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Jinja is a spiritual community which focuses on contemporary religious, philosophical, and esoteric traditions that are rooted in ancient Shinto practice, with a particular focus on Jinja Shinto.
A server about Shinto! Learn about the various kami-sama, traditions, rituals, history, and more! We hope to both share information about Shinto as well as build a friendly community. You don't need to be practicing Shinto to join - all are welcome!
⭐☄️ Welcome to Noragami: World of Night! ☄️⭐

In a world where gods are manifested from humans wishes, hundreds of monsters created from humans temptations also exist. The gods are unarmed, unless they find a Regalia/ an uncorrupted dead spirit. The gods battle the phantoms, but if they're forgotten, they're gone forever. The gods can also die from getting blighted or 'corrupted'. The humans exist to create wishes for gods, but also to make the monsters, called Phantoms. Who will you be, a human, god, or regalia?