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Bombastic Butt Triangle
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Bombastic Butt Triangle

Are you looking for a unique furry server like no other?
Well, you've come to the right place then, because BBT isn't like any other average furry server you've been in before.

We are more relaxed than your average furry server.
We are more welcoming than your average furry server
We are more active than your average furry server.
We are better than your average furry server.

☆⫸· ══════ ⋄ ☆ ⋄ ══════ ·⫷☆
☆⫸· ══════ ⋄ ☆ ⋄ ══════ ·⫷☆

• Affable and active chats
• Friendly and understanding staff
• Weekly Game and Movie nights
• Monthly Art contests
• Levelling system
• Roleplaying section
• Gaming section with Fun bots
• Lots of useful roles
• Server profile system

Currently working on:
• Updated Patreon perks
• Server Website
• Custom Server Bot
• More events!

So what are you waiting for? Come Join us!
HΔSK | Blueberry Husko Bumped 1 hour ago

Ratings & Reviews

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It's I, Sahara! It's I, Sahara!
The owner is phat. This whole place phat. Don't touch Bosin he scary. Say hi to Scary Things In Dark Places, he just wants love.
335 days ago
1 1
Hero Hero
347 days ago
2 3
Moyquez [Moy] Moyquez [Moy]
its a great place
this place have some great people, they have art contests and so much, i recommend to go here if you like to meet new people
532 days ago
2 3
Husk the Husky Husk the Husky
Spicy lmao
541 days ago