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Drexs Lounge is a brand new server for people to just come and chill and have a good time and to just straight up vibe, make sure you join and if you trade with legit people.
A save the world trading server thays gonna become the most famous server you dont wanna be missed on all the everyday giveaways do you join now and become a member of Diamond Trading
We are the Phantom Shiv's!
We host events and giveaways!
Trading from various games!
Invites for promotions!
Growing community!
We are all friendly and willing to help each other :wave:. You will feel welcomed and at home.
Welcome to The Arceus Egg! This is a fun server for trading, cloning, and max raid battles. Rules are very chill and you will have a few warnings before ban, unlike some other servers. We also worship the Almighty Snom, for he is our lord and savior.
Our Server for chillin vibezzz
We have awesome Emotes & Pokecord
A lot Pokemon giveaways like custom pokemon for the winner etc.
The focus here is on:
Trading in Pokemon
Competetive Battles etc.
Also we got Channels for the New Animal Crossing & Mystery Dungeon Rescueteam DX &Smash Bros Ultimate!
Feel free to join our new community & don't forget to assign your roles♡
I hope we have a good time together.

⋆ Nice community, staff working hard to make it 100% friendly.
⋆ Friendly staffs, you can always ask them for help.
⋆ Pricechecker roles and chats.
⋆ Tradeing roles and chats.
⋆ Gamer roles and chats.
⋆ Giveaways.
⋆ Csgo updates gets posted.
TS - Tradestation
Hey there! I see you have come to this server! Don’t click away now... we have so much to offer! Including:
- - > General chat (pretty active)
- - > Trading
- - > Selling
- - > Buying
- - > Middlemen
- - > Farming services
- - > Giveaways
- - > And so much more!!!
So if you are really into dokkan and/or legends then come on in and give us a try!
New and friendly roblox mm2 trading server!
We look forward to new comers each day with a warm welcome :)
Our server serves exciting announcements and giveaways weekly.
All mm2 trading, cross trading, limited trading, middlemen consist of the Dark Destroyers (:
Active & helpful players get frequent promotions!
Why don't you come and join the fun?

The Trademart is a CS:GO trading server with knowledgeable, active members and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
It's the perfect place to join if you're looking to find someone to trade with, price check, or get some tips on how to begin trading.

We also offer useful features, such as getting your screenshot by simply posting an inspect link in a channel.

High-value giveaways on a weekly basis, over $4000 given away so far!

Community challenges! Draw, write poems and win prizes.
Welcome To Save the World Trading Discord!

What We Offer:

<> Partnerships

<> Safe Middlemen

<> Occasional Giveaways

<> Self Assignable Roles

<> Games

<> Self Promo for the Staff and YouTubers

<> Polls

<> Server Services

<> Applications For Many Roles

I hope that after reading this, you join our server. We would love to have you in our friendly community!
Welcome to Dragon Ball Allegiance

This is a server dedicated to Dragon Ball
We provide the following

-Trusted Middlemen
-Farming Services
-Team Building
-Stone Vendor
-Pokecord, Mundae, Discord Ball Z, Android 21
-Dokkan/Legends News
Just starting out to make the server but it will be nice people join lots of nudes and vids for fun
We play Fortnite STW and we can help you with a mission, trade some excellent guns and reward anyone who helps us grow. We have some small giveaways that will get bigger with more members.
We need active people with ANY Power Level that are willing to play, trade and just socialize with other members. If you join and stay we will appreciate you.
AlphaTradeZone® is a platform for cryptocurrency research, trading tips and education.

We offer:

VIP Trading calls - Quite good profits!
Cryptocurrency research and analysis
Automated trading
Bot trading
Algorithmic trading
Crypto alerts on wallet transfers
Crypto technical trading indicators
Tradingview scripts
Open and helpful community
A growing community of new, experienced and full-time traders. Focusing on the FX Markets.

With interactive charting bots, automated role bands based on optional knowledge tests, market analysis and heaps of educational resources too!

No Paid for Signals - No 'Premium Services' - No BS

Inactive members are also removed after 30 days - it's nothing personal. Unlike others, we are not about the size of the server, but rather we focus on the quantity of active accounts. It benefits everyone!
Welcome to Dokkan Traders!
Our vanity URL is:

If you want to hang out with an active bunch then this is the place for you, feel free to join and stick around for:

- A market which consists of Selling/Buying/Trading channels for any Gacha game

- We offer free middleman services, so please be safe and use one!

- We have a seven deadly sins grand cross channel where experienced players will be able to give you advice.

- We have many bots to interact with

- We have a Reddit feed channel which posts everything from r/DBZDokkanBattle for those who don't want to change between sites/apps

- We have milestone celebrations, we are currently celebrating the servers 1st year anniversary and it hitting 2.5k members

- We also have a currency channel in where you can gamble to purchase roles

- We have server design competitions where the winner will win nitro and will have their logo/banners be the servers logo

- We are a level 3 server which has consistent 30+ boosts

Please read the rules when you join and enjoy your stay!