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Polski serwer dedykowany grze rust! Szukasz znajomych do wspólnej gry czy porad dotyczących na przykład budowania to dobrze trafiłeś.Już teraz dołącz do naszej świetnej społeczności.
You ever wanted to be apart of something great? Ever wanted to have one of those moments you'll remember forever? Well you can! Join now for some good Gaming experiences :) Lord Clan will be expecting you're arrival! join discord and start you're journey


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The above is brought to you by Reversal Esports, Kevin and Chris!


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We're a Rust community server, our goal is the build a community for rust to find players, look for a clan, and play and have fun with other people.
Look for a fresh new server? Well, we need your help.
Now I know you see a lot of ads for rust servers. One thing about almost every rust server is that they are all the same!, my goal for this server is to make a fun and welcoming community based around our servers unique features and atmosphere!

Grizzly is a perfectly modded 2x server with custom events creating a super fun and competitive Rust experience. We're a fun group and a great community that loves PvP and helping new players. Come join us!

* Wipe Info: Weekly (Sat @ 3:00 PM ET), BPs every 2 weeks
* Solo/Duo/Trio, max group 3. Enforced.
* 2x resource, scrap, pickups, and dung & composter rates, and crops & fish yields
* Active Admins. Do not play on any accounts with any permissions.
Shoot To Kill is a community discord server based on Rust, it allows players to easily find players in the similar position looking for a group to play with or a second hand, this community also is for everyone’s rust needs, it futures rust updates, tutorials for electricity and basic rust gameplay, it is designed to be a home for every rust player to either just chill out in or get settled with their desired group!
WELCOME To RUSITC 5X, We Hope You Enjoy your stay.

- Map Wipe Every Tuesday and Friday 4:00 Pm CET
- Bp Wipe Every Second wipe.

- Teleport.\n- Outpost/Bandit Tp.
- Kits.
- Quick Smelt and Quick Craft.
- /remove.
- Combat and raid block.
- In-Game Events.
- Giveaways.
- VIP Kits.
- Exp levelling system higher the level the more resources you will gather.
You can join our discord channel here :
We are new Rust gaming server that has weekly whips on Friday and a good amount of mods to protect against certain annoying aspects in Rust.
An interesting server with lots of useful tools to guide you through the Rust world including;
-Smelting Calculators
-BP Info
-Tips and Builds
+Much more!
Join our server for a way to find player your skill level and take the advantage in your next wipe!
Havok 5x is a 5x loot server on rust. We have many cool features, check them out:
Automatic doors
100x Loot and gathering
Damage icons
Skip night
No need for workbench
Insta craft and smelt
Symbian's 3x Monthly Wipe 3x Server | Kits | Tp | Air Drop | Fast melt | Vote Day | Shop | Bgrade | Remove | Monthly Wipe | Fast Craft | @Venom
The Symbian's Server With monthly wipe. Pure action and a great community. If you like to build, raid, and defend - this is your place! Here at Symbian's we try to make our servers the most enjoyable out there, using carefully chosen plugins and tools. Symbian's is a Noob Friendly server. Noob friendly does not mean you won't be killed. It means admins on the server will try their best to answer your questions about the game. The server has: x3 + max 50 gatherlevels, Insta, QuickSmelt, No Griefing, Custom loot, the best Kits and more.
Discord S&Box France officiel.

Vous y retrouverez toutes les informations à propos du jeu (traduit en français) ainsi que toute la communauté française de S&box.

RustyNerds was created by Bugsy1440p with the simple intention of creating a like-minded gaming community where players from all over the world could play together and make new friends.

The Rust servers were designed with how Bugsy1440p liked to play the game and that has now evolved for over 2 and a half years from player feedback to become one of the best-modded server setups within the Rust community!