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Hello True Believers! Welcome To A Roleplay Server Based Off of Stan Lees Amazing Universe of Marvel Comics!

-We have Ongoing RP Storylines

-RP Events

-Active Staff//Community

-Movie Watching Parties and Fun Bots

-Plus So Much More!

So come swing on by and check us out, Excelsior!
(RIP Stan Lee)
Peter has been Spider-Man for going on ten years, its two years after the events of the game and peter is finally doing good, maybe not financially good, but he's doing good. After his mentor went to prison, peter really struggled to overcome the mental blocks it placed in his head, Otto was like a father to him and after what happened peter was broken. But as time went on peter was able to heal. He had to, for himself and for the people he cares about. He’s put more and more crime syndicates in the ground, burying the fake businesses and everything in between. He’s *finally* doing good. But of course. That can’t last. Not when peters worst nightmare finally becomes a reality.
Peter treated it like any normal day, after Otto he took over the lab. It was now Parker Industries. Peter had created more gadgets now, than he could have imagined when he was 15 years old, he’s created more suits as the years went by and tech that some people couldn’t even dream of.

But when something goes horribly wrong peter needs help. He needs your help
Hello and Welcome to Marvel: Annihilation, A New Marvel Based Roleplay server with active ongoing storylines, the whole universe of characters and movie based events!

We Have an Active Staff and Community
Plenty of Fun Bots
Movie Watching Parties and RP events
And So Much More!

So come swing on by and check us out, Excelsior!