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Hello everyone! This is the official discord server of SithSamLive. I mainly stream the game Sea of Thieves but I play other games as well. If you are not into that then there is still a great group of people in the server that you can meet and chat with.
Serveur de Niridya, petit streamer français indépendant.

Rejoignez pour dire bonjour à la communauté et passer un bon moment avec nous !

On est presque à 150 membres, merci à tous !
THE GINGER LEGION is an exciting, vibrant community designed to allow people from around the world to discuss gaming, YouTube, and to generally chill out and meet new people with similar interests. We would love to have you in our server, and hopefully one day OUR LEGION will grow and expand to become more than just a small community. Join us here today!

Staff application [OPEN]
Please be here a week before applying
Howdy Hey! My name is Pocahontas or Poca for short, I am the owner of the discord server and the name behind Dorkside Gaming. This is a Streamer/Content creator based community. Heavily based on my fans and community but we are welcoming to all friends and support other content creators as well! so join the Dorkside today and become part of the family!!
This is an established feminist server. Over 600 Users! We are looking to open up to everyone so they know that feminist isn't a bad word! Trolls are gotten rid of in our own special way. So they do not ruin a great server <3 We have safe space and gendered roles! Female only Voice chats also! We hope to have a nice and long talk with everyone on the base of feminist ideals!
Mein Name ist Robin oder auch Styreno auf meinen Socials genannt :)
Ich führe einen Discord Server für alle Spielebegeisterten unter euch und Leute die gerne meine Twitch-Streams schauen. Mich würde es sehr freuen, wenn ihr daran Interesse zeigt, auf dem Server vorbeizuschauen und da mal mit anderen abzuhängen. Grüße gehen raus und euch noch einen schönen Tag ;D ~Styreno
Home to the streamer Praaxiiis, rust and destiny 2 lfg’s. We welcome PC, PlayStation and Xbox. We have game bots, music bots, meme bots and even a pokemon bot! it’s bots galore!

Here, we’re all equal gamers! Everyone and anyone is welcome :)
Это сервер ютубрера AniWave, на котором вы сможете общаться с ним и другими ютуберами, которых там более 20.
Calling all Twitch streamers,
The Kingdom is a server of Twitch streamers all looking to grow, network and share ideas.
We weekly reward those that support others the most within the group by giving them the "Royal Court" role, this could be through helping with tech, raiding others, hosting or watching your friends within The Kingdom

Absolutely no racism/homophobia or xenophobia or any form of discrimination is allowed, this is a safe place

Network and grow and play games with other streamers :)
We are a community of streamers and fans trying to support each other. Come join the server for
- Level up rewards
- VIP Status
- Giveaways
- Stream promotion

And so much more!
This is a discord server for any and all viewers, present and future, of my Twitch stream. Creating a friendly and welcoming community that will support each other.
My discord includes a Twitter Feed that posts my tweets directly to the server and an automated system to notify of when I go live in Twitch.
As the community is built up, more fun stuff will be added.
Server is boosted to level 1.
・゚† Welcome to Bittersweet! †・゚

Sugar, spice, and everything /not/ nice~

Bittersweet is a growing server where you can find friends to hang out with and play games! (mostly League of Legends)

We offer:
-Welcoming and friendly staff.
-Tons of voice channels for both casual convos and gaming!
-Your own temporary personal voice channel!
-Selfie and meme chats.
-50+ personal roles to choose from!
-Biweekly events.
-Chat activity rewards.
-Lil bit of toxicity but a whole lotta love!

Feel free to join the madness~♡
Welcome to the CandyManYT official discord server

A Friendly Gaming Community.
Come join us!
We are a home to many Streamers and Content Creators.

Custom music bots.
Selfie channel.
Level up roles.
Idle Mining.

And so much more!!!
We are a family of streamers and non streamers alike, just people who love gaming, meeting new people, and all go out of our way to help in whatever you need. Whether it be resources, shoutouts, help building your discord, anything...All we ask is you give the same respect we give you. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL SOON!
┌───── •✧✧• ─────┐
__😸 -WELCOME- 😸__
└───── •✧✧• ─────┘ ᵖˡˢ ʲᵒᶦⁿ ᶦᵐ ᵈᵉˢᵖᵉʳᵃᵗᵉ
A community server for anyone to hangout, welcome all. A place for people to play video games, talk with friends and even make them. A growing community where the main person is you. Everyone is your friend. We appreciate anyone that decides to join us
✩Chat with a lovely community
✩Vent to an understanding members
✩Hosted events
✩Post cute pet pictures
✩Meme, Music, Nsfw, Gaming, Media channels
✩Self Roles
Zuke Squad is home to 2 100K+ YouTubers Symple and Bxrry. This server is full of chill and friendly people so don't be shy. Come join us and have a great time!
G. Ruki's Discord server community

Welcome to Angel's Halo's! This is a server for AngelofSquish's Twitch channel! This is a stream where Angel plays games and talks with her community! You can also meet all of the streaming crew here too! This is a safe place server and we are very chill and love to chat so text us whenever!
Hey , wir aus dem GamerParadies
sind eine bisher noch kleine Community mit um die 50 mitglieder , natürlich wollen wir unseren Horizont erweitern und laden aus dem Grund jeden ein dem es gefällt mal die (Sau ) rauszulassen und mit uns Lachen Spaß haben und mal Fokusiert auf Spiele hat ...wenn du / ihr Leute seid die gerne auch mal Unterhaltungen über alle Themen habt seid ihr bei uns genau richtig
MissMayPlays is a new coming UK based streamer, playing and learning variety of different games genres for fun - This is a community based server which has been built for people to engage in conversation even out of stream.

Come and join us, you can promote your Twitch, YouTube, and many more!
You will also find people to play within all games, and will make new friends from all over the globe!

✸Promote your Twitch, YouTube, and many more!
✸Make new friends!
✸Listen to music!
✸Netflix Parties/Watch Parties!
✸Find people to play with on all different types of games!
✸Participate in giveaways!
✸Many more!

We look forward to speaking with you soon!