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🌈Learning Playground is a server that just started and its main purpose is learning. We have different rooms for learning and a special category for tasking with someone (under control to be sure everyone is feeling safe enough). The server is divided between many channels and includes:
-the general channels, where you can chat normally like in any other server
-a tasking category for who wants to do some training live with their partner or just with someone they chose in the server.
-slave trade category, where basically you can put yourself for sale for some hours for SFW or NSFW reasons, you can choose whatever you want, get an auction just to watch some Netflix, play games or have fun, you can do whatever you feel comfortable
- a hard kink category not visible unless requested. It's a place where you can talk about some potentially triggering kinks without spoiling it
-lots of both to play with -vent and confess channels to use anonymously if needed -self roles and color roles
-auto voice channels to create private rooms with your friends
-id verification system, only 18+ allowed we're new so there are not many members still, but we could grow and be a nice community, give us a try 🌈

🌈it is also a LGBTQ+ and kink friendly 🌈
A warm and friendly community willing to improve spoken English.
Focus on direct talking in voice channels and listening to 24/7 English streams.
The official Discord server of Dragon Ball Hyper Blood! Join for know about the updates and chill with the members.
Welcome to Tactical University! We're your one stop shop for all things Guns,rifles,knives,medical, training and more! Join us and lets talk!
Here we respect the bush campers, the normal players who still play fortnite even against all odds(the tryhards). So come and enjoy a friendly community where everyone is welcome(even tryhards). So that we can improve our skillz, and most of all share the secrets of bush camping. The Bush is our friend, we reosect the bush and honor the bush campers that use these sacred bushes.
We are a group that plan on playing shinobi life 2 when it comes out and then train together. We welcome new player at the moment we just chat in the group but as i said when the game comes out we will have our own organization and probably to clan wars
Join our server to train for a discord moderator. We supply you with a certificate that is recognised by many servers and they will then make you a moderator as you have passed our training! So come and join in and see what its all about, and have fun!
- Welcome to the 'Hunting Grounds' -

I run my staking group, sell % wildcat shares & coach through discord.
The community has a poker focus (well all things cards / gaming) but it is not exclusive - with channels for music / media / live concerts and giveaways. I am 33 yr grinder making that change up to full time.

I like to country hop, so hit me up with where you are always up for drink a flop or two.
Dramatist / Dad jokes / strategy games & anything on 2 wheels enthusiast.

New Hunters are always welcome to flick me a DM , discuss a hand, your set up of just a Netflix review.
The UNCF Cosmo Navy, more commonly known as the United Nations Cosmo Navy (UNCN), is a division of the United Nations Cosmo Force, the space-based military of the Earth Federation. The Cosmo Navy has jurisdiction over all military spacecraft operations defending Earth and interests inside and outside Earth's solar system.The Cosmo Navy comprises part of the United Nations Cosmo Force (UNCF).The separate nations of the Earth Federation maintain the space fleets that form the Cosmo Navy; Japan is a major contributor, with warships having been based at a spaceport near Mount Fuji.
Founded: August 18th
Plants: Earth
Years: 2160-2212
Language: English
Alliance: None
Enemies: None
government :Earth Federation
֍▬● Welcome to our Language Café! ●▬֍

You're learning a language, you want to train yourself by speaking with native speakers, or you want to help others to learn your language? Then you're at the right place!

In our Language Café, you can sit at one of our multiple tables to speak in whatever language you want. You can also talk with members by voice chat to improve your understanding.
We also provide a Tutorial Zone to help you learn a new language.

Come join us in our cool Café, relax and enjoy speaking with others with a good coffee or tea!

Are you looking for a community about volleyball which is friendly? If so you have found the perfect server. We offer training advice for any position, no matter your level of experience. Even if you are not so keen on volleyball, there are a lot of other activities which you can do like listening to music, discussing anime, and maybe, after a while, you might like volleyball.
Want to get better at Roblox Arsenal? Want to participate in occasional tournaments? Then this server is for you. We are a new server that accepts people that want to be trainers, as well as people that want a trainer themselves. We also host tournaments sometimes. We hope to see you in our server!
The Pseudo RAF Is an FSX Royal Air Force group for people who like fast jets, In the Pseudo RAF, we do training such as Quick reaction alerts, Intercepting Commercial Aircraft and Doing General Aviation to have a great experience! We also have trained Air Traffic Controllers to make your experience even better! The Aircraft we use for our RAF Pilots is as followed:
BAE 146-200
Boeing T-45C Goshawk
F-35 Series
The staff team likes to think of the server as a kink-positive place centered around those curious about lifestyle kink with any level of interest or experience. We offer a variety of things as a group, and newcomers will be welcomed in entirely as soon as they verify through staff. This server is exclusively 18+.

- Intimate and sociable community
- Exclusive, original content from members.
- Positive learning environment to learn from experienced dominants and submissives.
- Upcoming weekly classes.
- Variety of self-assignable kink roles
- Very, very LGBQT+ friendly.
- Staff are almost all subs. (We don't like places run entirely by doms.)
As the name implies, this is a non-toxic server dedicated to both steady and cooperative improvement, as well as pressure-free fun.

No one is expected to be perfect here, only a little better today than yesterday.

Region: North America
Age: 18+, Mics required.

This server is intended for:
- Players: Diamond 1 and above
- Like to play on a regular basis, and want other regulars to play with.
- Want to train and get better at the game with other people.
- Don't take the game too seriously because fun comes above all else.
Hi wir sind ein Fortnite Clan mit, netten Membern und vieles mehr. Um mehr zu Erfahren joine uns doch!
Hi and welcome to Pokemon Beyond !
Here we catch pokemon, train our pokemon, meet shinies, legendaries and hatch eggs! We also have a trading system and a market system! We have a supportive staff and are always be willing to help out!

Welcome to Pokemon Beyond where you adventures have just began...
Welcome to the arsenal Training Server. In this server, you will be trained by trainers that I have been assigned to train you. This server has a lot of respect for others and will help your skills in arsenal to become the best we can make them. Enjoy, have fun and play together!
in this server you can contact one of the verified gaming coaches to have them help you learn how to play but for right now i do not have any that is why i wish to grow my server so more people can find it and get more help.