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Hi, My name is CT Thunder, I'm a Youtuber, this discord server is very chill(Satire jokes here and thereXD). Top 10 most active of every month(xp resets every month to make it fair) in my server gets free nitro (:
Artists United is an international art-network where Artists, Friends of art, potential Clients & potential Co-workers find together.

Get your commissions done here! We are a viable alternative to fiverr and co.

We welcome Creative Minds of any experience level and provide everyone a non-toxic haven to share artworks & experience, to get feedback & critiques, to compete in challenges & art-games, to teach, learn, chat or vent, to announce art-streams, and to hire hundreds of Freelancer Artists.

We are an affable and relax adult community, constantly improving & developing unique new features. Despite we have a strict set of rules and make an effort to realize our User's feedback and ideas.
Our server language is english.

TAGS: Adult Community | Art | Artist | Art Streamer | Freelancer | Hire Artist | Work on commission | Collaboration | Educational | Tutorials | Tipps & Tricks | Events | Art Contest | Challenges | Roleplay | Cooperative | Studies | Critique | Drawing | Painting | Doodle | Sketches | WIP | Traditional | Digital | Animation | Graphic Design | Web Design | Twitch Design | Photography | Poetry | Handicraft | Performing Arts | | Drawful |
Zuke Squad is home to 2 100K+ YouTubers Symple and Bxrry. This server is full of chill and friendly people so don't be shy. Come join us and have a great time!
Foxotic is an ANGERY content creator who also wants to learn to be wholesome. Come join the chaos
> Active Community
> Streamer Collabs
> Community Games
Nia’s Lost Woods is a Small community supporting my Twitch streams for smash bros Ult! (Link main ofc) We have Nitro giveaways, Matchmaking , and we will eventually set up mini tournaments , where even YOU can compete!💛 , please feel welcomed in by a active server where we love meeting new people and playing smash. Hope to see you there
Looking for a welcoming community to spread ideas and talents with? Well look no further, Organization REN is recruiting members who aspire to be artists, voice actors, gamers, and many other talents. We are a wholesome community with a generous member base willing to help and give tips. Feel free to share with other creators and enjoy your stay!!!
Zwei Streamer, ein Discord.
Wir sind Veit und Chris und bauen eine kleine, aber feine Gaming Community auf. Gespielt wird alles mögliche, was Spass macht. Bei uns findest Du zudem viele andere Spielgefährten, egal ob für PUBG, Battlefield, GTA oder Minecraft etc.
A small community who are able to advertise their content to other content creators and collaborate.
We have several gaming roles and a variety of bots.
This server also promotes Adriisy's content.
╔====== Welcome ===================╗
╟▬╢Advertise your channel!
╟▬╢Interactive Community
╟▬╢Focus on small streamers and viewers.
╠▬▬▬╣Dedicated roles and channels for streamers
╟ ▬╢Join other cool channels!
╟ ▬╢Get an audience!
That One Guy's Streamer Server is a group of like-minded individuals who wish to stream on websites like Twitch. It's oriented around supporting and helping each other grow their channels.
A streamer looking to build a friendly community on Twitch and Discord! I am a variety gaming streamer and we have channels for all the games I'm actively playing! We hope to see you guys jump in and say hi!

* World War Z
* League of Legends
* Star Wars Battlefront 2
* Modern Warfare
* Gotcha Force

More coming soon? Don't be shy and let's be friends! :o

Revamped! All new and cool! :P
Come join my Discord community! And if you are a streamer, I'll allow my twitch bot to promote your channel when you are live! My server is here to connect and have fun!
Looking for a spot to chill? looking for some random server? or a discord just to laugh and have fun? Then you came to the right place, welcome to the island of your favorite demi god the one and only Maui!!! This is my streaming discord, but we do more than just advertising my stream. I made this server for those who like to chat about the things they enjoy, or like to talk about. Me and my team of admins and mods have a good sense of humor and we are not to strict but we have standards to be professional. Also it is not our fault for you viewing NSFW :).
🔥Welcome to Haze’s Community.🔥
We are a chill server that wants you to join so we can grow to a big server that talks 24/7.


We're a non-toxic nice community

We play lots of games, are pretty chill and like to discuss.

We play pokecord but we also have fun bots like Rythm and MEEE6 bot.

We want you to join to help us become a bigger and more fun community.


Short right?
Anyways join up so you can help us grow into a huge amazing server.
Welcome to Plankton’s Squad! This server is owned by the streamer himself. We welcome everyone to come and join us, be sure to check out his streams. They consist of many different games.
Welcome to my server! This server is about gaming, memes, streaming, and making new friends. We would love to have you in my server!
This is the Discord server for GammerGallTero. A Youtuber and Streamer. This server is here for fun and community, as well as keeping up to date on new releases related to GTA5 Roleplay, on Aspirant Gaming. So hop in and just chill.
Hey, guys!

This Discord Server is intended to serve as a hub for content creators, viewers, gamers, artists, movie buffs, nerdy types, and everything in between.

As we continue to grow, so will you! This Discord is *perfect* for content creators who are looking to network with others who create and to connect with new viewers.

We have channels with:

Pokemon Roleplay

Music Sharing

Dank Memes

Philosophical Discussions

Indie Gaming Discussions

and So Much More!

Come on over to Vhasr's Hideout. The gang's all here.
The Jazz Band is aspiring Twitch Streamer, Jazz Stewart 's community. Even if you aren't a fan, you can still hang out. This is a place for everyone, a place where you can really fuck around, make some friends, and GAME. Hop in! Settle in! Fit in! Welcome to the Jazz Band.
Hey everyone!
Welcome to TimTamTown, a place where everyone can make friends and hang out!

This is a community server made by me, TimTamTim, for my twitch channel TimTamTim_!
There's a lot to do in this server, so here's a list:
-Chat/VC (duh)
-Accessorise yourself with free custom roles!
-Share memes
-Discuss and listen to music
-Gain XP and level up
-Grind economy and get cool roles
-Advertise your server!
-Cool events sometimes happen lul
-Make a custom VC to chat with friends!

Hope to see you there!