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A server to talk about anything related to boats, sell boats, and more!
🎄Вас приветствует сервер LGS🎄
✴Сервер✴- где можно найти друга и просто хорошо провести время с людьми сервера. На этом сервере вы найдёте :Уровни, команды ботов, частые обновления на сервере, игровая валюта,различные роли и.т.д все это вы сможете найти тут,добро пожаловать! (Ведётся набор в модераторы строго 14+)
Name: U-96
Server Description: The server follows the guise of a single U-Boat crew destined to set out on patrol either to sink or to resurrect. We are searching
for admins and mods to take part, must be prepared as the main member count is to be 35 total as to match the actual number of U-Boat crews.
It is still under construction but is nearing finish with only the main finish coming near. The server occurs in real time and it is possible to sink the U-Boat resulting in all channels being archived and the entire descriptions being bloated corpses and water. It is historically accurate and is to be conducted in real time. We hope for the server to launch on November 11th.
Status as of now: Under Construction