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The best server on Discord to learn a language, and meet native speakers from around the world! We have many active members to help you with your language learning!

We have languages such as Spanish, Bulgarian, Arabic, Cree, and more!

We'd love to have you here!

(We are relatively new!)
We are a growing server with the goal of teaching people a bit of history! Meet like-minded people and exchange interesting and/or funny history facts! Maybe you find a new passion here? :)
Linglot is a dedicated server hosting interactive language-related activities: learning, teaching, studying, translating, sharing, exchanging and creating. We cover linguistics, SLA and didactics, conlanging (constructed languages) and anything you can think of!

❖ Discord City | server baru lahir
Tempat yang akan mengisi waktu luangmu dengan berbagai macam hal yang bermanfaat, sharing seputar programming, anime, game, blogger, youtube dan pembahasan lainnya.

Buat sobat yang gagal mendaftar kartu prakerja, jangan putus asa, mungkin sobat bisa ikut gabung di server discord city, kita sharing bareng seputar channel - channel atau situs yang bermanfaat untuk menambah ilmu. saling membantu satu sama lain.

❖ Fitur Discord City
✿ Channel Chat dan Voice Room.
✿ Maskot Bot Discord City [ Filo ] bisa diajak interaksi.
✿ Channel Wikipedia dari Bot Filo (Beta Test).
✿ Channel Blogger, Youtube, programing, photography, dll.
✿ Bot dan Room Music, bisa mendengarkan musik bersama.
✿ Bot pemberitahu Hari Ulang Tahun para member via bot Filo.
✿ Event DC` Academy (Coming Soon).
✿ Channel Masukan seputar server dan Bot Filo.
✿ Game Pertanyaan Receh dari Bot Filo.
✿ Channel mathematics, penghitungan (Coming Soon).
✿ Channel Hobby, Art Creator, mobile game.
✿ Bot random dan Gacha anime, pokecord, uno.
✿ Room free Streaming Game.
✿ Server Tertata Rapi.
✿ dan masih banyak lagi.

Mungkin itu beberapa informasi dari server Discord City, kurang lebihnya saya minta maaf, Terima Kasih.
In this server you have the possibility to learn languages and to speak in your own language. It is a really nice community! We hope to see you soon.
This is a great server with friendly environment. Where you can learn cracking and hacking and we teach for free. We also provide tools for that
We provide lean courses and stuff
Hacking lesson
Jump in and experience vocabulary learning on Discord like you’ve never seen before. ✧ Learn vocabulary-of-the-month ✧ Join server-wide challenges ✧ Post word-art ✧ Make new friends ✧ Solve puzzles ✧ Share word-base memes & videos ✧ Go on a quest ✧All this and more at Word Mastery
Join and enjoy a nice stay with friendly people!
We play twice per week on 12:30 AM GMT/UTC time!
We got some good points over here!
1.We got some helpers to help you get better at game
2.We got a lot of mods to download over here
3.We got idle miner which you can play with it all the time

This is a community for people trying to learn programming and game development. You can hang out and chat, check out the YouTube channel, look for help, share your own projects, find people with similar interest and talk about programming or even find a new gaming buddy!

We can help with just about any programming language or API. I work mostly with C++, .NET C#, JavaScript, MySQL, SDL2, SFML, OpenGL and LUA but there are plenty of people that know more so don't hesitate to ask!

There is an active YouTube channel that is connected to this discord channel where I teach all kinds of programming and game development: Feel free to take a look.

I hope to see you in the chat!
Welcome to Languaza a server for everyone around the globe.

In this server, we made channels for every single language. Learn new languages or just meet new friends.
If your language isn't one of the chats, please tell us. We make sure it'll be added. Here you'll have a save place for learning new languages and cultures. Also every language has it's own Voice chat.

Everyone will be venerated by everyone. It doesn't matter where you come from and who you are.
You'll also find some channels about memes, animals. So we can share meme's from all over the world.

Join our server if you want to know some more about the world and the cultures.
╔═▬▬▬▬▬▬▬༻ ༺▬▬▬▬▬▬▬═╗
_ _ _⭕⭕⭕⭕ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ⭕⭕⭕⭕_ _ _
╚═▬▬▬▬▬▬▬༻ ༺▬▬▬▬▬▬▬═╝

Are you looking for fun Bots, friendly people and a non-toxic community that will be there for you when the hard times come?

That's just the right place for you, we are more than just glad to welcome you!!

┉ ♡ What do we have to offer?
〖🔆〗Friendly-Interesting conversations
〖🔆〗Partnering (no requirements)
〖🔆〗Self Roles
〖🔆〗Fun Bots (Kotoba, Yuuki, etc.)
〖🔆〗Learning together
〖🔆〗And much more!

────── ⋆◦★◦⋆ ──────
o・Come and join our wonderful community
────── ⋆◦★◦⋆ ──────
This is an Indonesian server made for English enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome. We are tolerant of mistakes & respect each other. Join this server to develop your English skills with the members within.
Hi! This server most perfect for ones who want to study Japanese or English! Its also a place to play and hang out with each other, and have fun! We have a ton of different roles to choose from, and resources that can aid in studying Japanese or English! Let’s get along!
Are you interested in learning how to speak or chat in German? Or would you like to improve your German? Then this is the right place for you :D

Deutsches Klassenzimmer was created with the purpose of connection people from around the world with a simple goal: teaching and learning German. Whether you are a native speaker, or just now starting to get into German.

We accept everyone! ツ

Furthermore, we provide you with help in your German or English homework if needed. We also have a gaming community. So, If you interested in German, or if you want to meet new people. Join us!
Stuck on that one unexplainable bug? Want to start your programming journey but don't know where to start?
Then join this server for your daily dose of knowledge.
We have a substantial number of members who are all eager to learn new things and are happy to help with your problems.
We can offer help in a lot of different fields, from game design to embedded programming.
Collectively we are also very multilingual, our lexicon consists of all sorts of languages, from rust to PHP to low level languages such as the C family.

So do you feel the need to learn or to discuss why language X is superior to language Y? Then dont hesitate and join this server!


This is a new and humble discord server with the purpose of gathering history buffs and professional historians for a friendly and social discussion on history.

- People who have little to no knowledge of history but have interest in learning and discussing it are extremely welcome.
- Sharing historical memes and debating are highly encouraged.
- Reliable and Non-Oppressive Staff
- Off-topic content allowed on a channel
- Politics are discussed and debated freely.
- Run for consul and make your friends magistrates!
- Quiz bots
- Ever-expanding economic system
- Confidant channel
- Lots of gamebots
- Courthouse for trials

The server already has many features, but the owner is constantly expanding and improving the server. Only your activity is needed and your suggestions appreciated.

P.S: Activity is an integral part of our community. Don't leave without seeing the rest of the server.

A super interesting discord server for anyone who might like learning a foreigner language! or for those who may want to improve their English as well. Active text channels, resource sharing and a lot of fun in our voice chats!
Foreign language learning: multicultural education approach. It is our commitment to educate, teach and help anyone who is up to experiment living in a cosmopolitan world. Let's learn and practice languages together!
and [+] 20 languages.
Hello ! This is the discord server of the youtube channel Piano Rêverie that is basically about composition and teaching classes.
You can share your piano compositions on the server and it will maybe be played on a real instrument and uploaded on youtube !
You can also be either a teacher or a student in a classroom about any subject (from languages to orchestration, composition, etc...) !
If you share the same passion of music as us, you're welcomed in this server where everyone is nice !

Hope to see you soon on the server :slight_smile:
Hey! Are you looking for a server with a friendly and nice atmosphere with a lot of memes and cats? Or a place where you can practice and learn new languages? We have everything! Good that you found us! We invite you to the server, where you will meet many wonderful people and you won't be bored!
Join a diverse community of over 6.000 language lovers and make valuable friendships while growing your cultural knowledge!

With us you will find:
- Scheduled lessons from volunteers teaching their native language
- Cultural clubs where we exchange art, listen to music, play video games and watch movies together
- Debate clubs
- Multi-cultural special events

Thanks to The Language Sloth, learning a language becomes a fun worldwide community experience!
Hello and welcome to the Discord Français / Italiano server. This server is dedicated to learning French and Italian, a server where you can discover French and Italian cultures and of course learn their language in total immersion. this server is well organized with roles that you can assign yourself.

Bonjour et bienvenue sur le serveur Discord Français/Italiano. Ce serveur est dédié à l'apprentissage du français et de l'italien, un serveur ou vous pourrez découvrir les cultures française et italienne et bien sûr apprendre leur langue dans une immersion totale. Ce serveur est bien organisé avec des rôles que vous pouvez vous autoattribuez.

Ciao e benvenuto sul server Discord Français / Italiano. Questo server è dedicato all'apprendimento del francese e dell'italiano, un server in cui è possibile scoprire le culture francese e italiana e, naturalmente, imparare la loro lingua in totale immersione. questo server è ben organizzato con ruoli che puoi assegnare a te stesso.
Hello, this server is for people interested in math in Sacramento, if you are not from Sacramento please do not join and rather join, for the same math related content, but for everyone else.