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Check out our rust server's,
We run a 1 week wipe schedule.
Modded server
Server name: 5x Dog Park
Server info ⬇
⭕ 5x
⭐Treasure hunt
⭕ No lvl 1 bp's unlocked
✈ plane crash event!
⭕ Kits
⭕Vote day
⭕ Normal decay
⭕ Active Sort
⭕ Quick Smelt
And our
2x Apocalyptic Dog Park (custom map)
It Includes things such as:
✈ The plane crash event!
- The Golden Gate Bridge
- - The Empire State Building
- A Zombie Apocalypse Feel
- - A Whole Custom Designed Map And city! -and roaming zombies
Swing by and check us out. Join our discord if you'd like
FJ Clan (North America) | Requirements: •500+ hours •14+ In age •Decent spray •Good coms •Willing to listen
Rustbuddies Official Discord Server

A toxic free Rust community that is moderated 24/7. We pride our self's on good Admin Support and Lag Free Servers

The current servers that we own:
➥RustBuddies | 2x Vanilla | Quad | IP:
➥RustBuddies | 2x Vanilla | Duo | IP:
➥RustBuddies | US MAIN | IP:
We’re a old tool server which had 500 members but sadly got taken down so we’re coming back once again and selling the best a cheapest items to you only. We have added even more ways to prevent scammers from joining us! Stay safe guys and check out our website!
Fancy joining a friendly community, or looking for a good Rust Server? You have come to the right place.
Welcome to TemplarGaming!

[Server Information]

EU 10x Server
Wipe Schedule
Wednesday & Saturday 15:00 UK Time
Connect via IP

EU 5x Server
Connect via IP

US 10x Server
Connect via IP

Welcome To The Rust Hub

-Active Staff
-Friendly Community
-Custom Plugins
-Helpful Community
-New Rust Server
-Active Support Team
-5x Server
-10k Stack Rate
-No Clan Limit
-Clan Wars
-Trained Staff

We Would Be Honored To Have You Playing On Our Server. We Are A Great Community And We Do Not Tolerate Disrespect Towards Staff Or Our Community Members. Feel Free To Take A Look Around To See If You Will Enjoy Your Stay At The Rust Hub Thank You And I Hope To See You There.
Welcome to MadoutIsland!

Us here at MadoutIsland are providing gamers like you an amazing rust experience and one you wont forget! Recently we have opened up our first server and soon there will be more! Hope you can consider checking us out will be very much appreciated! Our server is growing day by day and has a very friendly and welcoming community.

We offer:
➡️ Active community.
➡️ Dedicated staff team.
➡️ Organized server.
➡️ Own custom bots.
➡️ We offer a fully built Rust server fo you to play on
✨Donation system!
✨Self-Promotion Area!
✨Streamer Friendly!
✨Youtuber Friendly!
------------------------- Servers -------------------------
➡️ [EU] 5X Solo/Suo/Trio
➡️ [EU] 2x Solo/Duo/Trio - COMING SOON!

👨🏻‍✈️ Chat Moderator applications are also open!

Join us today and hop along the journey!
We are a group of mature members who enjoy the game Rust. We are all about having fun! LGBTQ+ Friendly as well. We have multiple servers, so join our Discord to find which one is right for you!
Our PVE server is one of the most advanced servers on Rust. On our server RaidableBases spawn all across the map. NPC's also spawn defending monuments and roam around the map.
We made this rust server so the rust community could have some fun we also are starting up our server so others can play and enjoy the PvP and Raids try your best to make your way up to the top of the server and dominate before other teams do! We are willing to do giveaways in our servers and help new players to our server and guide them. We will have our discord link on our website to join our discord to announce our giveaways and more info! Hope you enjoy your stay and join our Rust server
Zombie based server (2x) gather rate and pickup rate with a series of over 60 plugins and more to come for the most enjoyable Rust experience. If you have any issues consult an Admin via discord; Additional updates, news and or upcoming changes will be posted daily on Discord as well. Server + BP wipe schedule is weekly every Thursday at 2pm CST!
This is a rust server discord, we are a 5x server on rust. We try to help everyone that we can and try to do it as fast as we can. Have a great time!
A Rust PvE Server with Purge 2-3 Days before Force Wipe

Plugins are Zombies, zlevels, kits, home, trade, town, quests, shops, and much more

We also have Paid for Plugins but they are for Donators
Welcome To Supa's Paradise Where all people who enjoy rust can join. My Rust Server is in the works and it is going to be Much Better than any other Rust Server out there. We have 24/7 admin support and are looking for even more admins and friends. So Feel Free to join Relax and enjoy the process of Growth.
But Wait Did I mention I am also a content Creator @SupaSoldierv2 on Socials
client.connect : client.connect to see all the plugins.

Join the discord:

Rusted WasteLand is a 5x gather server with TP, TRADE, KITS, and More, this server is for PVP, PVE, and everything in between! this server has a by-weekly wipe scheduled. we allow all types of players! Hackers will be Banned!! Join us on our discord
Cataclysm is a perfectly modded 2x server with custom events, creating a super fun and competitive Rust experience. We're a fun group and a great community that loves PvP and helping new players. Come join us!
🔍Looking for a Vanilla rust server with active members?
😄Come join Rusty Owl today!
📢A bit more about the server:

🔲 We wipe every two weeks
🔲 The island is around 19x19 squares
🔲 Up to 3 people per team

🎉Thank you for taking your time to read about us and we hope to will come join us 🎉
Hi and Welcome to [US/EU] Rustic Legends 5x [Loot+/Kits/Events] we are a Rust Community with high momentum for the future. If you like Mature Staff Members and a great community then join Rustic Legends cause I assure you we have Mature Staff and great Plugins.
˜”*°•.˜”*°• The Rustologsits •°*”˜.•°*”˜

- Weekly wipes!
- Active admins (/help in game to report to admins on discord
-Custom monuments for more fun (Pyramid and more!)
-Custom mummy event!

We'll be hosting other servers with really nice hosts, Bringing up hosts, we do weekly giveaways on Rust skin!