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Honest Honest
Needs some adjustments
It's okay and all but there's too much drama. I've seen some people get falsely warned and banned which is questionable. If you're looking to speak about astrology, I don't recommend this server!
há 50 segundos
andreea andreea
Amazing server!
the people from here are really friendly and you should join too! it's spop related server with lots of games and events that are really enjoyable and just fun to do! the people from there are really friendly and open minded and i love it here!
há 5 minutos
Nerva Nerva
All the help you’ll ever need
I joined SR about 2 weeks before my ap’s and though I regretted not finding this before, even in those 2 weeks it was of great help. SR has a great community and you can get help for almost anything including programming and standardized tests. I highly recommend for its incredibly helpful resources and lovely community <3 guys.
há 7 minutos
DeltaFox DeltaFox
Fun and Awesome Community
The server is full of awesome, and activate peps. The community is pretty active, interactive, and positive! Come join in and join the community and help it grow, and be even more awesome!!
há 12 minutos
Krrazy Krrazy
Well Made
This server is absolutely Incredible. It is extremely well made from Great layout, providing information, Great Community and More! I Highly recommend this server if your looking for Custom Matchmaking, Fortnite Streams, Posting Art, Or just to find friends and chat!
há 13 minutos
Nibb Nibb
One star
Got muted for no reason. I would like to be unmuted. This is my review of this server.
há 15 minutos
Blast Happy Brat Blast Happy Brat
Do you wanna build an oc?
This place is perfect for OCS, as it is the only thing the server accepts, so naturally creativity is vastly encouraged, the sky is the limits for what and who you wanna make, barring a few quirk rules of course. But this is the perfect place for creativity and fun!
há 21 minutos
Flav' Flav'
Mon avis - Flav'
En rejoignant ce serveur, j'avais espoir de trouver une bonne communauté et de bons rôleplayeurs. Rare est l'occasion d'associer les deux sur un serveur, et ce serveur ci fait parti de ces rares serveurs. Un staff sympathique et actif, des gens cool avec qui discuter et un RP au top ! Je vous conseil ce serveur qui a du potentiel.
há 22 minutos
꧁𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂 ℜa℘t๏r꧂ ꧁𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂 ℜa℘t๏r꧂
Un serveur génial, amusante, acceuilante et divertissant! Tout le mondes s'entend très bien!
há 23 minutos
big sad big sad
Not as good as it seems
I've been lurking in this server for a while and I have seen all kinds of shenanigans. There's often drama and the chat is very unmoderated. Newcomers are usually ignored. Some rules also don't make sense and honestly, some of them are useless. If you like astrology, this isn't a good place for you unless you want to waste your time. 2/10 would astrology again
há 25 minutos
Assasine_J Assasine_J
Super Server!
Ich finde das ist ein sehr guter Discordserver um mit Leuten ein bisschen zu zocken. Es gibt eine große Auswahl an Bots, mit denen du dir Musik anhören kannst und einfach die Zeit vertreiben kannst!
Das Team ist sehr kompetent und kann bei allen Problemen weiterhelfen.
Auf dem Discordserver herrscht eine freundliche Atmosphäre und viele Spieler mit denen man reden kann oder Games zocken kann!
Super Server kann ich nur epmfehlen!
há 26 minutos
*Akko* *Akko*
Totally not the owner
The server has nice and caring staff
And the server layout is nice and simple but is still being worked on 😺👍
há 27 minutos
leon ikspice leon ikspice
Lovely server
Welcoming and active people. Some people give free readings to new members or when they have free time so that is a plus. Just be nice and kind and people will share a lot of knowledge just for the sake of helping people.
há 31 minutos
[̲̅╠ΔҜ𝔲m𝐮[̲̅╣ [̲̅╠ΔҜ𝔲m𝐮[̲̅╣
TL:DR, very good server.
The admins are very good, as well the server itself, the community is ok but good for most of the time and there is fun stuff like gamenights and movienights, as well as pokemon nuzlockes with karens and fun roleplays
há 31 minutos
TheAvatar TheAvatar
Amazing Server full of people who love anime and memes!
This is truly an amazing server. There is lots of kind people you can become friends with and we welcome everyone :)

I really hope anyone who sees this review gives this server a try
há 31 minutos
StarZigZag StarZigZag
Still under construction but its good
best server EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
há 32 minutos
JustDani JustDani
Why haven't you joined already?
This server is like the song Country Roads: "Take me home, to a place where I belong."

Everyone is super friendly, open and appreciative. There are members from all over the world, which means that there is always an interesting conversation you can have with someone.

We do have a forced protocol on there server. Despite that the tone on the server is casual and flirting.

há 32 minutos
Mordekai 🔪 Mordekai 🔪
Fright Night is a horror-themed server and is open to a multitude of interests. :skull: It is chill and a place where you can just be yourselves.
Since it is a growing server, we openly accept your tips and suggestions in #🗳•suggestion-box !
@[100]Dream Master
We also have VIP Roles for those who deserve it :GWomoRaphiWink:
We also have an :underage:NSFW:underage: channel.
We also have bots like :
Dank Memer
Idle Miner
Myuu Pokemon Arena
OwO Bot
Tatsu Bot
há 33 minutos
Karla_Sass💘 Karla_Sass💘
Great community
I left the server because of my own personal reasons but I absolutely love this server.
há 39 minutos
KuKlacksClan KuKlacksClan
Денис лох
Отзывчивая администрация, интересные игры. Я хоть новичок, но влился сразу же. В общем говоря, топ.
há 40 minutos
The best The best
Me encanta el server
La verdad llevaba mucho tiempo buscando un server hasta que llegue a este. la verdad la dedicación es muy buena. lo recomiendo
há 41 minutos
Ndahi Ndahi
What a turn around thanks to the people on this server!!
started learning the market in January, became full time trader due to COVID and being furloughed, lost thousands on a FOMO play in $GNUS, after losing thousands back in June in $GNUS like a clown. I will never forget the day I was warned that $GNUS stock price was going to go down from this server. What did I do? Ignored it and watched my money vanish. The mentors here care for your money and do your best to help you learn. I literally did the equivalent of going all in on red at a casino, with no due diligence, no charted previous resistance lines I killed my dream as a day trader. Whole confidence was gone, but I realized I can either accept the L and give up lose all that money like I've read so many times that 90% traders crash!! Instead honestly shadowed under a few mentors in this servers, and got my stock confidence up under their group classes!!! I wish I was able to post how much of a turn around my portfolio has done thanks to the mentoring classes that exist within the classes. Yes there is the stock alerts EVERY other server has, but if you're trading on your own and going red then you aren't learning!! Well that's what this is for. They teach you how to fish for life, not how to catch one fish.
há 41 minutos
CEO of Mod || 𝕪𝕦𝕟𝕠 🍀 CEO of Mod || 𝕪𝕦𝕟𝕠 🍀
un server pieno di persone simpatiche socievoli e molto altro assolutamente consigliato con uno staff sempre disponibile per dare aiuto
há 42 minutos
Noor Noor
A lovable community!
Ink is a community built beautifully, managed amazingly and filled with amazeball members! Along with helping you become a better author, editor, graphic designer or whichever department a person plays at, it also helps you out to find some lovely friends whom you can freely chat with and always count on! Speaking from personal experience, this community has become a family to me and I am so glad to be a part of it.
há 42 minutos

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