground! I am XxExcabitexX the owner of Minigame Playground. I have being making a lot of servers ever since i was inspired! The point of this game is to compete in a contest and you have to do what the contest is. Elites are the players who won the contest. 4 Elites will compete for the title, The Champion. We will be happy for you to come with us and participate!

This is XxExcabitexX signing out!
Welcome to Pokemon Adventure! This server has Gym battles and you can enjoy doing challenges and joining teams to support your team! Social with people and have fun catching pokemons and you could encounter a legendary! So come and join us and have fun with pokemon!
v8!™ Discord® is a server dedicated to make new friends
and chill out with others!
Come join us if you like bot games, fun, gambling, play pokecord, owo, purity, epic rpg, myuu and many more.
Chill out with some music bots.
Gaming chat, any games.
Get cool roles etc...
this a server for all the members
you can command bot
requests anything from the owner
members is friendly
we partnership with other people
hi there, this is just a smol server and boredom but we are always active and Friendly, we arebasian but if u r not it still fine cuz feel free to join. have a good day! :3
Welcome to T.A.S.B
↪️We offer :

➡️ A wide community
➡️ Animes
➡️ Musics
➡️ A relaxing place with nice people
What are you waiting for?
Join T.A.S.B now!!
Servidor pra quem curte Animes, Musica, Memes/ShitPosts Games e estah naquele Tedio T-T


*Diversos Bots
*V.I.P s
*No-Mic Chat
*Flood Chat
*Private Calls

Juntem-se a nos!
Hello every one. As the name indicates "Steam Community" means this is the community of steamers where they can chat, have funs with friendly environment.

come and join this server.
Edited by me & my friends
Join & find an e-girl or an e-boy

╔════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ════════╗
╚════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ════════╝

Welcome Music Lovers newcomer. This is a world created by Music Person
Many Bots are For ur joys Like rythm, memebot,many more bots avail your Fun In server not Only for Music , All Type to Creation We accept Any topic .
Join us and we will have the best of times here. We take and accept all types of people in any region and will continue to progress our world that way.
@everyone @here
This is a server allows you to rp, listen to music. Chat, etc. and does not judge and allows the inner one show and crap
We Need for people so hard right now..
Join This Server If you want to listen to musics... or talk about games... or talk about anything you want!!! use Any language you like!!! Chat with Each others!!! Invite others!! and it will be more fun!! :DD Plenty of bots that can play musics Just dont talk about porn please..