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new server :)
we need more girls there's only a few girls in here
what we offer:
-a place to find and meet new people maybe because something :)
-self roles
-active voice chats

we accept everyone here you all our welcome just be 13+ please we'll be happy to see you ;)
(15+ only)
open and accepting server for gamers of all kinds ! feel free to join and play a couple round with us! ;))
+lvl 1 server boosted
+e-boys allowed~
+looking for simps also~
+offers partnerships~
+semi-active but comfy~
Welcome to Gamer Girl Club! Heaven of the Gamer Girls - Yet we do also welcome all da dudes in because what would a party be without the guys?

We offer fun time, dope roles, advertising system, partnerships and more!
We are a fun and friendly gaming community looking to have great people join us, play games, hang out in the music room, join movie nights, make new friends, take part in our giveaways! Join us today!
Girl only server!!!
Still really small cuz it's new BUT LIKE OMG JOINN
inv your gamer girl friends we tryna get this BIG-
thanks love u
Hi! I am BigFuzzyYak and welcome to the Fuzzy Herd! Here I love to play games with my amazing community and laugh a lot! Everyone is welcome to hang out here! At the moment I am obsessed with Call of Duty: Mobile, Brawl Stars and Shell Shockers! Please feel free to say hello, drop a follow and play with me!
~A community for gamers from all walks of life~
🎮 Chat with others gamers
🎮 Play games together
🎮 Fun bots
🎮 Ranking system
🎮 Self roles
🎮 Fun emojis
🎮 NSFW channels
yo so created this server for a movie star planet group but expanded with more ppl innit so anyone can join

we play among us and msp sometimes

you can make your own aesthetic channel let everyone see your interests

active group since November 2020

hii! this is a girl only server for among us and other games! my and my two other friends (we're all 14 at the moment btw) are searching other girls to play among us !! we can speak german and english :))

so if you're:
a girl lmao
willing to play w us-
not homophobic, racist ect.

join this server and maybe we can play together !!

! i made this server in a rush bc we wanted to find some ppl to play with, so it's really trash and without bots! maybe that'll change someday hihi !
ich versuch meinen Discord bisschen zu erweitern.
Falls du öfter mal Leute zum zocken suchst, bist du hier genau richtig. Wir spielen alles mögliche, sind eine echt gut gelaunte Truppe und jeden Tag da.
Falls du Interesse hast und 16+ bist, join doch gerne und schau dir meinen Discord an!^^
A server still growing, with many fun bots, and staff to help you if you need anything! We have interest chats, such as cooking, painting, makeup, and more, along with a mimu bot that can earn you special roles! We are looking to grow our server, so we also have a suggestions chat. Be welcome to join anytime!

Das hier ist mein kleiner, aber feiner Server!
Ich bin Cosplayerin und Streamerin und habe hier einen Platz geschaffen für Zuschauer, Anime Fans, Gamer und alle die gerne mal ein bisschen Quatschen wollen.

Komm doch einfach vorbei ♥
hii !! we're two girls (both 14, nearly 15) practically we made this server because we wanna find other girls who play w us )): we like to play rainbow six siege (we're bad) and the forest. we also have some other games !! we speak english and german

feel free to join when:

you're 13+ but not over 18
you're not homphobic, sexist, racisst
you actually wanna play w us
and a girl lmao
You want someone to pamper? Well, You've come to the right place sweetheart. <3

Only join if your willing to pamper me and stuff. <3

I'm bisexual so if your a girl you can join 2. <3

Also im single ;3

(the server itself was 10 mins of work so dont expect much)