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Pokemon Pets is a highly active browser mmorpg that is completely free!
No downloads, no P2W system and a helpful child friendly community!

Here at our discord, there's a variety of things to do!
-Need help or want advice? Ask away! Everyone's always ready to help!
-Got suggestions? Post 'em! We listen to all ideas!
-Want to listen to music with your friends? We've got Rythm bot!
-Want to share your art with others? We have an art sharing channel!
-We've got tons of pokemon emojis and will add yours if you ask!

Pokemon Pets lets you collect, train and battle with your favorite Pokemon! It's a free online RPG with people playing all over the world! Strive to become No:1! Whether in collecting or PVP!

Pokemon Pets is an absolutely free Online RPG! (Absolutely no cost!) Play the game online in your browser, no plugins or downloads!

Some of the features in this game include : Exciting live PVP battles, Challenging NPC trainers and fearsome gyms! Featuring over 520 maps, very fluent game play, Private messages and an easy to use market system!

Over 2500 unique Pokémon from fakemon, fusions and much more! Each Pokémon is unique thanks to our EV and IV systems! Collect your favorite Pokemon from the original games or partner up with some of our exciting new fakemon composed by our community!

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Ratings & Reviews

14 reviews
luckydragonwolf luckydragonwolf
Awesome Place!
This server is one of my favorites, because you can connect with other Pokemon Pets players and put in ideas for the game. This server does a great job incorporating bots into the community, and is very well designed.
Theres something here for everyone!
265 days ago
Ancient Furret Ancient Furret
Pokemon Pets Review
The first thing I want to say is Pokemon Pets is a good server. Even though it is good though that doesn't mean it doesn't have flaws. For me when I first joined I felt like an outsider, because there was no one to help guide you into what to do. I also could find a way to fit into the community because it is vary art centered and is more for those who are very into art.The rest of the community is fine though and it even has Pokecord.
322 days ago
Rhaegon(Developer) Rhaegon(Developer)
Best Pokemon Game Ever!
The most realistic detailed pokemon game. Good admin and good players. And you can play this game with mobile platforms. Everything which what we want as gamers
490 days ago
This game is fantastic
If you are looking to play Online Pokemon game, online any game, mmo game, mmorpg game, rpg game, free game, whatever, just try this awesome game

The game has guild wars, live pvp battles, elo ranking system, top trainers, guilds, market and everything :)
490 days ago