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Created in 2016, we're an active programming community that discusses various languages such as C, Python, Javascript, as well as operating systems, hardware, security, low-level, and graphics programming. We also have channels for more casual discussion.
Whether you're new to programming or a veteran, you'll find our community to be a great source of help and inspiration. Our intimate, beginner-friendly atmosphere is conducive to both detailed support and brainstorming sessions. If you're a total beginner we can really accelerate your pace of learning by pointing you in the right direction and having a cohort as you're learning is proven to improve your understanding and engagement. So, drop in and introduce yourself.

We currently focus on Python as our primary starting point for beginners. We also provide support for anyone learning to do web development.
We are a community of programmers committed to debugging projects while helping others learn. Discussion of all programming languages/platforms welcome!
Discuss your favorite programming languages (Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, etc.) with friends (or foes!) Get help on any projects you might be working on, or get advice on that one problem you just can't solve. Also prepare yourself for some coding challenges created by our very own administrators!
On Coding Web you find like minded people for whom programming is their passion. From beginners to expert programmers, everyone is going to find what they have been looking for.
Find answers to your questions, or help others with your knowledge.
We are planning to offer Programming courses
Mert Mekatronik; programlama, yazılım ve teknoloji platformudur. Yeni insanlarla tanışmak ve sorunlarınızı çözmek için topluluğumuza bekliyoruz :)
A growing server for programming enthusiasts. We have a team dedicated to clearing your doubts, a tech news channel to keep you up to date with the happenings in the tech world , channels for awesome discussions on hot topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence and cyber security, and a channel for job postings as well. We also have a channel for practice sessions and a channel for competitive programming.

Ever wanted to make a discord bot? Well in Coders Coalition can help you do that. Coders Coalition is the official discord for Jared Galyan, who is a Youtuber that does tutorials and other neat stuff.
We're a small community that offers a helpful, supportive place for those who are new to Python and/or programming. People who have a cohort are more motivated and learn better. Drop in and introduce yourself.
We're kind of split here. We welcome members of the furry fandom, but we also love to code. If you're into Python, feel free to join! We're a small, welcoming community.
Welcome to T_Bot's Team Support Server! A place that you can hang out, relax with your friends and talk about discord bots!

The server has these features:

- Dank Memes!
- Suggestions Channel!
- Leveling System for pokemon (Pokecord) and for users (Mee6)!
- Friendly and Active Members!
- Friendly Staff Members!
- Meet New Friends!
- Multiple Channels To Discover!
- AFK Channel!
- Voice Channels to talk with your friends!
- Custom bots made by the owner of this server and they are 24/7 online!
- Classrooms to learn how to make a discord bot!
- Discord bot coding support!
- Economy system (UnbelievaBoat and T_Moderator_Bot).
- Music by our bots!
- Invite your bots!

|---------------Join us today!---------------|

People who will bring members in this server will get the ❤️ Supporter ❤️ rank!
Everyone is waiting for you to come to our server to meet you, don't disappoint them.

Invite link that never expires VVVVV https://discord.gg/FYzyYTX VVVVV
If you want to partner with this server, contact @TehPig_YT#9063.
Der Server ist für Programmieren gemacht. Neue Leute im Programmieren kennenzulernen und Projekte zusammen machen!! Es kommen auch verschiedene Challenge's und Tutorials für Anfänger mit verschiedenen Sprachen!!
Aura Python is a coding server which mostly focus' on python in coding. You can come here to share your projects or just ask for help. You could of just wrote 10 lines of code or 1 million, however how much experience you have you are welcome to this small tight knit coding community.
GamingDev Discord Server a place for Programmers where they can chat with eachother discuss about codes and projects and share their resources and much more we have all kind of channels related to coding where programmer's can discuss and if you want to learn you can shadow the other programmers if they allow.
Tortoise is a community of programmers focusing on python and machine learning. Join us

"We called him Tortoise because he taught us! "
Our Website : https://www.tortoisecommunity.ml
This Server is all about Data Science and its implementation in real world problems
>>Beautiful server structure
>>Data science
>> Big Data
>> Machine learning
>> Python
>> Many more to come
Please join to community and share your journey and experience, hope it's not too cheesy
Здесь вы можете скопировать уже готовый код python и unity c#. Обсуждаем программирование.
Привет, ребзи, приглашаю вас посетить наш уютный уголок по программированию и играм, где ты можешь найти новых друзей!
The HTMLdotJS Official Server! We are a team which teaches anyone coding, from languages like Python to Discord.JS! We also provide you with free support if you're facing a problem in your coding career! Join us!
Zadaniem serwera akademia it jest dzielenie się wiedzą dzielenie się wiedzą, wymiana poglądów oraz szeroko rozumiane dyskusje na tematy związane z IT. Uczymy się od innych oraz dzielimy się posiadaną przez nas wiedzą. Na stronie znajdują się przyjęte i zaakceptowane przez administracje opracowania tematyczne. Formą dzielenia się wiedzy są też blogi techniczne prowadzone przez użytkowników oraz administracje, do czego bardzo zachęcamy.
Efficient Coding (New name, new owner! server name will stay the same for a month, all members were banned and we will keep it so old members can re search the name on disboard)

Programming server.

Whether you're looking to learn the language or improve your code this is the place to be.